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Volkswagen is launching two special series on its Scirocco model: CLUB ‘270 copies in France) and GTS (50 copies for France).

The special series CLUB incorporates the features of the Sportline version with specific equipment:

  • Exterior badges ‘CLUB’
  • Ravenna wheels 18 ”
  • Black electrically folding exterior mirrors
  • Specific thresholds doors ‘CLUB’
  • Steering wheel and gear lever with yellow stitching
  • Upholstery fabric and carpets specific ‘CLUB’
  • Discover Digital radio navigation system with Car-Net ‘Guide & Inform’
  • Car-Net ‘App-Connect’ carplay including Apple, Google Android and Auto MirrorLink

From € 29,740 with the 2.0 TSI engine 180 manual transmission.

Volkswagen Scirocco Club

Volkswagen Scirocco Club

As for the GTS version, the equipment is:

  • Stickers striped transparent matt ‘GTS’
  • Bi-Xenon directional headlights with LED daytime running lights
  • Bumper front / rear and side sill
  • Wheels 18 ” Norwich with red brake calipers at the front and rear
  • Dual chrome exhaust outlet
  • Parking assistance front and rear beeps and display the distance of the object on the screen
  • Black outside mirrors
  • Multifunction leather steering wheel (with paddle shifters for DSG) and specific gear lever ‘GTS’ with red stitching
  • Upholstery and floor mats specific ‘GTS’
  • Inlays ‘Piano Black’
  • Crank Type Aluminum
  • Specific thresholds doors ‘GTS’

The power is 220 hp, with a top speed of 246 km / h and 0 to 100 km / h is achieved in 6.5 seconds.

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The VW Amarok Passion is equipped with a V8 engine and leather seats for luxury performance athletes.

This scene is the driver in the Audi A8 will not soon forget probably. As he beats his luxury liner with more than 200 items on the left lane – and then makes himself in the rearview mirror suddenly a face wide as he has never seen: black, tall, wide and threatening like a storm front is a suppressed VW Amarok in his field of vision. And he does not want to move from the Pelle partout – at over 200 km / h. I think I’m in the wrong movie! Not at all. Forest, meadow and construction have always been the area of the Amarok, now conquered the pick-up even the fast lane. Made possible by a donation from the Group brother Touareg Where previously was the 2.0-liter TDI with 180 PS and 400 Nm conclusion roars beneath the high dome now a mighty V8 diesel, and the already in the series to 340 PS 800 Nm comes. But with a few new lines of code in the engine electronics, the men have muscle behind the pickup teased out from the jewelery-clad powerhouse even 410 hp and 930 Nm. Thus, a steel mountain of two tons feels himself suddenly very slightly and you would rather not ask more, so the developers have to pick-up the first time uprated to 3.5 tons.

A big thing at cost

If it has not already betrayed the chrome bumpers: That this is not a normal Amarok also illustrated by the yellow text at the bottom right at the stern.

If it has not already betrayed the chrome bumpers: That this is not a normal Amarok also illustrated by the yellow text at the bottom right at the stern.

Of course this is not an official VW project. With all love for lust and power and probably a beer after the commercial vehicle troop is much too sober for such a crazy idea. But the force behind Grumpy with the rather aptly nicknamed ” V8 Passion “is the vehicle manufacturer Dirks from Emden, otherwise ascending or remodels with no fewer than 1,500 men for VW to almost all Group sites authorities and emergency vehicles. That is, first, a rather fluctuating business, secondly, haggled over every penny and thirdly, it remains rather fun on the track. Of such inspiration, project manager Volker Kahle from Hanover came the idea of compensating private commercial vehicles . To get started, the troops of Dirks has thus pushed a very thick number. “We wanted to show what we have everything on it,” says Kahle proud. “And we wanted to make something that available nowhere else.” All alone we went but not: Because the northern lights experience with the drive is missing, they have sought help in Bavaria and are at MTM at the gates of Ingolstadt found it. So those black giant was created in teamwork, which makes it so wonderful fat cheeks outside the customer center in Hanover and just waiting to finally storm the fast lane.

So up on the box and in with the ignition key. I do not care if in Hannover suddenly the earth quakes. At some point I have to turn on the engine so times. While now probably somewhere shatter the first windows, awakens the power plant with a deep rumble to life.

The rims feel more comfortable on the road than on the track, at least they stay on longer Asphalt scratch-free.

The rims feel more comfortable on the road than on the track, at least they stay on longer Asphalt scratch-free.

From the blue tarnished side pipes under the rear doors rolled zoom a thunderstorm and the Amarok breaks track. Very briefly, still remains the colossus as frozen, then he explodes with power and knows no stopping. Faster and faster he rolls them like an avalanche and let nothing and stop anyone anymore: If the four 295 rolls of up to 930 Nm tear on the asphalt and the eight-speed automatic hardly comes after the kick down with the switch, then falls Tempo 100 mark after just 6.0 seconds and the model series in the rearview mirror is very, very small. Finally, the then barely 50 kph on the speedometer. And where is standard on nearly 180 circuit and you have to pay quite doggedly stomp on the pedal, you have the V8 Passion still at 200 things a smile on his face and only the big toe on the gas. It is only at 220 Elan can so slowly, says project Kahle and told impressively from the wall of wind, anrennt the Amarok at 240 km / h without any chance against. Never mind: Because the man behind it not even now looks with a magnifying glass. Only at the gas station meet up again perhaps. Because even in leisurely ride rushing loose twelve liters by the eight cylinders. And if one extends the Amarok, it’s fast twice.

The truck for the long haul

With the strong heart of the Touareg, it was not done for Dirks and MTM course. As well as rustic sturdy utility vehicle designed, the suspension of the Amarok would probably have capitulated under this power. Therefore, the developer brakes pizza plate format have screwed under the 22-inch model and replaced the leaf springs on the rear axle by a commode air suspension. Now the Amarok will not start even beyond 200 km / h over the highway like a kangaroo on speed rush, but rolled straight ahead like an ICE on the new line. And who can take it a little slower, discovered in the truck suddenly real long-distance qualities.

Everything on Amarok is huge – the price

Alcantara, as far as the eye can see: The interior is luxurious and opulent.

Alcantara, as far as the eye can see: The interior is luxurious and opulent.

Even otherwise, the Amarok has its austere charm largely stored and is located in properly classy. The comfortable seats are upholstered in soft Alcantara leather and wearing coarse quilted topstitching in yellow, the air blows out the pretty nozzles of the Audi A3 , on the dashboard, perched additional instruments from the Beetle , many consoles carry a carbon dress and even the handles are now Silicone damped. Just around the steering wheel you can still see pretty much hard plastic – but that should disappear by the start of production under a neat leather Pelle. The development of the V8 Passion took a good year. If after the summer holidays, the production begins, Dirks and want MTM tighten the pace and be ready in five months. After all, they work off a list of 30 serious candidates, which could not be deter even the high price. For 180,000 to 200,000 euros will be for the power pick-up already have to create estimates project Kahle: So fascinating is this effort that it takes as much pleasure in pretty damn truck.

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Abt pimped on the Golf R and the athlete missed another 70 extra horsepower. The result is the true About Golf in the Allgäu: Driving report!

Tun are the beauty surgeon of car fans. And here, as there are various stages of development. In an extreme version which is called then: Abt Golf R . Already the normal R-Golf with 300 PS not just weak in the chest. But more is always, and if you also put it still in great scene, the better. Where the cosmetic surgeon implanted silicon, mounted Abbot only one additional control electronics under the (sheet metal) skin. Result is 370 hp. With 2614 euro compared to a cosmetic surgery almost a bargain.

If the series-R also well trained, the abbot is like for EPO. From 0 to 100 in 4.5 seconds (series: 4.9) and where the Wolfsburg-R at 250 km / h raises its electronic anchor, the abbot shall, after yet. However, less easy than I thought. For the peak of 265 km / h and the Allgäu takes a lot of start-up. Plastic surgery are a matter for the externality. So abbot pimped the Golf R also visually. So far, however, more subtle: some cuts on the grille (€ 520) and wide 20-inch wheels with size 235 tires (4739 Euro). And if you want more, the more you get: Soon comes the full package with spoilers, rocker panels and gimmicks. Matter of taste.


Muscles and beauty cost, but worth it. Who lying around 40,000 Euros for the Golf R should therefore also browse Abt. At least 70 more hp are comparatively cheap. And above all, the much higher torque makes the R only the About Golf.

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The end of 2014 comes the new VW Passat – with its previously most powerful four-cylinder diesel. New Erlkönig images and first official info!

With economical, ultra-powerful engines, a hybrid version and a wealth of newassistance systems , the eighth generation to VW Passat to win back lost ground. Officially, that is new Passat generation to the Paris Motor Show 2014 unveiled, but now there’s the first technical details from Wolfsburg: In matters of power and assistance systems Volkswagen is traveling with the eighth Passat generation new territory and subjects the middle class a strong diet, in which each fall on the version up to 85 pounds. Paid particular attention to VW engineers on the new engine, stands out as the highlight of the two-liter turbo diesel. It is equipped with 240 hp and 500 Nm of torque beefy the strongest ever on VW offered four-cylinder diesel and is in the sedan yet only consume about five liters.

The strong diesel Passat comes standard with seven-speed DSG and all-wheel drive . In addition to power diesel VW offers the new Passat B8 to as a hybrid car, the third model of this type in the group. The Plug-in Hybrid couples a 156-hp direct injection gasoline engine with a 109 horsepower electric motor and promises 50 km all-electric locomotion. With fuel consumption figures VW put off until homologation, which is scheduled for 2015.

Flashing with the daytime running lights

Visually, the new Passat stands next to a flatter silhouette from especially by new lights. In front, the car will flash when changing direction with the daytime running lights – the white LEDs may also turn yellow. To the rear the headlight switch to the top version of a horizontal line when braking into a vertical. A variety of Assistenzystemen are driving the Passat B8 safer and make more comfortable. A traffic jam assistant holds up to 60 tempo track and recognize in an emergency, if the driver leaves the roadway uncontrollably. The Emergency Wizard can even bring the vehicle to a stop and turn on the hazard lights. In the city, a similar wizard by independent brakes, the tailgating prevent an obstacle or another car.

Optional digital instruments

For the first time he is with a head-up display fitted, the relevant information onto a separate disk in front of the windshield. The instruments can be displayed digitally on an optional 12.3 inch display, only safety-related information get extra spaces. However, can order as conventional analog instruments buyer, depending on the version. The Passat is the new Modular Infotainment System use can be connected to the car with the smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi. Should especially interesting for company car drivers be the opportunity at the same time involve two phones – for example, a private and good professional. About the center console is available an eight-inch display for navigation and entertainment systems. The new VW Passat B8 promises lots of new electronics at higher power and less weight. He shall come the end of 2014 to the market. Straight to the all-important markets for VW U.S. and China as well as Europe to score the new Passat.

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VW plans to climb, BMW embarks on national level. From 2016 Tiguan and X1 are so dangerously close back onto the tin. A preview.

Die Wolfsburg looking as opponents prefer the finest car manufacturers of the world. X1 heranrobbt So also with the upcoming Tiguan, the closely located almost impertinent to the BMW. But the program has been thought provoking parallels. In addition to the standard models, both manufacturers are planning their SUV with extra-long wheelbase and optional seven seats as plug-in hybrid , as an SUV coupé with two or four doors and a sports model with four-cylinder turbo.

On the Golf VII Platform, the Tiguan stretched direction BMW

VW sets the Tiguan from 2016 to the modern base of the Golf VII – which brings more space, 60 to 80 pounds less weight, ten to 15 percent lower consumption, lower manufacturing costs and a more intensive networking of the series. With the two weakest engines in the Tiguan is a pure front-wheel drive, the two most powerful engines always drive with four-wheel, in between there is a choice. As of July 2016, the Tiguan will be available to the drive train of the Gulf GTE as a plug-in hybrid. Is coupled double on request, in conjunction with the two-liter models. A Tiguan R is possible, but has not yet been lashed. The stretching in the direction BMW also illustrates the significantly upgraded technology. In addition to a variable progressive steering a draw: adaptive damper with additional dynamic mode (DCC), “Dynamic Light Assist” with Headlights and a High-Beam Assistant, optional LED headlights, “Front Assist” with environment monitoring, City Emergency Braking and pedestrian recognition, parking assistant for along- and transverse park, Ausparkassistent, “Emergency Assist” with brake intervention lane departure.

More space in the X1 brings the long-wheelbase variant

The drive has three different four-wheel-drive modes (“Street”, “offroad”, “Snow”), Trailer Rangierassistent, “Area View II” with reversing camera, top-view camera and two side front cameras for splitscreen representation junctions and a Head up display . Also, the X1 takes for the season 2016 important changes. So in future he uses the Mini platform with front wheel drive. This makes the Bavarian adventurer lighter and more compact, because the engines are mounted transversely and the propeller shaft is omitted – except of course in the models with all-wheel drive . The entschlackte and still verwindungsfestere X1-body divides fundamental technology with the new mini SUV. The X1 however, we will for the first time with two different wheelbases experience . Around ten more inches Wheelbase mean more spacious and more freedom in the individual room layout. Different approaches are VW and BMW at the so-called SUV coupe. While the Tiguan CC relies on four doors that dispenses X2 coupe in favor of a sportier lines on the practical rear doors. We’ll see where the buyers put their priorities.

The design of the Model F48 (X1, both wheelbases) and F47 (X2) has a less homespun than before, the material quality is a whole class of high-quality , the iDrive operating concept is optimized in many ways. Of course, BMW offers for the new crossover a similarly wide range of assistance systems like the competition.

With the M-versions takes BMW, Audi and Mercedes to

In terms of plug-in hybrid, the 136-hp 1.5-liter three-cylinder seems the larger and heavier four-cylinder to outdo. The disc-shaped electric motor is housed in the bell housing. Instead of the ZF automatic Munich want the medium to offer a dual-clutch transmission from Aisin, also with eight speeds. The new X1 reflecting the trend toward downsizing bill – entry-level engine is a future three-cylinder . At the other end of the PS spiral screw the M GmbH. Because the inline six-cylinder engine fails as a cross, working in Garching with high pressure at a around 375 hp two-liter twin-turbo four-cylinder, which the GLA 45 AMG and the in X1M and X2M Audi Q3 RS should defy. A X1/X2 M28i with 313 hp might as M Performance range then close the very last gap in the palette.


VW and BMW, which were used to be two different worlds. But the two brands closer to each other in a rush to – BMW about the new front-wheel drive technology, VW on increasingly sophisticated technology. And with new models also want to Alfa Romeo, Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes and Range Rover mitnaschen the crossover cake.

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At the Beijing Auto Show 2014 VW shows a very special golf Study: The R 400 has 400 horsepower under the hood and to 280 km / h drive fast. First impression!

Dass in the Golf R , the end of the story has not been reached with 300 hp, already proven several reputable VW tuner. factory tuner Abt scratches at 370 hp and Oettinger gets 360 hp from the two-liter turbo engine . Now Wolfsburg is even going one better and presented at the Beijing Auto Show in 2014 , a study that takes even super athletes targeting: The Golf R 400 accelerates according to the manufacturer’s instructions in 3.9 seconds from 0 to 100 was only at a speed of 280 to be concluded and then only in response to electronic limitation.

Technically, the study is based on the production Golf, visually there are a few striking differences. The flared wings are a tribute to the Rallye Golf G60 from the late 80s. The vehicle is at least 40 millimeters wider than the series and all round fitted with aerodynamically optimized carbon elements. The Power Golf carries a distinctive mark “Lemon Yellow”, a corresponding line indicates the grille, as comparable special models of VW. At GTI , this line is red, blue, chrome-colored in the GTE-R series. The air inlets of the R 400, however, are greater than for all other golf variants. This is the larger cooling air requirement of the 400-horsepower engine, the bonds takes the souped up engine of the WRC Polo, taken into account. At the rear of the two-leaf roof spoiler that stands out, racing similar diffuser with eleven inches wide exhaust tailpipes is also a looker.

Inside, leather and Alcantara set the tone, special “carbon leather” covered the headrests, side bolsters and outer sides of the sports bucket seats. The seams will in the characteristic “Lemon Yellow”. In the rear, passengers take on two related with fine Nappa leather and Alcantara individual seats. On the center console allows the driver to find the controls for the different suspension settings, here between three different settings of the electronic stability control can be selected. Normal mode, sports mode, and total race distance setting are the choices. The chassis is compared with the standard 20 millimeter lowered and stands on tire size 235/35 R 19 And there are some unique alloy wheels, which were further developed from the series rim “Cadiz”. Thanks blade inserts in the rim , additional air is directed to the enhanced brake system while driving.