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This is the G63 AMG 6×6 for special units! Introducing the new armored workhorse for elite soldiers in detail. Seat test!

Mercedes shows the extreme G-Class 6×6. The so-called Long Range Patrol Vehicle (short: LRPV) is designed for special forces in northern Europe. While making the Stuttgarter not more details to the customer, but most likely it involves the Swedish army. So far, only the Australians had put the 6×6. We were allowed to try out the new work unit of elite soldiers in a seat fitting.

Compared to the G 63 AMG 6×6 spartan


The basic form with double cab is the uniformed three-axle almost identical with that of the civilian G 63 AMG 6×6 , but in detail, much has changed: compared to the AMG acting military vehicle quite spartan. Nude sheet, both inside and outside without cover. All purpose! Only when the screws are exposed, engine and transmission are easily accessible, can be repaired quickly in an emergency. Therefore, in contrast to the lack AMG chrome slip strips and massive wheel arches. The military 6×6 is just not a pretty boy, which ensures impression in front of cafes, but a rugged warrior who prefers to remain undetected in matt green Gewandt. It is only to suggest that the complex converted and armored LRPV is more expensive than the 450,000-euro-AMG.

In no time the Convertible

The LRPV is armored to the hull against booby traps and mines, but also offers up to waist level protection against firearms. More armor would significantly restrict the freedom of movement of the special forces. The windows in the doors and the windshield in front of the front passenger can be solved with quick connects and expand. After that, no more annoying A-pillar, the pivotal movement with a gun. For heavy fighting the elite soldiers also a device for machine guns on the roof is available, called a rotating mount. A lap belt keeps the shooter even when driving fast in the saddle. The rest of the group takes place on bucket seats. Their side bolsters are not as pronounced as with sports seats, because the soldiers would not otherwise fit in with their equipment. The four point harnesses give an idea of ​​how rough terrain in the patrol vehicle from moving.

In the cockpit, the wolf puts

Instrument panel and center console are free of applications and chrome trim, experts reminded the cockpit certainly to the wolf, the loyal workhorse of the German armed forces. Speedometer and tachometer are easy to read. About switch prior to the automatic selector lever can the six wheels on three differentials lock to one hundred percent. The LRPV is based on the G 300 CDI 6×6 by a 184-hp diesel powered with 400 Newton meters of torque. For the military Gerbrauch the payload was increased. At 6.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight of the three-axle vehicle transported four to six people, including its equipment. The footprint of the rear carriage can be removed for better visibility and agility. An optional auxiliary tank for 53 liters of diesel to increase the range of a thousand kilometers. The wheels are optionally equipped with runflat.

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Curves carving and fast motorway stages in the Mercedes S-Class Coupe? The luxury Daimler can do both. First ride in the Mercedes S 500 Coupe!

There are cars from which you do not want to get off. The new Mercedes S 500 Coupe is one of them. Feat, you will say: The S-Class Coupe also cost you at least € 126,000. And the sedan are the high-quality frame. Yes and no. Because there is a difference: In the sedan will be allowed to ride in the coupe, people preferred themselves to the control. And not because here the rear seats lack leg room are good at best for dog or briefcase, but because the coupe brings joy of traveling. The suspension was gently tightened, the V8 may raise his voice when the throttle is rumbling. Carving curves is fun, fast motorway stages also. At the request of travel giant Mercedes slides but only cozy and quiet there.

Technical data of the Mercedes S 500 4Matic Coupe: V8 engine, biturbo, longitudinally front • Displacement 4663 cc • Power 335 kW (455 hp) bei5250/min • max. Torque 700 Nm at 1800 rpm • Top 250 km / h • 0-100 km / h 4.6 s-wheel drive / seven-speed automatic • Fuel tank capacity 80 l • L / W / H 5027/1899/1411 mm trunk 400 l • Empty weight 2090 kg • EU mix 9.4 l Super/100 km • CO2 emission 219 g / km • Price from 125 962 Euro.

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Mercedes has redesigned the CLS. The spotlight’s on demand with multi-beam technique, also holds the nine-speed automatic feeder.

Mercedes shows first pictures of the facelift the 2014er series CLS and CLS Shooting Brake . The modified air intakes fall on the front eye, surcharge future there will be the new multi-beam LED headlamps. Also new to the CLS: the nine-stage automatic transmission with a hydrodynamic torque converter, which only in the beginning of the new E-Class was used. The gear unit is to reduce fuel consumption and increase agility. To use the nine-speed automatic comes in the CLS 220/250/350 ( Diesel ) and the CLS 500 (Petrol).

Six engines, seven variants, up to 585 HP!


The diesel engines deliver 170 hp and 400 Nm of torque (CLS 220 Bluetec), 204 Nm PS/500 (CLS 250 Bluetec) and 258 Nm PS/620 in 350 Bluetec. For consumption makes the Mercedes still no details, but all diesel to meet the Euro 6 emissions standard. This is also true for gasoline: Here the variants CLS 400 and CLS 500 stand for election, the CLS 400 makes 333 hp and 480 Nm of torque comes on, the big brother brings it to 408 hp and 600 Nm of torque. All engine variants, apart from the 220 ​​diesel can also be ordered with 4MATIC all-wheel drive. The top model is the CLS 63 AMG . it comes with a double-charged 5.5-liter eight-cylinder engine in two versions: 557 or 585 hp. Mercedes gives the consumption of the 557-hp variant (rear-drive) with 9.9 liters of Super Plus per 100 kilometers. With four-wheel drive are 10.4 and 10.6 liters (with the 585-hp engine). And although the large-volume eight-cylinder AMG emit up to 248 grams of CO2 per kilometer, they also meet the Euro 6 standard.

Matrix LED lights provide safety


On request, instead of the standard full-LED lights headlamps with multi-beam LED technology. Here is an array of 24 high-performance LEDs is controlled individually electronically: Illuminated vehicles are detected by the camera-based Highbeam Assist and hidden from the light cone. The street is always illuminated maximum in this manner, the high beam must never be turned off.

Changes in the interior


The new detached eight-inch screen on top of the center console is available with a standard CD or radio or multimedia option “Comand Online”. coupling options with Apple devices are standard , optional navigation and entertainment can expand. The seat covers are available in five colors, six different designs and different leather qualities. By default, the brake assist “Collision Prevent Assist Plus” on board that autonomously brakes upon detection of an end collision. Prices are not fixed yet, but will be published in time for the release for sale on 30 June 2014.

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12,450 euros will cost a brand new VW Polo. At least. There is also a well-equipped, used CLS from Pre demeanor well.

Nagelneuer Polo or used Mercedes ? Such arithmetical go always to the disadvantage of the new car. Because these charged to the loss in value , the hand, however, has in this respect been the worst. Used CLS are already available for 10,000 Euros. The model in these pictures costs about 23,000 euros. Who the Polo does not choose the ECR model and makes the little ones something nice with good facilities and automatic, also lands almost there. AAAAB: The new VW loses in three years, around 11,500 euros, the Benz cars, however, loses only 5,000 to 6,000 euros.

The only problem: You have to find a good CLS for now. The first five gravel yard dealer from which we want to rent a car out of the price range 9900-15000 Euro, immediately on again. In any case, these were vehicles – advertised as “private car of the chief” or “Customer order” – popular mesh in order to avoid the warranty. Without this, no private customer should buy such a complex vehicle, although the 2004-2010 approximately 170,000 times selling model series C 219 actually is considered quite solid. The biggest annoyance, the SBC electronic brake, Mercedes threw the facelift of the CLS technique donor E-Class in April 2006 on board, new engines, or at least amended designations were on top of that.

Specifications: Mercedes CLS 350
Motor V6/vorn along
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 4
Capacity 3498 cm3
Performance 200 kW (272 hp) at 6000 rpm
Torque 350 Nm at 2400 rpm
Maximum speed 250 km / h
0-100 km / h 6.6 s
Gear / drive Seven-speed automatic / rear
Tank capacity / type of fuel 80 l / Super
Length / width / height 4910/1870/1375 mm
Trunk content 505 l
Kerb weight / payload 1770/425 kg

The range extends from the CLS 320 (later 350) CDI with 224 hp to the CLS 63 AMG with 514 hp V8 . A seven-speed automatic all, only the 700 Newton meters of the top model leaving the old AMG five-speed automatic transmission. Of the engines is heard little negative, only the turbo, it may in-cylinder V of the CDI ever be too warm; an outdated loader purchased in the accessories but only around 1100 euros. In addition, retailers have to give one-year guarantee -. A new Polo has also only two years What I noticed on our test car, and how defects in the used Mercedes CLS buyer should also pay attention, you will learn in the gallery. The complete article with all data and tables are available in the online article archive as a PDF download .


I like the shape of the CLS. But practical, spacious, solid and even cheaper is his technical twin, the E-Class.

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Mercedes C-Class T-model, Audi A7 and S7 facelift and Citroën DS3 facelift – these are the premieres at AMI Leipzig 2014!

Mercedes shows at the AMI Leipzig (31 May to 8 June 2014), the Model T of the C-Class. The trunk of the combi-Benz has a maximum load capacity of 1510 liters, ten liters more than its predecessor. The cargo space behind the rear seats grew by five liters to 490 liters. In addition, the middle-class estate is variable. To the rear seat is now shared instead of 60:40 predecessor 40:20:40. We have been in the new Model T sat sample . Market launch is September 2014. Prices are likely to start at 36,000 euros. BMW presents the X4 . On the AMI, the coupe-like is SUV first issued on European soil. Under the hood is gasoline with 184 hp to 306 hp and diesel engines with outputs ranging from 190 hp and 313 hp. As it sits in the X4, we already have in the seat sample found. A world premiere controls Volvo at. The Swedes show in Leipzig for the first time the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid R-Design . Technically, everything remains the acquaintance: The 2.4-liter five-cylinder turbo diesel with 215 hp brings the load in conjunction with the high-torque 68-hp electric motor in 6.1 seconds to 100 km / h At 57,800 Euro price list for the diesel hybrids in the R-design starts.

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In the fall of 2014, Daimler will unveil the new Mercedes-AMG GT at the Paris Salon. Now there’s a first picture with the silhouette!

In the fall of 2014, the originally designed for the computer game Gran Turismo 6 Mercedes-AMG celebrates GT made ​​its debut. Before he at the Auto Salon Paris is revealed, it can get a first taste in the form of a dark-held profile photos. Something has already detailed the cockpit presented – the interior is characterized by two-tone leather with contrasting stitching, carbon and chromium. The Navi is a standard edition of the Mercedes-catalog and acts as if someone had forgotten his tablet PC on the center console. The centrally placed air-Spot nozzles are reminiscent of aircraft engines. Tag: “Aviation Art”. The controls of the ” AMG Drive Unit “on the sides of the center console are like the eight pots a V8 arranged. No coincidence, since in the final GT also an eight-cylinder will provide the driving force.

The prototype is not only optically a real super sports

The grille of AMG is that of the 300 SL from 1952 modeled, but instead of slats, he wears LEDs in and may represent different grill designs. In the cockpit, a sheet of glass over the steering wheel with shift paddles as the central display is used. On the disc as necessary, all relevant information is displayed. The steering column can be tracked with the eyes up into the engine compartment. Under the hood lies the AMG four-liter, twin-turbo V8, which spits out 585 hp and 800 Newton meters. With a weight of 1385 kg comes prototype on a sporting power to weight ratio of less than 2.4 kilograms per hp.

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Conservative classic or bold-modern – which has always been important in Clothing questions wins also on auto important. The other emphasizes the BMW 5 Series GT calls the fresh E-Class station wagon to a duel. A question of style – and more.

In small piece belief always drives with the combination of the E-Class . The large cargo ship is traditionally the luxury truck, is considered prestige bombers and travel specialist. This mixture expensive to buy aware of conviction – you need fashion motif no. Who says T, puts on modern, but trend-free. And now comes BMW , lures with the new, the particular. The stylish 5-series GT makes everything different – but is nevertheless an all-rounder. Travel pack with luxury caress as the large T? Creates the variable Gran Turismo also. Additionally it has a tailgate with complex dichotomy beckons with princely space – and, of course, with typical BMW driving experience. Good for this new blend to its own philosophy? GT instead of T? More than a question of style.

When the topic of driving pleasure BMW demonstrates that Gran Turismo does not have to automatically stand for dignified distance travel. The 5 Series is namely also different. Ragged and willing Bavarian chunks does exactly what the driver wants. Approximately 2.2 tons of love handles hidden 530d GT casual under an adaptive suspension, including an active stabilizer (3,000 euros) and a steering with variable ratio (1750 euros). Only clean straight run does not work. The 200 kg lighter E-Class is likewise not an inert guy who Stuttgarter combination shows curves but more body roll, pushes in tight turns earlier over the front wheels. Nevertheless deceptive sporting (re) appearance of the BMW. So is the 5 Series GT its least 14 more hp not in improved performance to. Example Sprint: Up Tempo 100 there is still a tie, then the BMW even takes the Mercedes-tenths tenths off. At the same time the E attracts 350 of them in the draft. This can prevent neither the sparkling twisted to line engine of the 5 Series still perfectly working eight-speed automatic transmission.

The E-Class Estate outclassed the 5-series GT in volume and variability

Especially since the V6 Mercedes purrs quietly, more than in the prior chugs a bit tart. Above all, the CDI runs much more economical and takes on our test lap almost 1.3 liters less. Although he is even at a higher speed level road. At 100 kph in top gear are in contrast to the BMW (1300 turns tours in eighth gear) comparatively excited at 300 revolutions more – a world in diesel cosmos. Just lie whole suitcase between the two when it comes to workhorse qualities. This refers not only to bare volume values ​​- with up to 1950 liters of cargo space to 1700 liters maximum outclassed the E-Class the 5 Series GT . The variability in BMW’s works also hardly. The luggage compartment increases only when the backrests of the rear bench while the two back wall panels are laid flat – awkward, stiff and time consuming. Worse:. Bayer is cluttered like a beer truck backwards Like so anything can go, shows the airy cut T-model . With a handle, the rear bench is flat, from the sill to the backrest of the front seats are 1.97 meters length. What does not fit here, swallow only VW buses. Pace and transport tasks speak for the T – BMWs are about strengths in comfort? Not necessarily. Feels like there is a tie. Although the BMW springs gently and by far (in his position Comfort air suspension even too gentle and too far). Transverse joints or manhole cover edges he does not like it. Often, a fine tremor annoying by the car, which is annoying in the long run going. This happens not the Mercedes, but pushes his front axle insensitive bumps, and rough waves it does not appear gentle enough one. But that is bitching at a high level, both nestle sovereign to the road, cross-country trails are a pleasure. With a small caveat: The BMW is missing in the driver’s footwell width, the pilot sits slightly screwed, so need more of a break. Quite contrary to the rear passengers, the slouch extremely relaxed on the leveling pads. Even the rest angle can be adjusted. Overall, the spoiled 5 Series GT but not with more luxury, heated seats and leather upholstery, for example, cost the same as a rich charge in the Mercedes. The traditionally leading the pack when it comes to security. Also this time. Because in addition to “Pre-Safe” (for the accident, the straps tight, the seat backs provide upright) offers the Model T also knee airbag and fatigue warning “Attention Assist”. The läppert – and sounds like typical Mercedes surcharge. But far from it. Equipped Comparable costs of 5er GT over 4000 euros more than the T-model. We suspect a designer surcharge.

Vehicle data BMW Mercedes
Motor Six-cylinder, turbo, front along V6 Turbo longitudinally front
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 2 4 per cylinder / 4
Camshaft drive Chain Chain
Capacity 2993 cc 2987 cc
kW (hp) at 1/min 180 (245) / 4000 170 (231) / 3800
Nm at 1/min 540/1750 540/1600
Vmax 240 km / h 240 km / h
Transmission Eight-speed automatic Seven-speed automatic
Drive Rear-wheel drive Rear-wheel drive
Brakes, front / rear Discs / discs Discs / discs
Test car tires 245/45-275/40 R 19 Y 225/55 R 16 V
Wheel Size 8,5 – 9,5 x 19 “ 7.5 x 16 “
Exhaust CO2 173 g / km 192 g / km
Consumption * 8,1 / 5,6 / 6,5 l 9.4 / 6.1 / 7.3 l
Tank 70 l / Diesel 80 l / Diesel
Pass-by noise 69 dB (A) 71 dB (A)
Trailer load sh. / Ungebr. 2100/750 kg 2100/750 kg
Boot volume 440-1700 l 695-1950 l
* City / highway / total 100 km

Readings BMW Mercedes
0-50 km / h 2.3 s 2.4 s
0-100 km / h 7.0 s 7.0 s
0-130 km / h 11.6 s 11.1 s
Intermediate sprint
60-100 km / h 4.0 s 3.9 s
80-120 km / h 5.0 s 4.7 s
Kerb weight / payload 2132/458 kg 1934/566 kg
Weight distribution v. / h 48/52% 52/48%
Turning circle left / right 12.0 / 12.0 m 11.3 / 11.6 m
Braking distance
from 100 km / h cold 36.4 m 36.3 m
from 100 km / h hot 35.7 m 36.1 m
Interior noise
at 50 km / h 55 dB (A) 54 dB (A)
at 100 km / h 64 dB (A) 64 dB (A)
at 130 km / h 69 dB (A) 68 dB (A)
Test consumption – CO2 9.0 l D – 239 g / km 7.7 l D – 204 g / km
Range 770 km 1040 km

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With 585 hp and a proud price of EUR 170 587, the S 63 AMG Coupé is one of the best that Mercedes has to offer. First seat fitting!

More does not go. Who wants to have the best of Mercedes that comes on the new S 63 AMG Coupé not over. Aside from off-exotics such as G 65 AMG or G 63 AMG 6×6 is the refined S-Class Coupé with 170 587 euros in the 4MATIC all-wheel version of the most expensive of Stuttgart. The seat sample shows what it has to offer the top model.

Eight-cylinder biturbo with 585 hp

While the radiator grille of the “normal” coupe fitted with a brace, gets the AMG, the so-called “Twin Blade” in silver chrome. Among them stands out a huge spoiler that directs airflow directly into the large cooling openings and at the same time ensures downforce on the front axle. The outer openings are framed by black flics. Under the hood the eight-cylinder biturbo infected with 585 hp and 900 Nm of torque. Each engine is assembled in Affalterbach by hand and carrying the signature of the motor mechanic. This has in AMG tradition and gives the opening the hood a touch of exclusivity. To capture the awesome power behind the forged wheels, a high-performance brake system, optionally with ceramic brake discs. Side skirts, rear diffuser and black chrome-plated twin tailpipes of the AMG coming also, but do not act exaggerated.

The cockpit is sparkling clean finish and equipped with only the best materials. Illuminated in blue carbon applications emphasize the sporty character. Also new are developed by AMG seats. This lavish stalls are excellent lateral support. Despite sporting orientation, the thick leather chairs are very comfortable. So it can safely go to the race as on the long haul. The sport steering wheel three-spoke design with contoured rim and perforated leather in the grip area is as comfortable in your hands, that you want to release it hardly. Behind the new aluminum shift paddles for the seven-speed sports transmission are easily accessible. The all-wheel drive comes in contact with the air suspension and adaptive damping system. In addition to height adjustment, there is the possibility to adjust the damper by pushing a button on sporty or comfortable driving. The embossed AMG emblem on the center armrest is also the upcoming Porsche opponents AMG GT bear.

The high-resolution TFT color display in the instrument cluster with two animated circular instruments was specifically reprogrammed for AMG: Font graphics and hand decorated in red and silver. The speedometer with the 330-km/h-Skala emblazoned the AMG logo, while the “V8 Biturbo” lettering on the rev counter takes place. Interestingly, its display is, however, only if the digital speedometer needle rocketing within 3.9 seconds to 100 kph – but for that you have to be patient until September 2014 – and of course have in the account by a corresponding balance.