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The Ferrari F12 TRS is a single piece for 3.6 million euros. At Goodwood on the unique F12-base flexes its 740 hp.

At the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood Ferrari F12 showed the TRS at the traditional mountain track.

At the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood Ferrari F12 showed the TRS at the traditional mountain track.

With 3.6 million Euro purchase price he is currently the most expensive Ferrari new car: the F12 TRS . At the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood (26 to 29 June 2014), the Italians showed the exclusive one-piece at the traditional mountain track. Technically the F12 TRS on the F12 Berlinetta (about 268,400 euros), the strongest Ferrari , which there is currently money can buy – but only with a fixed roof. Because an unknown client wanted to have an open F12, built a special department in the Ferrari F12 TRS. Inspired by the legendary Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa of 1957, was unique custom made.

The cost of building amounted to 3.6 million euros. The front was drawn in the style of a sharks nose, the windshield seems frameless. To underline the rassigeren character of the TRS on, the air outlets behind the front wheels were and the air conduits enlarged on the doors. In contrast, the technique remained untouched: the 6.3-liter V12 delivers 740 hp further, to 100 accelerates the F12 TRS so in 3.1 seconds, at 200 km / h it is already after 8 , 5 seconds.



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The search for perfection is like driving dynamics, the hunt for the Holy Grail. Ferrari and McLaren promise with their latest creations now salvation. A ride full of thrills and happiness.

The roof of the McLaren disappears in 17 seconds and can at speeds up to 30 km / h can be served.

The roof of the McLaren disappears in 17 seconds and can at speeds up to 30 km / h can be served.

McLaren 650 S Spider Ferrari While the lightweight version of its 458 occupied with the promising words “Speciale”, the English call their revised McLaren 12C pragmatically 650 S. What spills out of its tailpipes at start up, on the other hand sounds not at all cold. Fat bubbling and gurgling deep jumps the sharpened 3, 8 liter biturbo V8 in action. He mimes willingly everyday life mate, but without neglecting his favorite terrain: hairpin, straight. Hairpin, straight. The likes of the English. And his driver as well!

Mclaren: baffles to the bumper corners .

Mclaren: baffles to the bumper corners .

Ferrari 458 Speciale opposite the thick jaws of the Biturbos brace themselves displacement of 4.5 liters, packed with Italian passion. Was already the normal 458 Italia with 127 hp output per liter not a child of sorrow, it drives the ratio of 14:1 compressed lightweight variant on the top. Flow-optimized combustion chambers, new pistons along with modified geometry, this changed Pleuellagerbuchsen as well as a redesign of the crankshaft and intake system – the way the engine to eight kilos of relief – tickle up the overall performance of the mid-engine to 605 hp.

Specifications Ferrari McLaren
Motor V8
Charge / charge pressure Biturbo / 1.2 bar
Mounting position center back along
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 4
Capacity 4497 cc 3799 cc
Bore and Stroke 94.0 x 81.0 mm 93.0 x 69.9 mm
Compression 14.0: 1 8.7: 1
kW (hp) at 1/min 445 (605) / 9000 478 (650) / 7250
Specific Output 135 hp / l 171 hp / l
Nm at 1/min 540/6000 678/6000
Engine Rear wheel
Transmission 7-speed dual clutch
Front brakes 398 mm / innenbel / punched. 394 mm / innenbel / punched.
Rear brakes 360 mm / innenbel / punched. 380 mm / innenbel / punched.
Brake Ceramics
Wheel Size Front – Rear 9 x 20-11 x 20 8.5 x 19-11 x 20
Tire Size Front – Rear 245/35 R 20-305 / 30 R 20 235/35 R 19-305 / 30 R 20
Tyre Type Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 (K1) Pirelli P Zero Corsa (MC1)
Length / width / height 4571/1951/1203 mm 4512/1908/1203 mm
Wheelbase 2650 mm 2670 mm
Kerb weight / payload 1395 kg / no answer 1468/279 kg
Power to weight ratio 2.3 kg / hp 2.3 kg / hp
Tank volume 86 l 72 l
Boot volume 230 l 144-196 l
Price 233,000 € 261 030 EUR


Both super sports are perfectly positioned and unique – they offer but for periods of what the other does not. The 650 S is a very logical development of the McLaren 12 C. The performance figures are still impressive, the handling is even sharper, the driving comfort is exemplary for sports car proportions – and a particularly sexy Spider-variant, it is him also. The radicalized Ferrari 458 Speciale, however, is to have only as a coupe, but it is aimed clearly at the racetrack from – although his manners amaze in everyday life. If his naturally aspirated engine screams at 9000 rpm, while chassis, tires and aerodynamics pave the way to best, gushing happiness hormones. Who are spoiled for choice between the two, so it is not to be envied – who has not, even less.



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In California T Ferrari sets after prolonged abstinence on a turbo engine. How feels the taboo, read the first drive report!

Ferrari is in California for the first time in recent history on a supercharged eight-cylinder engine . But Ferrari Ferrari would not be if this change would not serve well the performance: Although quartet player with the new 3.9 liter engine need the loss of 0.4 liter engine get over. But that sweeten the Italians their customers with 560 instead of 490 hp and above all with a torque increase of 50 percent. No more 505, but now even 755 Nm tear during kickdown to the 285er rollers on the rear axle and can be either the ESP light in the cockpit or the eyes of every tire dealer shine. Because so much power you have to bring clean on the road for now.

Much time does not have the electronics for it: Where other turbos even in sports cars treat like one or sometimes two memorial seconds, Ferrari has so long tinkering with individual torque curves for each gear and invested so much money in a manifold with exactly the same long air channels, until you hardly notice a difference in the response. And because the sound in the intoxication of the senses is half the battle, the Italians have perfected the sound of the turbos and so saved the spine-tingling feeling in the new time.

Accordingly, sharp and passionate you can move the California T. By the time the Manettino stands on Race, the eight-cylinder explodes in front under the hood formally under his forward momentum and catapulted the thunderbolt towards the horizon: Only 3.6 seconds needs the open-top two-and-a-bit-seater to 100 km and takes its predecessor, so at least from two tenths. 200 km / h speedometer shows the following 11.2 seconds, and if the hair is strong enough, you can stay now to 316 km / h on the gas. With all the love of a high-revving sucker: Who’s there still asks the old engine that would be Smartphone exchange against a rotary phone.

Of course, the new engine is all decisive at the California T, which the Ferrari team persistently called a brand new car. But because after five years and more than 10,000 units of the most successful individual model in the company’s history a bit of what was otherwise do, the engineers have been reached not only under the hood: why there is the cool turbo display between the air vents and a new navigation system , more comfortable seats, a new steering and a software update for the magnetically adjustable dampers, the dual-clutch seven-and Manettino, with which you can change the character of the car’s character by a rotary switch on the steering wheel.

Oh, and the sheets they have also re-bent. “Only the retractable hardtop remained unchanged,” says marketing man Nicola Boari and tells of the larger grille, the more tightly around the motor laced hood with the two large nostrils and the slimmer lights, the more waisted flanks and the lowered rear cover, which spans the unchanged 240-340 liter boot space. Every detail of itself is actually new. But considered basically and especially from a distance sees the new California from all over just like the old one – which is no harm even to themselves.

Already been a great car, you can apply for the California T now the turbo thanks be even better inspire. And with every mile we can understand why the Italians praise the retractable hardtop convertible as “Everyday Ferrari” and the customers significantly more often and significantly longer drive this car than any other sports car from Maranello. “We have 30 percent more mileage and 50 percent more daily use in California than our other models,” said Boari pleased. However, once you order brings the car from the base of the extravagance and him with such ordinary luxury sports as a Mercedes SL 63 AMG, a Porsche 911 Turbo or a BMW M6 Cabrio compares the aura of the extraordinary takes a little damage. For then one misses suddenly amenities like a roof that can be open at least even at slow speeds, the usual with the competition servo motor for the rear cover, a few assistance systems or at least a Navi, whose computational speed also can only halfway keep up with the speed.

Nevertheless, it accelerates even rabid, runs faster and addition sounds better than its predecessor. Even this is all worth 3000 euros, with which the Ferrari facelift can pay. Oh, and economical the car is, of course, too: At least 15 percent of the developers estimate the fuel consumption advantage through the taboo with the turbo. But first, you have the leveled with two, three gas shocks again, and secondly interested in the apparently neither the customer nor the engineers. How important in a Ferrari actual consumption is, at the latest reveals the view of the on-board computer: There one seeks such information that is in vain.

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No plug-in cable. No electric mode. No range indicator. The 963-hp LaFerrari is the first purely performance-oriented hybrid sports car. Driving Report!

The double doors open wide to the front, the entry succeeds without major contortions.

The double doors open wide to the front, the entry succeeds without major contortions.

Maranello, Monday morning. Chance of rain 99 percent. Rainfall of 8.5 mm. Humidity 96 percent. Mood at the zero point. Short monologue as a spontaneous anti-depression therapy: The LaFerrari is also just a car, stability control creates that already, but you know the route, perhaps even hear it soon raining. Then the roller door rattles up and two headlights cast their glittering LED cone on the start-finish straight of the world sunset times-gray Ferrari test track. The chief tester Raffaele de Simone asks for a dance. Everywhere aquaplaning. “You have to go a slightly different line in Fiorano. And please stay away from Manettino (ESP controller).

All 499 LaFerrari have long since sold

The steering wheel is almost square, behind the large shift paddles for the DSG.

The steering wheel is almost square, behind the large shift paddles for the DSG.

The rudimentary seat of LaFerrari is permanently attached to the body, the adjustable pedals creates not enough space for extra long legs. The focus is 375 mm by 65 mm lower than the 458, with which the LaFerrari shares the wheelbase. The 60 mm lowered seat position changes the perception. The color TFT screen suddenly looks almost like a head-up display , for the first time almost square steering wheel turns right in front of the chest, the apex seeks and finds its space directly under the wing door. Because of the wide sill tapers forward, it needs to get in and out no contortionist training more. Nevertheless, the idea is to rein in 963 hp. In LaFerrari the combined torque of “more than 900 Nm” focused on the rear wheels. The match will warm quickly and are rapidly grip on, but change the driving behavior towards understeer.