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Ford has launched a range of offers Motorcraft Ford for cars 5 years and to ensure maintenance at an affordable price.

Four operations are considered essential services: maintenance, tire change, replacement of wear parts and technical control. This offer is as follows:

  • The Interview Motorcraft Ford to € 129 includes 20 key control points, electronic diagnosis (fault reading codes), oil to Ford standards (913C 5W30) and replacing the oil filter while offering the customer the choice of replacing the cabin air filter or air filter.


  • Pneumatic offers Motorcraft Ford, 39.90 € to 99.90 € (excluding installation, assembly and valve). Example: 175/65 R14 tire for € 39.90 Fiesta and Ka 195/65 R15 at € 52.90 for Focus, 205/55 R16 at € 67.90 for C-MAX and Mondeo.


  • Passport Control Technique to 79 € includes pre-control with additional quote cases of defects, technical control and against-visit for failure unrecognized during pre-control. With this passport, the customer receives a complete and no surprises.