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They are as different as unique, each unique in its own way and yet somehow comparable: Three philosophies of British automotive culture in dynamic driving contest.

Normalerweise results in the field for a comparison of purely logical considerations. Newcomers meet their direct competitors, house heavy favorites to underdogs, the lone distant competitors, and those who have to fear is not a real environment, to those that are similar to them, at least in fighting weight or price. At the end of each comparison is in any case a common denominator based on which we build the struggle for measured values ​​and driving impressions – normally. But sometimes arise constellations whose subjects apparently so do not want to go together, but somehow have to be attractive, to make them non-aligned. Situations such as this one: Caterham Seven 485R, Bentley Continental GT Speed, Jaguar XFR-S. Three characters from British territory, each in its own way unique and together but a perfect trilogy of automotive eccentricities.

Jaguar Take, for example the Jaguar: appears to perhaps the “most normal” in this round, and yet somehow a rolling in style. In fact, he sees himself as sharpened performance model, visually and rocker in the precious thread, emotionally and cultured overdose. Here is his recipe differs in principle from the hardly make of the XKR-S. The supercharged V8 throws thanks to revised fuel supply, exhaust straightened pathways and new software 550 hp and 680 Nm. A firmer suspension passes the transverse force in extra-wide 20-inch wheels, while in its translation to the F-Type ajar steering converts the radii. So far all very tasty, you would have not a bit exaggerated with the body design.

Seven established, consolidated basic attitude is the second subject ahead of this round. Introducing: Caterham Seven 485R. 40-year-old Evergreen with formal immunity, representative of pure emptiness and ambassadors of a conviction, at times, since even a KTM X-Bow Clubsport together balanced 875 kg, seems believed dead by many. Why did you get the idea precisely in the Mecca of continuous drizzle, to worship a motorized sheet pan without doors, plate or heating? Drive times one, and you will perhaps understand …

Everything serves the sublimity

Bentley But also in Continental to get there at times somewhat undersized before, but this is more to the fact that he is a universe of its own is enough. And even if it anmutet superficial anew to praise laid by hand full leather package, the shag-area in the footwell or the baroque presentation of the instruments again and again, he would simply not adequately described without its establishment. Especially since the atmosphere also contributes decisively to the driving experience by allowing only through sound, what the loftiness serves. In other words, wind and rain stay outside the acoustic performance is due solely to the pounding W12, the padded depending on the gear stage or wafting in the best Riva boot style through the cockpit.

Specifications Bentley Caterham Jaguar
Motor W12 Biturbo R4 V8 compressor
Mounting position forward along forward along forward along
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 4 4 per cylinder / 2 4 per cylinder / 4
Capacity 5998 cm3 1999 cm3 5000 cm3
Bore and Stroke 84.0 x 90.2 mm 87.5 x 83.1 mm 92.5 x 93.0 mm
Compression 9.0: 1 13.0: 1 9.5: 1
kW (hp) at 1/min 460 (625) / 6000 176.5 (240) / 8500 405 (550) / 6000-6500
Specific Output 104 hp / l 120 hp / l 110 hp / l
Nm at 1/min 800/2000-4000 206/6300 680/2500-5500
Engine Wheel Rear wheel Rear wheel
Transmission 8-speed automatic 6-speed manual 8-speed automatic
Front brakes 405 mm / inner-vented 254 mm / inner-vented 380 mm / inner-vented
Rear brakes 335 mm / inner-vented 230 mm 376 mm / inner-vented
Wheel Size Front – Rear 9.5 x 21 6.0 x 13 to 8.0 x 13 9.0 x 20 to 10.5 x 20
Tire Size Front – Rear 275/35 ZR 21 175/55 R 13-205 / 55 R 13 265/35 ZR 20-295 / 30 ZR 20
Tyre Type Pirelli P Zero (BL) Avon CR500 Pirelli P Zero
Length / width / height 4806/1944/1394 mm 3380/1575/1090 mm 4966/1877/1460 mm
Wheelbase 2746 mm 2225 mm 2909 mm
Tank volume 90 l 36 l 70 l


Bentley Caterham and the framework for a comparison which can actually strictly speaking elect no real winner, but only real characters. The most extreme of which marked the Seven 485R, which does not even more can be pressed into common automotive grid due to its minimalist design. Half a star in everyday life, he reaps only because he is in this country fully approvable. No matter, after all he stands for driving pleasure without filter: up close, honest, direct, and from the feeling something like this, as if you herwedeln on the bare ground behind the pants completely wacky four-cylinder. The Bentley cultivated the other extreme, forges atmosphere where others only decorate mobilized sublime rather than simply allowed to hang out at the request of a sudden an athlete, the suspect would actually nobody in it. Expensive it is, its price but well worth it when you consider that a relatively one-dimensional CL 65 AMG times just a golf would be more costly. Similarly, it is also important to differentiate the Jaguar in its competitive environment. Lens, it is the poorer M5, but subjectively the better a jaguar. Consistently style brittle, yet consistent and despite all the violence in approach yet gentle.

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For just under 24,000 euros there is a new entry-level model from Caterham. The Seven 165 comes with a 80 hp “strong” three-cylinder turbocharged Suzuki at the start. First drive report.

Nearly 24,000 euro cost the new gateway drug for racing junkies of Caterham . To this must Seven 165 with a three-cylinder from the Suzuki Jimny get along. Instead of 64 hp as in the SUV, it is performing in English, thanks to turbocharging 80 hp and 107 Newton meters of torque. Enough for a power to weight ratio of 165 bhp per ton – way, the question would be settled after naming. For the 490 kg light exerts roadster with a body made ​​of aluminum and plastic in waiver: No airbags, no radio, not even a roof!

Back to old virtues

The three-cylinder Suzuki guaranteed thanks to turbocharging 80 hp and 107 Newton meters of torque.

The three-cylinder Suzuki guaranteed thanks to turbocharging 80 hp and 107 Newton meters of torque.

Although for 208 euro charge is a tonneau cover to have, but that makes decent boarding almost impossible. Even without it’s tough enough to climb into the Caterham. In the lightly padded and super tight leather seats (607 Euro) arrived, they getaway, to have saved 71 euros for a start-stop button. To outsiders, sees the arduous search for the ignition lock far back between the legs with gentle moans certainly suggestive of. No matter, everything that comes after turning the key, compensated for the hardships before: The 660 cubic centimeter engine roars like a big one. The thick Sidepipe left it blaring in the Japanese-English gibberish: Pedal to the Metal.

He needs no Soundmagement

The cockpit is pure renunciation: On board is only the bare necessities.

The cockpit is pure renunciation: On board is only the bare necessities.

So you push the pedal toward the front wall and wait for the kick in the back – in vain. Although the motor drives the needle quickly into the red speed range 7000-8000 rpm, but the powerful punch remains the more expensive sister models with significantly more horsepower withheld. Nevertheless, the 6.9 seconds for the sprint to 100 km afloat to feel. So close to the tarmacand with the wind in your hair, it quickly reminds you that it takes for fun no high-tech racing machines. 80 km / h are sufficient for a tingling sensation in my stomach and a smile on his face. Who cares since when at 161 km / h is already closing?

Each gear change on the crisp manual five-speed gearbox, the excess compressed air the turbo whistles through the blow-off valve. Yes, even a three-cylinder, after racing sound, even without a sound management as the BMW i8 . The direct steering and the hard landing gear can be the driver with the road merge ensure unadulterated driving pleasure. The left arm hangs casually over the side – for some freedom of movement remains the best door at home. The small Momo steering wheel directs the freestanding front wheels glorious exactly in the ideal line and one is tempted to shout: “Electronic helpers, we do not need you!” Until it rains. Then the Caterham lurches like a drunken ice skaters. Specification Caterham Seven 165: three-cylinder turbo petrol engine • 5-speed manual transmission • 80 hp • 0 – 100 km / h. 6.9 s • Top speed: 161 km / h • consumption (ECE): 4.9 liters • CO2 emissions : 114 g / km • Fuel : Super • Dimensions: 3380mm/1580mm/1118mm • Price: from 23,795 euros.


The three-cylinder turbo is lively and frugal 4.9 liter average fuel consumption. Anyone who appreciates rootedness at Caterham and for a affordable wants to have fun starting price on winding country roads, is well advised with the new base engine. The general question of practicality is done in bad weather or when placed in steep driveways.