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Chevrolet in New York its new fresh-air powerhouse unveiled: the Corvette Z06 Convertible. We are seated in an open 634-horsepower projectile.

Compared to the standard Corvette, the Z06 has not only more powerunder the hood, but also more fat on the hips. The front fenders on the 19-inch wheels are 50 mm wider, the rear fender 80 millimeters further issued on the 20-inch wheels than normal Corvette . All around pull carbon spoiler. Creates the impression of lightweight, what fools. The Z06 weighs about 1500 kilos, like us Chevrolet said. Also contributes to the Eaton supercharger, the new 6.2-liter “LT4” V8 engine under pressure. So the engine reaches 634 hp and a maximum torque of 861 Newton meters. The ordinary Corvette C7 Stingray had to be satisfied with 466 hp and 630 Nm.

The roof opens up to 50 km / h, which we unfortunately can not try. The engine remains off and the roof is folded behind the two seats. The seating position is usual deep. Nevertheless, the first step is easy, even with a size of 1.87 meters. The already open roof saves awkward contortions. The bucket seats with magnesium frame offer much lateral support, however, are only thinly padded. The same applies to the Alcantara steering wheel, which is certainly good in the hands, but could use more fabric for extra grip. It is shifted with the new 8-speed automatic transmission. Although the manual gearbox remains in the offer, but is left to us of the first rides with the normal Corvette bad memories.

The performance concealed Chevrolet as well as the final price of over-Vette. While the C7 Convertible costs 73,000 euros, will surely arise between 15,000 and 20,000 euros more for the Z06.