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Volvo has just acquired 100% of Polestar, Swedish high performance engine tuning, including the Polestar brand. Polestar Volvo models now designate high performance.

Volvo S60 et V60 Polestar 2016

Volvo S60 et V60 Polestar 2016

In the future, Polestar will also use technology electrification Twin Volvo Engine to design its next generation high performance vehicles. Volvo and Polestar share a long history and work together in the world of motorsport since 1996. In recent years, they signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop vehicles Volvo Polestar version, combines the driving comfort of a Volvo a remarkable level of power and maneuverability.

In 2015, Volvo hopes to sell 750 versions of its breaks Polestar V60 and S60 sedans worldwide. Under the direction of Volvo Polestar sales are expected to increase in the medium term from 1 000 to 15 000 vehicles per year.

The Polestar brand already has a strong reputation internationally through the sale of Volvo Polestar referenced vehicles. Volvo will also benefit from the sale of products aftermarket Polestar, such as performance optimization kits for Volvo models.

No details of the financial transaction were not disclosed. Current Polestar Volvo employees will become employees. The Polestar Racing Team will remain under the control of Christian Dahl, former owner of Polestar, and will be renamed. The Polestar brand will continue to work together with Christian Dahl.