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For its new XC90, Volvo has a set of innovative solutions that facilitate parking difficult and delicate maneuvering in tight spaces. Assistive technologies Intellisafe include the extended version is supported by semi-automatic parking which now allows you to automatically back, to enter or exit a parking space.

The XC90 is also capable of displaying the large central screen a digital aerial 360 ° around the car. The advanced version is supported by semi-automatic parking makes parallel parking slots as taking control of the wheel while the driver handles the gearbox and pedals.

The parking maneuver is calculated from information collected by twelve ultrasonic sensors placed around the car. When the driver activates the parking assist for parking in battle, the sensors start to scan the side of the car to identify free locations. When a site of approximately 1.2 times the length of the car is spotted, the driver is alerted to a plan with a message on the instrument cluster beep. In the case of a slot, the location must be wider than the car meter. The display then guides the driver step via texts and animations on the instrument cluster until the vehicle is parked.

The new XC90 also offers Surround View 360 which provides the driver with a bird’s-eye view, real overview of the surrounding area from the top of the car. The aerial view is provided by four fisheye cameras hidden – one in front, one in each mirror and above the rear license plate. Surround View 360 also view other nearby areas of the vehicle: in front, behind and on the sides.

The new XC90 Intellisafe innovative solutions also include Traffic Alert system in Reverse Gear (Cross Traffic Alert), which provides the rear of the driver at the time of retreat to exit a parking space. He warns of traffic at 30 meters on each side, alerting the driver with an audible signal and a warning on the central screen.