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The BMW Group has extended its partnership with Samsung on their relationship for the provision of batteries. This partnership was signed in Seoul July 15, 2014. Samsung will provide the BMW Group batteries for BMW i3, BMW i8 and future hybrid models. The important parts of this new partnership are to increase the quantities delivered in the medium term, in response to the growing demand of electric mobility vehicles.


Dr. Klaus Drager, Purchasing and supplies, “Our partnership with Samsung SDI is a good example of the success of our German-Korean cooperation in innovative technologies. The battery is a key component in all electric vehicles. We chose Samsung SDI because it offers the best available technology. ”

Sang-Jin Park, CEO of Samsung SDI: “I am very proud that Samsung SDI supports the success of the BMW i3 and i8. The decision in 2009 to choose the lithium-ion battery for Samsung SDI i BMW models was good for both companies. In addition, the BMW vehicles will be equipped with technology Samsung SDI. This partnership with BMW demonstrates confidence in the technology and the capacity of mass Samsung. “

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The first souped-up BMW X4 has now been discovered in the showroom of BMW Abu Dhabi Motors. Almost simultaneously with the announced for July 2014 launch. Equipment features: M Sports package, big wheels, sports exhaust.

The official launch of the brand new BMW X4 will start in a few days. Demonstration vehicles and the vehicles that are immediately before delivery, are already at the dealers . So it probably comes into being also, that the first slightly souped-up BMW X4 is already at the start. The photos were taken in the showroom of BMW Abu Dhabi Motors and show a white X4 xDrive35i with the M Sport package, supercharged three-liter six-cylinder engine and 306 hp.

The assembled 21-inch wheels are not part of the BMW X4 provided equipment . Also a significant difference to the BMW program: the vierflutige exhaust system. In the photos is the logo of the tuner Kelleners Sport easy to recognize. The hitherto most powerful versions X4 xDrive35i cost with M Sports package with us over 60,000 euros. The significantly lower entry-level models start at 46,100 euros.



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BMW sends the new X6 into the race. Lightweight and economical, but still extremely handsome fresh SUV coupe comes – and with the M-Power. All information and prices!

In fact there are enough reason to rest on our laurels. Nearly 250,000 times – especially in China and the U.S. – the first ridiculed SUV coupe sold BMW X6 worldwide. However, for the creator of a new genre, the BMW Sports Activity Coupé even called, emerged with the Mercedes MLC a competitor on the horizon. And so the Bayern revised their 2008-born eccentric for a second generation. Discreet but recognizable with new prospects

Visually, the BMW X6 is based on the base-brother X5 . At the front only make large air inlets the difference, the tail was clearly harmonized in comparison to the predecessor model. Externally barely visible are various aerodynamic improvements. They contribute to the reduction of the average consumption of officially up to 22 percent compared to the first generation. Also responsible for this are a weight reduction of up to 40 kilos (depending on version) and some technical subtleties. So the standard eight-speed automatic transmission 50-160 km / h decoupled thanks to the sailing function when the driver neither gas nor brakes are. The result: the X6 slides without engine drag torque and with a minimum consumption then.

But who cares about the BMW X6 has the consumption? Much more important are the Dynamicist the drives. For the launch in December 2014 are available: a 450-hp and 4.4-liter V8 petrol engine (up 43 horsepower) with a maximum torque of 650 Nm in the BMW X6 xDrive50i; Sprint to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds, and 9.7 l consumption, 225 g CO2/km. For this, a straight six-cylinder diesel (258 hp) in the xDrive30d and a further six-cylinder with triple-turbo (three-liter, 381 hp, 740 Nm, 6.6 l consumption, sprint in 5.2 seconds, electronically governed at 250 km / h) in sporting M50d. In the spring of 2015, yet the new xDrive35i (306 hp) and the xDrive40d follow (313 hp).

Inside promise modifications at 4909 mm long, 1989 mm wide and 1702 mm high flat roof SUV more space. Also in the trunk, the maximum in folded down rear seat with 1525 liters 75 liters more volume offers than before. The tailgate can be opened by remote control without contact, by pressing a button or with sensors under the rear. As usual, is also a top priority for the X6 second generation security, without sacrificing driving pleasure. The BMW xDrive is also standard on board as the security package Driving Assistant. Optionally available include LED headlights , a night vision system, an autopilot for low speed in traffic jams and congested traffic and a parking assistant. This helps in the search for a parking space and maneuvered the car then automatically push of a button a.

Head-up display with lots of information

And of course, multimedia high-tech vehicle is not too short – thanks to a 10.25-inch instrument displays and a head-up display, which is not just driving information windscreen projected, but also phone contacts or the entertainment program with more than 24 million music tracks . A permanently installed SIM card helps with office needs, using the BMW ConnectedDrive system that can Smartphone and various apps are used.

Price list starts at 66,150 Euros

Also a price list has been published BMW. As a basic tariff Bayern call (63,200 euros predecessor) for the X6 xDrive35i (from spring) 66.150 Euros. The lowest diesel xDrive30d with 66,650 euros (62,500) only slightly more expensive. The powerful petrol engine xDrive50i is available from 82,500 euro (80,800). The BMW X6 M50d starts at 87,300 euros (86,700). The M-Sport package with aerodynamic package, double-spoke design, chrome mirrors and sports atmosphere in the cockpit costs from 5600 euros. His debut is the new BMW X6 in all probability in October in Paris .

BMW X6 (2014): Specifications and Prices
Model Performance Combined consumption Price
BMW X6 xDrive35i * 225 kW/306 hp 8.6 to 8.5 l/100 km 66.150 EUR
BMW X6 xDrive50i 330 kW/450 hp 9.7 l/100 km 82,500 €
BMW X6 xDrive30d 190 kW/258 hp 6.0 l/100 km 66,650 €
BMW X6 xDrive40d * 230 kW/313 hp 6.3 to 6.2 l/100 km 71,850 €
BMW X6 xDriveM50d 280 kW/381 hp 6.6 l/100 km 87,300 €
* = Probably ordered from Spring 2015

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BMW M4 Cabriolet takes the line of convertible BMW 4 (line cut hooded incredibly dynamic configuration) and belongs to the family of models M3/M4. The exterior mirrors have a double base look, wheel arches front and rear flared, and the wheels are lightweight alloy from 18 to 19 inches.

BMW M4 Cabriolet has a rigorous and intelligent lightweight construction CFRP (plastic reinforced by carbon fibers), lightweight and rigid material. The retractable hardtop is three elements, enjoying a sound insulation for winter outings. It takes 20 seconds to open the roof and the hood can be opened while driving at speeds up to 18 km / h.

The engine is six cylinder in-line at high speed with the technology M TwinPower Turbo. Power is 431 hp. 0 to 100 km / h 4.4 seconds is reached. Consumption is between 8.7 to 9.1 l/100 km, with emissions between 203 to 213 g / km.

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For 30 of the M5, BMW has an exclusive model designed from the fifth generation (F10) . BMW M5 “30 Jahre M5” (30 years of M5) will be produced in a limited edition of 300 copies the world. Power pass 560ch 6 00 hp and maximum torque is 700 Nm This special model is simply the most powerful ever output channels BMW. The 0-100 km / h run in 3.9 seconds.

Finally the equipment inside rebuke several program options BMW Individual to improve comfort and overall performance. Carbon-ceramic brakes are also fitted as standard. This BMW M5 30th birthday made ​​a very desirable collector’s item for fans of BMW.

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BMW makes the 3 Series with a reasonable effort of 4 Gran Coupe. The design is successful, the prices are higher than the 3 Series. Driving Report!

Schon good, the car is called 4-Gran Coupe is technically but of course a 3 Series. With the 4-Gran Coupe BMW tries to repeat , what a class worked more perfectly. There probably the most beautiful BMW is currently with the 6 Series Gran Coupe, with technology from the 5er, ever created. And, clear case, the 4- Gran Coupé is similarly successful as the big brother. Great proportions, nose far pulled down, long bonnet, flat, elongated structure, crisp tail – the whole works powerfully and modern. Pretty as a picture.

Rear headroom is limited

Front sitting deep, noticeably lower than in the 3 Series saloon, close to the road. Also in the rear it’s actually quite comfortable – except for the noticeably limited headroom. The rear seat has BMW designed as a two-seater with two deep alcoves, in the middle between there is an additional place. And under the always electrically opening tailgate is a decent trunk with 480 liters volume, the same size as in the 3 Series sedan and thus 35 liters larger than the two-door coupe. Taking the split folding rear backrest (series) fit 1300 liters pure.

As the two-door is the Gran Coupe to a wider track than the sedan, is fed and attention on the road. He Darts t corresponding to energetically around the corner, very agile and precise steering. A pleasure. For the first exit of the 428i was available with the 2.0-liter under the hood, we know from various other BMW. The strong, lively 245-horsepower engine we can not really blame a lot, in terms of performance, anyway. Sound default, but already – despite all the effort that BMW has given obvious. The four-cylinder sounds rough to hoarse-pithy, makes at high revs some noise. Not bad at all. But the six-cylinder we can not just forget anyway.

It starts at 35,750 Euros

In addition to the 428i (41,100 euros) are two other petrol engines: 420i with 2.0-liter four-cylinder and 184 hp for 35,750 euros and the 435i with 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder and 306 hp for 47,800 euros. In addition, there are four diesel available: 418d with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and 143 hp for 37,000 euros, 420d with 184 hp, 39,200 EUR, 430d with 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine and 258 hp for 49,000 euros and 435d with 313 hp for 54,300 euros. The great ZF eight-speed automatic (from 430d series) costs 2150 euros extra charge and is generally highly recommended. Oh, the 6 we are with our opinion of the way, not alone: ​​60 percent are now delivered as Gran Coupe. Could the 3 Series, ähhmm, 4 happen.

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VW plans to climb, BMW embarks on national level. From 2016 Tiguan and X1 are so dangerously close back onto the tin. A preview.

Die Wolfsburg looking as opponents prefer the finest car manufacturers of the world. X1 heranrobbt So also with the upcoming Tiguan, the closely located almost impertinent to the BMW. But the program has been thought provoking parallels. In addition to the standard models, both manufacturers are planning their SUV with extra-long wheelbase and optional seven seats as plug-in hybrid , as an SUV coupé with two or four doors and a sports model with four-cylinder turbo.

On the Golf VII Platform, the Tiguan stretched direction BMW

VW sets the Tiguan from 2016 to the modern base of the Golf VII – which brings more space, 60 to 80 pounds less weight, ten to 15 percent lower consumption, lower manufacturing costs and a more intensive networking of the series. With the two weakest engines in the Tiguan is a pure front-wheel drive, the two most powerful engines always drive with four-wheel, in between there is a choice. As of July 2016, the Tiguan will be available to the drive train of the Gulf GTE as a plug-in hybrid. Is coupled double on request, in conjunction with the two-liter models. A Tiguan R is possible, but has not yet been lashed. The stretching in the direction BMW also illustrates the significantly upgraded technology. In addition to a variable progressive steering a draw: adaptive damper with additional dynamic mode (DCC), “Dynamic Light Assist” with Headlights and a High-Beam Assistant, optional LED headlights, “Front Assist” with environment monitoring, City Emergency Braking and pedestrian recognition, parking assistant for along- and transverse park, Ausparkassistent, “Emergency Assist” with brake intervention lane departure.

More space in the X1 brings the long-wheelbase variant

The drive has three different four-wheel-drive modes (“Street”, “offroad”, “Snow”), Trailer Rangierassistent, “Area View II” with reversing camera, top-view camera and two side front cameras for splitscreen representation junctions and a Head up display . Also, the X1 takes for the season 2016 important changes. So in future he uses the Mini platform with front wheel drive. This makes the Bavarian adventurer lighter and more compact, because the engines are mounted transversely and the propeller shaft is omitted – except of course in the models with all-wheel drive . The entschlackte and still verwindungsfestere X1-body divides fundamental technology with the new mini SUV. The X1 however, we will for the first time with two different wheelbases experience . Around ten more inches Wheelbase mean more spacious and more freedom in the individual room layout. Different approaches are VW and BMW at the so-called SUV coupe. While the Tiguan CC relies on four doors that dispenses X2 coupe in favor of a sportier lines on the practical rear doors. We’ll see where the buyers put their priorities.

The design of the Model F48 (X1, both wheelbases) and F47 (X2) has a less homespun than before, the material quality is a whole class of high-quality , the iDrive operating concept is optimized in many ways. Of course, BMW offers for the new crossover a similarly wide range of assistance systems like the competition.

With the M-versions takes BMW, Audi and Mercedes to

In terms of plug-in hybrid, the 136-hp 1.5-liter three-cylinder seems the larger and heavier four-cylinder to outdo. The disc-shaped electric motor is housed in the bell housing. Instead of the ZF automatic Munich want the medium to offer a dual-clutch transmission from Aisin, also with eight speeds. The new X1 reflecting the trend toward downsizing bill – entry-level engine is a future three-cylinder . At the other end of the PS spiral screw the M GmbH. Because the inline six-cylinder engine fails as a cross, working in Garching with high pressure at a around 375 hp two-liter twin-turbo four-cylinder, which the GLA 45 AMG and the in X1M and X2M Audi Q3 RS should defy. A X1/X2 M28i with 313 hp might as M Performance range then close the very last gap in the palette.


VW and BMW, which were used to be two different worlds. But the two brands closer to each other in a rush to – BMW about the new front-wheel drive technology, VW on increasingly sophisticated technology. And with new models also want to Alfa Romeo, Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes and Range Rover mitnaschen the crossover cake.

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Conservative classic or bold-modern – which has always been important in Clothing questions wins also on auto important. The other emphasizes the BMW 5 Series GT calls the fresh E-Class station wagon to a duel. A question of style – and more.

In small piece belief always drives with the combination of the E-Class . The large cargo ship is traditionally the luxury truck, is considered prestige bombers and travel specialist. This mixture expensive to buy aware of conviction – you need fashion motif no. Who says T, puts on modern, but trend-free. And now comes BMW , lures with the new, the particular. The stylish 5-series GT makes everything different – but is nevertheless an all-rounder. Travel pack with luxury caress as the large T? Creates the variable Gran Turismo also. Additionally it has a tailgate with complex dichotomy beckons with princely space – and, of course, with typical BMW driving experience. Good for this new blend to its own philosophy? GT instead of T? More than a question of style.

When the topic of driving pleasure BMW demonstrates that Gran Turismo does not have to automatically stand for dignified distance travel. The 5 Series is namely also different. Ragged and willing Bavarian chunks does exactly what the driver wants. Approximately 2.2 tons of love handles hidden 530d GT casual under an adaptive suspension, including an active stabilizer (3,000 euros) and a steering with variable ratio (1750 euros). Only clean straight run does not work. The 200 kg lighter E-Class is likewise not an inert guy who Stuttgarter combination shows curves but more body roll, pushes in tight turns earlier over the front wheels. Nevertheless deceptive sporting (re) appearance of the BMW. So is the 5 Series GT its least 14 more hp not in improved performance to. Example Sprint: Up Tempo 100 there is still a tie, then the BMW even takes the Mercedes-tenths tenths off. At the same time the E attracts 350 of them in the draft. This can prevent neither the sparkling twisted to line engine of the 5 Series still perfectly working eight-speed automatic transmission.

The E-Class Estate outclassed the 5-series GT in volume and variability

Especially since the V6 Mercedes purrs quietly, more than in the prior chugs a bit tart. Above all, the CDI runs much more economical and takes on our test lap almost 1.3 liters less. Although he is even at a higher speed level road. At 100 kph in top gear are in contrast to the BMW (1300 turns tours in eighth gear) comparatively excited at 300 revolutions more – a world in diesel cosmos. Just lie whole suitcase between the two when it comes to workhorse qualities. This refers not only to bare volume values ​​- with up to 1950 liters of cargo space to 1700 liters maximum outclassed the E-Class the 5 Series GT . The variability in BMW’s works also hardly. The luggage compartment increases only when the backrests of the rear bench while the two back wall panels are laid flat – awkward, stiff and time consuming. Worse:. Bayer is cluttered like a beer truck backwards Like so anything can go, shows the airy cut T-model . With a handle, the rear bench is flat, from the sill to the backrest of the front seats are 1.97 meters length. What does not fit here, swallow only VW buses. Pace and transport tasks speak for the T – BMWs are about strengths in comfort? Not necessarily. Feels like there is a tie. Although the BMW springs gently and by far (in his position Comfort air suspension even too gentle and too far). Transverse joints or manhole cover edges he does not like it. Often, a fine tremor annoying by the car, which is annoying in the long run going. This happens not the Mercedes, but pushes his front axle insensitive bumps, and rough waves it does not appear gentle enough one. But that is bitching at a high level, both nestle sovereign to the road, cross-country trails are a pleasure. With a small caveat: The BMW is missing in the driver’s footwell width, the pilot sits slightly screwed, so need more of a break. Quite contrary to the rear passengers, the slouch extremely relaxed on the leveling pads. Even the rest angle can be adjusted. Overall, the spoiled 5 Series GT but not with more luxury, heated seats and leather upholstery, for example, cost the same as a rich charge in the Mercedes. The traditionally leading the pack when it comes to security. Also this time. Because in addition to “Pre-Safe” (for the accident, the straps tight, the seat backs provide upright) offers the Model T also knee airbag and fatigue warning “Attention Assist”. The läppert – and sounds like typical Mercedes surcharge. But far from it. Equipped Comparable costs of 5er GT over 4000 euros more than the T-model. We suspect a designer surcharge.

Vehicle data BMW Mercedes
Motor Six-cylinder, turbo, front along V6 Turbo longitudinally front
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 2 4 per cylinder / 4
Camshaft drive Chain Chain
Capacity 2993 cc 2987 cc
kW (hp) at 1/min 180 (245) / 4000 170 (231) / 3800
Nm at 1/min 540/1750 540/1600
Vmax 240 km / h 240 km / h
Transmission Eight-speed automatic Seven-speed automatic
Drive Rear-wheel drive Rear-wheel drive
Brakes, front / rear Discs / discs Discs / discs
Test car tires 245/45-275/40 R 19 Y 225/55 R 16 V
Wheel Size 8,5 – 9,5 x 19 “ 7.5 x 16 “
Exhaust CO2 173 g / km 192 g / km
Consumption * 8,1 / 5,6 / 6,5 l 9.4 / 6.1 / 7.3 l
Tank 70 l / Diesel 80 l / Diesel
Pass-by noise 69 dB (A) 71 dB (A)
Trailer load sh. / Ungebr. 2100/750 kg 2100/750 kg
Boot volume 440-1700 l 695-1950 l
* City / highway / total 100 km

Readings BMW Mercedes
0-50 km / h 2.3 s 2.4 s
0-100 km / h 7.0 s 7.0 s
0-130 km / h 11.6 s 11.1 s
Intermediate sprint
60-100 km / h 4.0 s 3.9 s
80-120 km / h 5.0 s 4.7 s
Kerb weight / payload 2132/458 kg 1934/566 kg
Weight distribution v. / h 48/52% 52/48%
Turning circle left / right 12.0 / 12.0 m 11.3 / 11.6 m
Braking distance
from 100 km / h cold 36.4 m 36.3 m
from 100 km / h hot 35.7 m 36.1 m
Interior noise
at 50 km / h 55 dB (A) 54 dB (A)
at 100 km / h 64 dB (A) 64 dB (A)
at 130 km / h 69 dB (A) 68 dB (A)
Test consumption – CO2 9.0 l D – 239 g / km 7.7 l D – 204 g / km
Range 770 km 1040 km

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Against five-door coupe, sedan and a Mercedes? Clear! Because even if the compact newcomer dress different, they are rooted technically but in the same segment.

Before you now resort to verbal stick and hold that we recently sprinkle comparisons across through body spectrum, advance a few words in support. First, the big brands want not different in principle. After all, they were the ones who suddenly came up with the idea to throw their lower middle class in a wide variety of dishes, rather than as usual drill three and five doors. Second, the body forms while likely to vary wildly, but the core remains largely the same. Should read: Under the sedan dress S3 entrenched technically nothing more than the hatchback version; the BMW M235i can safely be understood as driving dynamic continuation of the M135i, while the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG looks like a sedan , itself a coupe holds and the end is a reworked five-door hatchback.

BMW M235i That it is still sometimes worthwhile to expand the compact knitting pattern shows mainly the new BMW M235i, which finally may even look as if two-door, as he is actually running. Even the crisp proportioned coupe line is reminiscent of the best days of BMW, the standard M-cosmetics does the rest. Mischbereifte 18-inch, black bechromte tailpipes, plus discreet spoilers and a touch of rear diffuser, which defused the somewhat moppeligen butt at least towards the bottom. Technically, the Coupe is already beyond doubt: sport suspension with adaptive, compared to the M135i again stiffer damper characteristics, newly tuned DSC; of foot commanded a wide-awake Reihensechser with 326 hp and 450 Newton meters, the hand leads one of the best gearbox in the world, while shatter-proof stopper upset the pace before a variable sports steering with a tight response and stiffer guide zirkelt the radii.

Mixture of philistines and athletes

VW Golf R is also the Golf R has put on sportsmanship, which one can hardly believe it at first glance, however. He remains faithful as his five-door wardrobe Sole, also bends down over the Group’s policy, according to which he his technique with the S3 has to share, and yet slips into the role of small Revoluzzers. But first things first: Apparently served VW once more the familiar cross between bourgeois and recreational athletes. Hang-on-wheel of the latest-generation 2.0-liter TSI with 300 PS and 380 Newton meters, ploppiges six-speed gearbox, smooth progressive steering, sport brake in the 340-mm-format front, optional 19-inch (1,000 euros) and also charge-requiring Adaptivfahrwerk (1000 €) whose vote should really cover of cobbles to Fuchsröhre everything, but tend to be rather preferred the latter.

Audi S3 sedan to the Audi contrast, things are more like the finer things in life car. Not only that, he dresses as a sedan and thus from the outset something set; he indulges the possibility of more upmarket appearance. For example, in the form of its LED-framed headlights graphics, the spoiler accents again decent set or obviously in the cockpit , which with aluminum decorations, a piano lacquer and fine (!) plastics quite impressively showcases where the extra cost for golf hidden.

Priced plays the CLA in a league of its own

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG The AMG it falls even harder to justify its tariff. Mercedes-impact way, performance award from, who is vying extra cost to buyer with around 20,000 euros, which should be able to perform effective stimuli in the field. According aufgebrezelt the test car finally focussing on. Thus we find in secret almost anything currently out puts the performance-drawer surcharge: AMG suspension with 20 percent stiffer set-up, 19-inch wheels, sports exhaust system, Vmax boost and peeled sports seats including the associated leather and Alcantara upholstery valance . hörigem leather and Alcantara wheel. Plenty of equipment, but one that also causes much. Especially acoustically pulls the little Rambo all the stops: tubes, shoot, hammer, bubble; times solo, sometimes all together. Hard Rock from four pipes? No, this already sounds more like the very finest Heavy Metal.

Specifications Audi BMW Mercedes VW
Motor R4, Turbo R6 Turbo R4, Turbo R4, Turbo
Mounting position Mounted transversely forward along Mounted transversely Mounted transversely
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 2
Capacity 1984 cm3 2979 cm3 1991 cm3 1984 cm3
Bore and Stroke 82.5 x 92.8 mm 84.0 x 89.6 mm 83.0 x 92.0 mm 82.5 x 92.8 mm
Compression 9.3: 1 10.2: 1 8.6: 1 9.3: 1
kW (hp) 221 (300) 240 (326) 265 (360) 221 (300)
Specific Output 151 hp / l 109 hp / l 181 hp / l 151 hp / l
Nm at 1/min 380/1800-5500 450/1300-4500 450/2250-5000 380/1800-5500
Engine Wheel Rear wheel Wheel Wheel
Transmission 6-speed dual clutch 6-speed manual 6-speed dual clutch 6-speed manual
Wheel size, front / rear 8 x 19 7.5 x 18-8 x 18 8 x 19 8 x 19
Tyre Type Continental Sport Contact 5P Michelin Pilot Super Sport (*) Dunlop Sport Maxx RT (MO) Bridgestone Potenza RE050
Length / width / height 4469/1796/1392 mm 4454/1774/1408 mm 4691/1777/1416 mm 4276/1790/1436 mm
Wheelbase 2631 mm 2690 mm 2699 mm 2632 mm
Tank volume 55 l 52 l 56 l 55 l
Price test car 44,130 € 44 510 EUR 63 875 EUR 41,225 €


Whether one sees it as more versatile continuation of the 1 Series M Coupé, as resharpened M135i or simply as Fahrdynamiker good old school, does not matter. Fact: The M235i celebrates joy of driving as honest and direct as currently no other BMW. Since even the Golf R has to fit, for his part, also strongly put on charm and agility and the milder flavored S3 clearly holds so at a distance. In between we find the CLA who poses driving dynamics, emotional, but unfortunately also priced very high.

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The BMW i8 presents itself as an innovative eco-super sports. What can the 126,000-euro plug-in hybrid, shows the first drive report!

The hinged door swings elegantly into Hab-eight-position, but take place needs to be practiced: Turn duck, the Po balancing over the sill and let slipping down. The bucket seat is amazingly comfortable, the narrow foot space big enough for long legs. Welcome to the BMW i8 ! Unusually for a mid-engined sports car: front of the rear axle there are two jump seats that are expected of only children because of the steep back. The trunk is short, a total of 154 liters take little more than weekend luggage. The hatch just behind the combustor is only good for heat-resistant utensils. For driver and front passenger is the i8 an airy space capsule with familiar operation: start-stop button, iDrive controller, driving experience switch, push-button parking brake, joystick on the transmission tunnel – all known. New is the eDrive button: pressure, and the dynamic range display, flanked by various graphics and additional information that comes to the blue colored foreground. As of now, the drive is not only on a diet, but also heating and air conditioning .

2.1 liter fuel consumption – according to data sheet

Great show: Doors for the gig on the boulevard. Getting in is still not easy.

Great show: Doors for the gig on the boulevard. Getting in is still not easy.

We slide into the driving programs eDrive and Comfort through the suburbs like a paper boat in the flow: feather seemingly neutral energy, felt. Up to 30 km / h i8 an artificially generated noise train pulls behind him, which sounds like a turbine and pedestrians to warn. In eDrive mode, the part-time electricity goes under ideal conditions 37 kilometers solely on electric power or a maximum of 120 km / h. If the batteries are almost empty (or during kickdown), then the Nitro switched to. No tuned lawnmower engine, but a halved six-cylinder. With 231 hp and 320 Nm of torque from just 1.5 liters, the turbocharged’s three-cylinder an ingenious Bavarian motors plant: according to BMW in 4.4 seconds to 100 km / h top speed limited to 250 km / hr. Official EU consumption. 2.1 l/100km consumption values ​​What we have identified in our first exit, check AUTO BILD 18/2014 (already on April 30 at the kiosk).

All-wheel drive without mechanical coupling

The operation is not a problem, all-digital instruments for BMW drivers.

The operation is not a problem, all-digital instruments for BMW drivers.

To feel the unbridled 362 hp system output, the index finger the driving experience switch flicks instinctively in the sport mode. Only now manual shifting is possible, accelerator pedal commands are executed ratzfatz, the full boost effect is ready – 131 hp instead of 102 hp peak continuous power. Faster switching, a more direct steering ID and stiffer dampers complete the driving dynamics measures. Weaknesses? The start-up kick start the traffic light might look fallbeilartiger, the turning circle is too large, at 12.3 meters, the e-steering tendency when turning very slightly, to cover the steering angle. That’s about it, because in the main disciplines are the i8 no nakedness. Impressive the interaction of the “all-wheel drive” that requires no mechanical connection between the front and rear axle. The progressive working brake does not change during recuperation even in the ABS control range the pedal feel. With the optional 42-liter tank (Series: 30 liters) never comes range anxiety on, even with the knife between the teeth are more than 400 kilometers possible. 126,000 € costs the basic model, around 140,000 euros the full version with full leather, head-up display , sound system and metallic paint. A lot of money for a limited everyday use creed – but almost paid in relation to hybrid athletes like LaFerrari , McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder . yet more impressions of the BMW i8 – and what he really consumed – read since April 30 AUTO IMAGE 18/2014!