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Nissan presents the revised 370Z Nismo. The sportiest of work tuner Nismo Z gets new front and rear aprons in the GT-R style and extra hp.

Nissans factory tuner Nismo has the 370Z refined. At the front, the sportiest model of the Z-series has a new apron, the cooling air intakes and LED daytime running lights on the GT-R remember. Red accents on the bumpers, sills and mirrors emphasize the sporty look. According to Nissan to increase the output, the new front and rear apron. At the rear, the developers have revised the spoiler. This is now much smaller than its predecessor. By default, the 370Z Nismo on dark gray 19-inch wheels. Inside the factory tuned 370Z is ausgestatttet with a navigation system including 7-inch touch screen.

In addition to the optics Nismo has also modified the technique of the sport coupe. The 3.7-liter V6 engine delivers thanks to a redesigned exhaust system and fine-tuning 355hp – a power increase of eleven hp compared to the 344-hp predecessor. The torque increased by three Newton meters to 374 as transmission options include a manual six-speed gearbox and a seven-speed automatic transmission available. The chassis also revised the Nismo engineers. So Nissan 370Z delivers the Nismo with special springs and stabilizer bars. The only available in red, black, silver and white athletes is starting in July 2014 in U.S. showrooms. Presumably, the Nismo version of the 370Z 2015 comes to Europe. When he comes to Germany and how much it will cost, Nissan could not say yet. The current model is to have in Germany from 45,000 euros.