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Robust is in. Inspired by the booming segment of the SUVs are competing more and more compact and small cars with a distinctive off-road look for the favor of the buyer. These blenders do not want to include the new Octavia Scout and comes with all-wheel drive under the sheet Darling. For the Czechs, after all attract up to ten percent of the Combi-customers. Incentive is also the 184-horsepower diesel from the Octavia RS offer, which must distribute its power to all four wheels in the Scout first time and with a base price of 32,650 euros exactly 100 euros cheaper than the sporty brother with front wheel drive. We were with the vital Combi-climbers on and off-piste on the go .

This is new in the Octavia Scout

Black plastic paneling front and rear, as well as at the wheel arches and side sills let the Octavia act brawny. And they protect against rockfall – whether in the field or on the highway . In the urban jungle robust sidebars keep the doors from dings on tight parking lots. With 17 inches of ground clearance, three more than the normal Octavia, high curbs lose their terror. The indicated silver underride protection level is set was a standard rough road package to the side, the engine compartment as well as brake and fuel lines shields by plastic covers.

The interior differs only in small details of the high-order Octavia equipment. A Scout logo evaluates the comfortable seats (in the Scout sitting three inches higher) with optional Alcantara (1530 euros) on. The logo is emblazoned on the DSG gear lever, on the clasp of the grip the steering wheel and on the chromed door sill panels.

So it drives

Skoda combined for the special model for the first time the 2.0 TDI with 184 hp from the Octavia RS with a four-wheel drive. A combination that has it all: After 7, 8 seconds, the 1.5-ton Scout pace reached 100 quicker than the RS, the 6-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG) 8.3 seconds needed. However, both variants should consume only 5.1 liters on average. After spirited ride our on-board computer showed 8.4 liters – but we moved to Scout for several hours under extreme conditions in the field. Despite the immensely powerful diesel Scout needed at intermediate sprints some commemorative seconds before the automatic re-sorted and turbo-lag is overcome. As soon as the speed needle passes through the 2,000 mark, the Scout draws with 380 Newton meters of torque passionate towards top speed (219 km / h). The diesel hums pleasantly in the background. That changes when the driving modes is set to Sport: So equipped, he turns about 1000 Tours higher and annoying by his hasty Genagel.

For the suspension lift the chassis Skoda had to resort to larger springs and adjust the dampers. To minimize strong side slopes by the increased travel, the suspension of the Scout is a bit harder than normal Octavia. Transverse joints and obstacles such as manhole covers takes the drivers perceive more distinctly, but not unpleasant. At least, if the trunk is empty and no passengers on board. The suspension provides even in rough terrain sufficient residual comfort. The steering does not suffer from the recent polls, controls the Octavia continue unerringly.

Road and on wet roads the all-wheel drive prevents spinning of the wheels with standard 17 inch alloy wheels. The 4×4 system consists of a so-called Haldex clutch. During normal driving, the Scout is a front-wheel drive. Once registered electronically by differences in speed slip on the rear axle, the clutch sends infinitely more driving force (torque) to the rear. If the front wheels, in extreme cases have no grip, up to 100 percent of the drive torque can even be directed to the rear axle. So the Scout burrows effortlessly through the dirt and mud. Hills and knolls takes the Skoda with an increased approach angle of 16.7 degrees 13.8 degrees front and left rear. Forest and field paths constitute no obstacle for the Scout.

It costs

The engine range matches the strong exterior of the Scout: In addition to the 184-horsepower diesel Skoda has another diesel with 150 hp and a gasoline engine with 180 hp on offer. Other standard comfort features of the Skoda Octavia Combi Scout include driving lights, heated front seats, automatic climate control and a handy remote backrest of the rear seats in the trunk (610-1740 liters). Prices for the small diesel with six-speed manual gearbox start at 30,250 euros. The top diesel with 6-speed DSG is to have from 32,650 euros. In August 2014, the Scout is the merchants. Specification Skoda Octavia Scout 2.0-liter diesel engine • 6-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG) • 184 hp • 380 Nm at 1,750 rev / min • 0-100 km / h in 7 , 8 s • Vmax 219 km / h • 134 g CO2 • consumption 5.1 l D/100 km • Price from 32.650 € • As of August commercially.