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This is the G63 AMG 6×6 for special units! Introducing the new armored workhorse for elite soldiers in detail. Seat test!

Mercedes shows the extreme G-Class 6×6. The so-called Long Range Patrol Vehicle (short: LRPV) is designed for special forces in northern Europe. While making the Stuttgarter not more details to the customer, but most likely it involves the Swedish army. So far, only the Australians had put the 6×6. We were allowed to try out the new work unit of elite soldiers in a seat fitting.

Compared to the G 63 AMG 6×6 spartan


The basic form with double cab is the uniformed three-axle almost identical with that of the civilian G 63 AMG 6×6 , but in detail, much has changed: compared to the AMG acting military vehicle quite spartan. Nude sheet, both inside and outside without cover. All purpose! Only when the screws are exposed, engine and transmission are easily accessible, can be repaired quickly in an emergency. Therefore, in contrast to the lack AMG chrome slip strips and massive wheel arches. The military 6×6 is just not a pretty boy, which ensures impression in front of cafes, but a rugged warrior who prefers to remain undetected in matt green Gewandt. It is only to suggest that the complex converted and armored LRPV is more expensive than the 450,000-euro-AMG.

In no time the Convertible

The LRPV is armored to the hull against booby traps and mines, but also offers up to waist level protection against firearms. More armor would significantly restrict the freedom of movement of the special forces. The windows in the doors and the windshield in front of the front passenger can be solved with quick connects and expand. After that, no more annoying A-pillar, the pivotal movement with a gun. For heavy fighting the elite soldiers also a device for machine guns on the roof is available, called a rotating mount. A lap belt keeps the shooter even when driving fast in the saddle. The rest of the group takes place on bucket seats. Their side bolsters are not as pronounced as with sports seats, because the soldiers would not otherwise fit in with their equipment. The four point harnesses give an idea of ​​how rough terrain in the patrol vehicle from moving.

In the cockpit, the wolf puts

Instrument panel and center console are free of applications and chrome trim, experts reminded the cockpit certainly to the wolf, the loyal workhorse of the German armed forces. Speedometer and tachometer are easy to read. About switch prior to the automatic selector lever can the six wheels on three differentials lock to one hundred percent. The LRPV is based on the G 300 CDI 6×6 by a 184-hp diesel powered with 400 Newton meters of torque. For the military Gerbrauch the payload was increased. At 6.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight of the three-axle vehicle transported four to six people, including its equipment. The footprint of the rear carriage can be removed for better visibility and agility. An optional auxiliary tank for 53 liters of diesel to increase the range of a thousand kilometers. The wheels are optionally equipped with runflat.