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Technology from Lamborghini Gallardo, Design of Zagato: result is an automotive masterpiece, flourish its racing genes in extravagant form.

If both parents are from Italy and come to the surname Zagato and Lamborghini hear, then the offspring has all chances to become a stunningly beautiful and yet powerful defying dream car. Such a car is the Zagato Lamborgini 5-95, which was presented at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2014. The single piece was composed on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the luxury carmaker Zagato, which based on a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 presented an attractive, but also the idiosyncratic Zagato design following sports racer to the wheels.

The features of many typical Zagato style elements, such as the formed after a double bubble roof and ripped open like a basking shark air intake in the front, flanked by two other respiratory openings front of the wheels. The powerfully balancing-facing body with the special bend behind the front wheels is evidence of Zagato design language.

“Double Bubble” with scoop behind

As specific design elements of the Lamborghini Zagato 5-95 also comes up with a scoop, the same stretches up a periscope behind the roof and the mid-engine ventilation. Even the uprightable front of the windscreen spoiler proves the more unusual style of design company. Only technology and safety elements of the Zagato originallen Gallardo was untouched, which is why the car is essentially a Lamborghini. Not without reason is rolling, the piece after the car show at Lake Como directly into the garage of the Swiss Lamborghini collector Albert Spiess.

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With the Huracán Lamborghini heralds a new era. Instead uncompromising sportiness now practicality is paramount. Driving Report!

The view of the mid-engine costs a whopping 5950 Euros, laminations are standard.

The view of the mid-engine costs a whopping 5950 Euros, laminations are standard.

A Lamborghini for every day? Soft Rinsed? The concern remains with the new Huracán unfounded. The appearance is exciting and breathtaking. But it does not fall the way the kids from intrusive as the previous Gallardo . For this, the Huracán is comfortable and spacious enough and also distributed to taller riders no head nuts. The spacey cockpit seems a bit disorganized, but can be used well. The steering wheel paddles for quick gear changes are longer than the Gallardo, better to grip. A freely configurable central instrument (like Audi , 12.3 inches tall) delivers all the important data.

The DSG is faster and smoother than the Aventador

The toggle switch in the center control power windows, stability control and front lift (optional).

The toggle switch in the center control power windows, stability control and front lift (optional).

The ten-cylinder engine is brutal, speaks with 610 horses under the hood at lightning speed and is clearly living in the rev range than the maximum of 570 bhp predecessor Gallardo. Thus equipped, he tops his performance and is acoustically always shivers good. The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is very responsive and much smoother than the top model Aventador . With the standard steel suspension of Huracán acts always emphasized sporty and firm. Milder the Lambo reacts with the new “magnetic ride” Fahwerk for 2856 euros. It allows lightning-fast adjustment of the hardness. With front lift (important for B . upon entering a parking garage) does it cost 5831 euros. So naturally a fighting bull has its price: from 197 705 euros we go, who for example want to splurge with a transparent hood, must forking out almost 6000 euros. For carbon-ceramic brakes are all the same series.