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The automaker Toyota introduced the sedan fuel cell hydrogen which goes on sale, initially in Japan. The launch will take place by April 2015 at the rate of 7,000,000 yen (excluding VAT) or € 50,000. The sales will be made ​​to areas where hydrogen fueling infrastructure is under development. Developments are underway in Europe and the United States for a launch in the summer of 2015.

Toyota FCV

Toyota FCV

“We look forward to get the fuel cell,” said Karl Schlicht, vice president of Toyota Motor Europe. “While there are still many difficulties to overcome, such as the availability of service stations and awareness of motorists. But our experience in hybrid gives us all the necessary to launch a new technology experience. In Europe, we will proceed in stages by gradually selling the car in some markets. But we believe that going forward, the hydrogen engine will continue to gain popularity. ”

Toyota FCV

Toyota FCV

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The second generation of the Toyota Aygo Raton takes to be the star of the big city runabout. But he is well prepared for the small Japanese is light-footed, nimble and customizable.

Astroboy is small but perky and pretty clever. It has brought the Japanese cartoon character to the idol of the young David Terai. Meanwhile, the Japanese almost 60 and is chief engineer at Toyota . But the little robot in human form, the children in Tokyo adore how children around the world Mickey Mouse, he has not forgotten. On the contrary, has been appointed as the Terai six years ago to the project manager for the Toyota Aygo new edition, he has dusted off the old books again. Because just like the time Astroboy has the second generation of the small car, working on the Terai for six years, using his charm and all the cleverness in order to assert itself as a dwarf in the car jungle.

This is mainly due to the increasingly fierce competition: When the first Aygo came in 2005, he had just nine competitors, today there are 20 And the little Japanese is not only in the race with the identical sister models Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1, now must the Aygo also a brand new Twingo and a four-door Smart resist when he goes on sale in July 2014. Since Terai may already need the help of a superhero – even if it’s only a cartoon character.

“From the crowd stand out”, so therefore was Terais theme for generational change and for that he let the designers all the freedom. Where other Toyota rather gray mouse are, it drives the Aygo quite colorful. Even the giant X, which runs through the front end and extends to the C-pillar, is a challenge to the boredom. And as if that were not enough, looks like some Aygo, as if he had fallen into the paint pot. For only the outside there are ten specially tinted plastic parts, in each workshop can be exchanged. This fits into the time – and at the same time helps in delineating the sister models, the look of the house from time significantly different and, moreover, can also be heavily customized.

Game with colorful consoles

While the outside needs the help of a mechanic for the individualization, can the Aygo inside even the individual adapt Taste: Even in the cockpit there are half a dozen colored consoles that can be replaced in few minutes without any tools. In eight bright colors painted, they bring a little gloss in a hut, which is otherwise pretty dull. Hard plastic, sharp edges or thin fabrics on the narrow seats and a luggage compartment cover labbrige – somehow the basic price must indeed three-and 10,300 euro for the euro to 9950 for the five-door are pressed.

That the Aygo so is hardly more expensive for generational change, is on one side unusual in that it comes much dashing, is better equipped and smart extras like the large touch screen provides with which you navigate online, maintain its Facebook page, listen to Internet radio or can receive the image from the reversing camera.

But price stability on the other side is almost self-evident, because the new Aygo just no longer offers car than its predecessor. At 3.46 meters in length, it is grown outside only a few millimeters, the wheelbase measures 2.34 meters and unchanged if one wants to examine the seven millimeters more headroom, you have already whip out the tape measure. As before, you sit in a small Japanese in the first row quite well, on the other hand must be pretty tighten the knees and swallow twice when looking into the trunk in the rear of the five-door model. While chief engineer Terai has once again flayed almost 30 liters of space. But now with 168 liter capacity the small hatch is already quickly overwhelmed behind the high edge of a normal shopping trip – from a short break to mention.

So colorful and unconventional looks like the Aygo, so he usually drives itself. The one-liter, three-cylinder quacks like it is this type allows intrinsically and with its 69 hp no speed rush. But because the narrow torque of 95 Nm have to heave just 840 kilos, the Aygo at least in city traffic seems much snappier than it suggests a sprint figure of 14.2 seconds to 100. And that at 160 km / h again conclusion is you can get over half way down the Aygo. Because with such a dwarf wants to be – Astroboy back and superhero Image ago – anyway not mix with the frantic combos of racking up the miles in the left lane. In addition, you can also moderate consumption forget the already is already elevated average with a standard value of 4.1 liters. After all, there is an Eco-variant. Although has no start-stop system, but comes with finishing touches in the wind tunnel to a better drag coefficient than the normal Aygo, has a longer translated transmission, and therefore will with just 3.8 liters satisfied.

But the Aygo is not only on the highway alien, even on the road is the small, short Japanese hardly at home. His territory is the jungle of the big city, in which he reflected the more brave: monster nimble, light-footed and clearly he becomes a City Champion and shows all the big SUV’s, station wagons and crossover at next Park House, who in the city saying has. Since the Aygo shows then as Astroboy – and need not fear any great opponent.

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Men toy in comparison, the Alfa 4C drifts against Lotus Elise and Toyota GT 86 Which driving machine makes at the end of the most fun?

Manner it have also not always easy. Since you have just the driver’s license made ​​- to realize that your auto dreams are about as big as the hole in your wallet. And later, when the career is finally agrees and the coal, you have more to think about than case-Displacement with regard to little ones. Sound familiar? Then let us just even dream for a little while. Not by expecting a Touran or Zafira, but “what if” game.

Fanfare, drumroll – as it stands, the new 4C. A Alfa Romeo , as we wished it to us long.Light as a feather, to die for beautiful. And not virtually guaranteed. From the Treasure Chest of its 104-year history, the Italians have created the perfect Playmobil. This happiness hormone on wheels , we present the Lotus Elise and the Toyota GT86 to the side. Also, they do not give a damn about utility or the next family shopping. You just want fun making. At least with Alfa and Lotus is either way not to think about everyday. The space of two mid-engined sports car is enough grade for two times not too tall passengers plus a bit of luggage. The Toyota gives himself there a little more pragmatic, even has a rear seat, which is good at least as a luggage rack. And in addition a trunk that carries with a volume of nearly 250 liters at least up to its name. Remarkable, though, how easily the three crackers behave in daily journeys.

In everyday use, the Elise fails not necessarily

Although the Alfa does with his four-cylinder acoustically on race cars – to then yet so uncomplainingly classified as an x-any golf in the daily traffic jam to work. Even Lotus has domesticated the Elise. Clutch and gearbox can be metered so well that you can even reverse to park on the mountain, without stalling the load each time. The Toyota goes for a Japanese delightfully uncouth and bony, in comparison it is nevertheless something like the VW Golf amongst the sports car : balanced, quiet, solid. Gift. Finally, we are here to dream. And where are true men’s dreams? So disabled driving aids and let fly a try. Time not thinking about CO2 and pulverize with magnificent drifts the rubber of the rear tire. Where this is the Alfa easier written than done. For the 4C is a typical Italian, relies more on the beautiful appearance as real values. The amazingly deaf (although servo free) Steering is imprecise, the driving behavior despite weight distribution of 39:61 frightening understeer.

Only by force you force the beautiful Romeo into a controlled drift. Not really funny – but fast. With a lap time of 1: 36.88 minutes in any case he is on the 3800 Mete dry handling course of the fastest gun in comparison. However, he takes the Elise only about seven tenths off, despite 20 hp more power. No wonder, the Lotus boss is in the ring when it comes to driving pleasure goes.

The GT86 is more coupe than sports car

Steering response is sharp as a knife to the slightest movement, the suspension is so hard that you notice when driving a dump, what brand it was just. For the flat track that’s perfect. Without side angle and the neutral Lotus goes around the corner, on loan from Toyota four-cylinder behind the driver schnippst the light load to the next curve. In short: On the race track, the Elise does not wrap the curls. Despite or because of their age. Since 1996 on the market and over the years matured into thoroughbred racing bride. Playmate GT86 can not quite so carefree let out the sow. For he is more than coupe sports car. And indeed he leans noticeably in turns and struggles, despite the weak torque of 205 Newton meters at 6400 rpm adventurous to grip. All the time the tail is in motion, without ESP is the load across all the time. Highly entertaining, but unfortunately slow. At the end of the stopwatch stops at 1:44:10 minutes – an eternity behind Alfa and Lotus. Who counted in seconds, the GT86 has probably deleted from his wish list. All others should be assured: The guy has character.

What to buy? The best all. Toyota, for each day the lotus for the sunny hours on the highway and the Alfa to the show running. Men Come on girls!

Vehicle data Alfa Romeo Lotus Toyota
Motor Four-cylinder, turbo Four cylinder, air compressor Four-cylinder boxer
Mounting position Across the center Across the center forward along
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 2 4 per cylinder / 2 4 per cylinder / 4
Camshaft drive Timing Chain Chain
Capacity 1742 cc 1798 cc 1998 cc
kW (hp) at 1/min 177 (240) / 6000 162 (220) / 6800 147 (200) / 7000
Nm at 1/min 350/2200 250/4600 205/6400
Vmax 258 km / h 234 km / h 226 km / h
Transmission Six-speed dual-clutch transmission Six-speed manual Six-speed manual
Drive Rear-wheel drive Rear-wheel drive Rear-wheel drive
Brakes, front / rear Discs / discs Discs / discs Discs / discs
Test car tires v. 205/40 R 18 – h 235/35 R 19 Y v. 175/55 R 16 – h 225/45 R 17 W 215/45 R 17 W
Tyre Type Pirelli P Zero Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 LTS Michelin Primacy HP
Wheel Size v. 7 x 18” / h 8.5 x 19” v. 6 x 16” / h 8 x 17” 7 x 17”
Exhaust CO2 157 g / km 175 g / km 181 g / km
Consumption * 9,8 / 5,0 / 6,8 l 10,3 / 5,9 / 7,5 l 10.4 / 6.4 / 7.8 l
Tank 40 l / Super 40 l / Super Plus 50 l / Super Plus
Refrigerant R1234yf R134a R134a
Pass-by noise 71 dB (A) 75 dB (A) 73 dB (A)
Trailer load sh. / Ungebr. no no no
Boot volume 110 l 110 l 243 l
Length / width / height 3990/1868-2090 ** / 1184 mm 3824/1719-1850 ** / 1117 mm 4240/1775-1975 ** / 1285 mm
Test car price 54,500 € 45 580 EUR 30.450 EUR
* City / highway / total to 100 km; ** Width with exterior mirrors

Readings Alfa Romeo Lotus Toyota
0-50 km / h 1.8 s 1.7 s 2.8 s
0-100 km / h 4.7 s 5.0 s 7.5 s
0-160 km / h 10.9 s 12.1 s 17.3 s
60-100 km / h 3.7 / 6.1 s (4th / 5th gear) 5.9 / 7.8 s (4th / 5th gear) 6.9 / 8.1 s (4th / 5th gear)
80-120 km / h 5.0 / 7.5 s (5/6 gear) 7.7 / 10.3 s (5/6 gear) 9.0 / 12.4 s (5/6 gear)
Kerb weight / payload 1016/159 kg 920/235 kg 1235/435 kg
Weight distribution v. / h 39/61% 38/62% 56/44%
Turning circle left / right 11.0 / 11.6 m 11.5 / 11.3 m 11.3 / 11.4 m
Braking distance
from 100 km / h cold 35.0 m 35.4 m 37.9 m
from 100 km / h hot 33.9 m 34.7 m 38.1 m
Interior noise
at 50 km / h 75 dB (A) 69 dB (A) 63 dB (A)
at 100 km / h 77 dB (A) 76 dB (A) 70 dB (A)
at 130 km / h 83 dB (A) 84 dB (A) 73 dB (A)
Test consumption – CO2 8.6 l/100 km – 203 g / km 7.6 l/100 km – 180 g / km 8.4 l/100 km – 199 g / km
Range 460 km 520 km 590 km


Although the uncompromising Lotus at the end wins the Sport Rating: Each character actor is worth a sin – it depends on the use to. The Alfa is to fall in love with beautiful and gorgeous loud, the Toyota uncrowned king drift – and comparatively cheap.

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With a lot of work Toyota refreshes the Yaris and missed him the x-shaped mark face. The Polo-hunter with a revised chassis and higher-quality interior comes in the summer.

Even after the facelift , the Toyota Yaris is a small car with low fuel consumption and low cost, but can he flatter himself more than ever in the hearts of customers. To this end, the automaker has invested much fine work to make the small Japanese appealing. Most the new x-shaped face of the Yaris is striking that at the last revised Aygo oriented. The Yaris is due to the revised chassis wider, so bold on the road. The headlights are accompanied by as standard LED daytime running lights, the rear shows the revised version of the solid model produced by the third generation since 2011 its new LED tail lights. An integrated in the rear bumper diffuser supports the broad-shouldered

Also in the engine compartment is paying off the fine-tuning of the drive units. Along with two petrol engines (the 1.0-liter three-cylinder and 1.3-liter four-cylinder ) offers Toyota to a 1.4-liter diesel engine. Especially the small gasoline engine was pressed at the same power in consumption and is now reaching less than 100 grams of CO2. In addition, the advances hybrid drive more and more into focus: According to Toyota Yaris with any third double heart is in Western Europe already ordered. Thanks to this in the small car class rather rare, especially economic Drive reaped the Yaris last year the price of the most environmentally friendly car a. However, the conventionally powered runabouts Japan benefit from the revised chassis, which makes the Yaris are better thanks to improved suspension on the street, promises Toyota. At the same time, the engineers reduced the engine noise in the interior. She reached through new insulation, better windows and seals a newly hung exhaust system, so that the gefaceliftete Yaris can move more quietly than before, also optional on 15 or 16-inch alloy wheels.

As of the summer on the market

Even with a newly designed interior is the Yaris in the Polo class to catch customers. The cockpit is upgraded with higher quality materials, and presented on the center console, a new 7-inch touch-screen monitor. For higher trim levels Toyota also offers leather steering wheel and air conditioning to. In all models, the driver reaches for a shortened by three inches lever. In the summer of 2014, the upgraded with new equipment options Yaris model year 2015 comes to the dealers. Prices are not yet known.