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This car is different, as the name suggests. Therefore, we want the Citroen C4 Cactus also introduce different. Only with the head, then with the belly. The head says: How brave – or crazy – you have to be to baptize a car”Cactus”? But please, in that they have indeed exercise at Citroen . A year ago, only one study , the production model is available from September 2014 at the dealers: a five-door hatchback about the Gulf format, with a strong nose and knobby wheel arches like a SUV . It has something, mainly because the sting thing is all around wrapped in a kind of bubble wrap designed to protect against parking damage and basically appears in contrasting color. The fact is that people are watching. Who wants to play hide on the road, drives better golf .

Fact is also: The Cactus has almost as many quirks as spectators. There is no tachometer, no air vents on the passenger side rear vent windows and only in the back hardly more space than the small car. The old-fashioned engines deliver a maximum of 92 hp and only create the Euro 5 emissions standard, which is enough to cozy around gondolas. Nothing more.

Such flaws can be only partially excuse that Citroen plans to offer a simple, reduced car decelerates its buyers by limiting the essentials. Even decelerated happy about such a simple, obvious things like a split rear bench. As apparent customer friendliness quickly unmasked as naked savings glut. “Stop the nagging,” shouts the stomach. It starts with the fact that this 4.16-meter car quite fit into any category and seems to know no direct competitors.

The Citroen C4 Cactus is a car for individualists

The Cactus fulfills at least to some extent, which almost did not appear to imagine in the fully loaded car world: he is “unique” in a pack of his classmates unique. And that automatically moves into the fashion radar of such buyers who are looking for what Standalone or want in order to express their special taste. What somehow all want, and that it was for two relaxing summer. With its realistic costed 18,000 Euros (so expensive a halfway reasonable studded Cactus is) is not the checking and entry threshold at least in heart-breaking height. This fun you can treat yourself to time.

The Dynamic Kick’s more than 110 hp

For this you get a failed compact, which provides exactly going, what its makers promise: relaxed locomotion. The driver drops in a typical broad, rather soft padded seat and is not nor ever goaded by the engine of the instruments live out his wild five seconds. Only the new three-cylinder turbo with 110 hp (follows as of December 2014) to some extent provides those kick that the optics already offers them.

Ranking: Top three of the color combos

Which brings us automatically in the main, the fashionable question: what color? A first, of course, personal, individual and vulnerable ranking looks at place number three: red with black Airbumps . In second place: Lagoon Blue with gray bumpers. And right at the top: white with brown Airbumps. Which combination you find best? Vote!