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If you ever wanted to buy a Mini, you can get it in 1077 … Lego pieces from 1 August 2014 on the shop.lego.com site. Assembly, the Mini is 25 cm long, 14 cm wide and 11 cm high.

Lego Mini Cooper

Lego Mini Cooper


Lego designers based their model on the latest generation of the classic Mini Cooper made in 2000, recreating his inimitable charisma with its colors. The characteristic elements of the original have been preserved: the roof, mirrors and bonnet stripes in white, beige seats and additional headlights on the grille. Rims, bumpers and headlights reflect the classical model. The doors, bonnet and tailgate can be opened, providing a view of the other details. Your turn …

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The new Mini has evolved a language of forms, proportions and a body structure brand-specific exterior design. Indeed, elements of design characteristics are the radiator grille, honeycomb, headlights and rear lights with a large chrome ring, flashing side and a body frame. The headlights are a new form with daylight. The headlights are LED daytime running lights comprising a ring with integrated direction indicator. Inside, the seats have a new building with a greater range of adjustment on the front and a seating surface longer at the back. The central instrument with new displays and staging colorful lighting is via a ring powered by LEDs.


Standard equipment, the new Mini is equipped with Dynamic Stability Control with Dynamic Traction Control and electronic differential lock control. The body structure has been optimized in terms of weight and against collisions. The new Mini is equipped with seat belts three-point automatic winding on all seats, with pretensioners and force limiters webbing straps to the front, ISOFIX for engants seats on the rear seat of an indicator of deflating tires, bonnet active part to optimize pedestrian protection, to optimize the aerodynamic characteristics via air shutter active cooling …


Sensations typed karking intensified via a technique of suspension design with reduced weight and increased rigidity. Axle mono articulated legged suspension pivot bearing aluminum supports and wishbone high-strength steel are present. An advanced electro mechanical power steering is standard with Servotronic. The depreciation of the car using the variable rotator Law is located in the base of the gear lever or selector lever via the optional Mini Driving modes. Sport and green mode can be activated. Influencing the laws of the accelerator, the direction and the time shifting of the automatic transmission.

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A flat-extended electric car with two seats, but without a roof: This is the roadster study Vision Mini Superleggera, which is presented at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. We were already inside.

Since the 2001 reboot like mini – and its customers – as taboo breaker. “The spiders, the British” belongs almost de rigueur in the brand that loves to surprise with unusual ideas. Time of the two-door car was shortened from Rocketman show purposes, then they rolled into the cold Detroit a summery Buggy – as a test of whether mini-SUV also like friends. From the “Beachcomber” was the Countryman .

Crazy enough, they are miniature, but that was just unveiled at the beauty salon at the Villa d’Este, breaks all viewing habits. Mini Superleggera vision is, this open two-seater, which is no less than a comeback of the British roadster. Spitfire and Austin-Healey send their regards. A Roadster Mini? Sounds confusing, so we quickly arrange the British model world. The car series of the same name has been around since 2012, but the two-seater coupe is more of an open – or in other words the umpteenth version of the original Mini and thus a marketing gimmick, which has after all sold more than 20,000 times. Certainly a Mini, but no Roadster.

Narrow windscreen and without roof

What just on the Como lake gleamed, is a roadster purest water. He has two seats, no side windows, and certainly no roof. These are freedoms that can not afford to just a showpiece for Italy’s sun. Or if it comes from Touring Superleggera. The Carrozzeria, a medium-sized stainless workshop, designed Louis de Fabrebeckers which two years ago with the new edition of the Alfa Disco Volante has made ​​a gorgeous card. “Specifications and dimensions for the car came from Mini, the execution, we took over And both agree that mini defined not by the size but the style:.. Return to simplicity”

The result is ready in the early morning light for the first few meters in the air. This should be a Mini? Were it not for the headlights (incidentally, the only part series) and the mini logo on the hood, the Superleggera vision would pass for a worn-in Aston Martin. The front with the eyes close-set stands up to impressive 1.82 meters wide and reminds the full, arched nose rather on the island coupes. The entire body dengelten the artists at Touring aluminum, what makes the latest on the dead straight side fold that runs across the entire flank open mouths. How to get the expert hand out only this sharp edge with their changing shades?

Tail lights than half the Union Jack

While still amazed, astounded the rear end with a fireworks display of Britishness. As de Fabrebeckers came to this fin? “I do not know, suddenly she was there,” he says with an innocent grin. Knowing that the high-speed stabilizer depending on the perspective is either crazy (the car has hardly Power) or stolen terrific – from the Jaguar D-Type from the 50s. The vertical tail could also originate from a Spitfire or Alfa Spider of the second series, but is crowned with a highlight that even English comes as the hats at the races at Ascot: tail lights in the shape of the Union Jack And we thought Mini would long ago every whim of a mess that Britain will bear flag from the mirror to the car roof. Wrong! The lights! Once the fashion crazy mini-crowd perceives the things that is guaranteed to rid the hype on the crossed rearlights. Hopefully Mini has been patented this idea anywhere else running in Asia already copying presses on.

Pizza Large round display

The design of the Union Jack also appears in the interior on, there in the form of crossed pipes as door handles. The idea of a simple, reduced Roadster can be inside grip with your hands – or better: do not attack. Except for a mini-rocker for the gears, there is no single switch. For reaching the pizza large round display with touch screen new record format and is paradoxically accompanied by an analog clock. Cockpit shines again with craftsmanship of Touring: The dashboard consists of a single, hand-crafted and rough ground-down Alupaneel which carries the interior mirror on thin holder. Who has his need for show elements not yet satisfied, Selfies shoots with the camera that is built up between the seats. Or simply marvel at the frameless windshield , barely enough for me to tip of nose and more than halved the wind, but not prevent. This roadster is a speedster.

Front or rear wheel drive? Who knows it

Where we are just at the truths: Under the wonderfully long hood with the two recessed air beads inserted no three-cylinder engine , no turbo, but an electric motor. About the power and the possible drive (? Front rear) loses Mini so little words that we may suspect: He’s probably just a dream. During beauty contest at the Villa d’Este, the Mini Superleggera launched vision out of competition – when car device Post by patron BMW. Mass production is not planned – except mini wanted to test whether a roadster from the format of the Countryman arrives. One is likely to remain safe from the first real Mini Roadster: the tail lights. Cool Britannia!