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Jean Pierre Kraemer checked as “PS-professional” on television used cars. Full-time pimp and he doctored customer cars. Flagship racer: his Nissan GT-R.

Wis as turn on the sympathetic type from the Ruhr? First television experience he gained in the TV show “Turbo – The car magazine”, then by properly started with Sidney “Sid” Hoffmann and the “PS-professionals”. There are no blunders and slip of the tongue “cut off”, that’s all real! By now most people know used car dealers, when Jean Pierre “JP” Kraemer and Sidney Hoffmann advance with the camera team, all participants must bring time, because at the end of the vehicle price must be the ideas of the PS-professionals meet. His own automobile idea has already been implemented in Dortmund, for the moment at least. A Nissan GT-R , model 2013, with 550 hp from the factory.

Up to 700 hp by ethanol

Many a racing driver gives himself content with what he gets offered. But not the boss of JP Performance: With larger injectors, a stronger fuel pump and an improved intake system, the team tickled by Jean Pierre Kraemer extra horsepower from the Nissan unit. With Super Plus in the tank are 620 hp available, with ethanol even 700 hp. A visual highlight is the exhaust pipes at the majestic rear of the Nissan is that you can buy, according to the PS-professionals “for anything in the world … because it’s just been a pig-work. For each tailpipe we needed a day! ” The crude material was cut with laser technology, then cylindrically shaped and welded back together. The result: futuristic and brutal, the jet engine of a fighter jet modeled.

Currently dock on the front 21 inch rims ADV-1-285er rubber, the rear axle is equipped with a proud 355er tires. An individually tailored to JP Bilstein suspension masters every curve and provides security. Despite a nearly perfect maxed sports car a few small aerodynamic highlights on board are: The front skirt is decorated with a resilient plastic lip on the one hand gives bumps in the road and on the other hand deformed downward, thus generating an effectively higher contact pressure at a speed above around 80 km / h . The same meaning and purpose fulfilled at the rear of the mounted under the apron aluminum diffuser. The lasered items bolted JP together so that they are removed at any time again.