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The search for perfection is like driving dynamics, the hunt for the Holy Grail. Ferrari and McLaren promise with their latest creations now salvation. A ride full of thrills and happiness.

The roof of the McLaren disappears in 17 seconds and can at speeds up to 30 km / h can be served.

The roof of the McLaren disappears in 17 seconds and can at speeds up to 30 km / h can be served.

McLaren 650 S Spider Ferrari While the lightweight version of its 458 occupied with the promising words “Speciale”, the English call their revised McLaren 12C pragmatically 650 S. What spills out of its tailpipes at start up, on the other hand sounds not at all cold. Fat bubbling and gurgling deep jumps the sharpened 3, 8 liter biturbo V8 in action. He mimes willingly everyday life mate, but without neglecting his favorite terrain: hairpin, straight. Hairpin, straight. The likes of the English. And his driver as well!

Mclaren: baffles to the bumper corners .

Mclaren: baffles to the bumper corners .

Ferrari 458 Speciale opposite the thick jaws of the Biturbos brace themselves displacement of 4.5 liters, packed with Italian passion. Was already the normal 458 Italia with 127 hp output per liter not a child of sorrow, it drives the ratio of 14:1 compressed lightweight variant on the top. Flow-optimized combustion chambers, new pistons along with modified geometry, this changed Pleuellagerbuchsen as well as a redesign of the crankshaft and intake system – the way the engine to eight kilos of relief – tickle up the overall performance of the mid-engine to 605 hp.

Specifications Ferrari McLaren
Motor V8
Charge / charge pressure Biturbo / 1.2 bar
Mounting position center back along
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 4
Capacity 4497 cc 3799 cc
Bore and Stroke 94.0 x 81.0 mm 93.0 x 69.9 mm
Compression 14.0: 1 8.7: 1
kW (hp) at 1/min 445 (605) / 9000 478 (650) / 7250
Specific Output 135 hp / l 171 hp / l
Nm at 1/min 540/6000 678/6000
Engine Rear wheel
Transmission 7-speed dual clutch
Front brakes 398 mm / innenbel / punched. 394 mm / innenbel / punched.
Rear brakes 360 mm / innenbel / punched. 380 mm / innenbel / punched.
Brake Ceramics
Wheel Size Front – Rear 9 x 20-11 x 20 8.5 x 19-11 x 20
Tire Size Front – Rear 245/35 R 20-305 / 30 R 20 235/35 R 19-305 / 30 R 20
Tyre Type Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 (K1) Pirelli P Zero Corsa (MC1)
Length / width / height 4571/1951/1203 mm 4512/1908/1203 mm
Wheelbase 2650 mm 2670 mm
Kerb weight / payload 1395 kg / no answer 1468/279 kg
Power to weight ratio 2.3 kg / hp 2.3 kg / hp
Tank volume 86 l 72 l
Boot volume 230 l 144-196 l
Price 233,000 € 261 030 EUR


Both super sports are perfectly positioned and unique – they offer but for periods of what the other does not. The 650 S is a very logical development of the McLaren 12 C. The performance figures are still impressive, the handling is even sharper, the driving comfort is exemplary for sports car proportions – and a particularly sexy Spider-variant, it is him also. The radicalized Ferrari 458 Speciale, however, is to have only as a coupe, but it is aimed clearly at the racetrack from – although his manners amaze in everyday life. If his naturally aspirated engine screams at 9000 rpm, while chassis, tires and aerodynamics pave the way to best, gushing happiness hormones. Who are spoiled for choice between the two, so it is not to be envied – who has not, even less.