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“We still have sharpened our great sports sedan,” said Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, member of the Management Board of Audi AG responsible for Technical Development. “The new Audi S8 more significantly gained power and is in the firmament of sport performance in its segment. That is why it bears the name S8 more.”

The design is lightweight with a body almost entirely of aluminum. The chassis includes adaptive air sport suspension and dynamic steering. The wheels are 21 “. Its sporty look is also manifested through its design: Rear spoiler, ends on the side air intakes and the blade on the front grille of carbon, sports exhaust system with two twin oval exhaust exits on the left and on the right.

It is equipped with Audi Matrix LED lights, the mood lighting, a keyless entry, automatic trunk opening by sensor, a full leather interior pack, a pack Alcantara, a assisted door locks and a DVD / CD player.

Plus 2015 Audi S8

Plus 2015 Audi S8

The engine is the 4.0 TFSI V8 biturbo engine with a power of 605 hp and maximum torque of 700 Nm. The 100 km / h is reached in 3.8 sec and has a top speed of 250 km / h, may be raised to 305 km / h Optional (dynamic pack). Changes to this engine are: special control of motor speed and boost pressure to the modification of the exhaust valves, turbo geometry was optimized. Dynamic package includes carbon ceramic brakes and calipers with charcoal gray, Audi ceramic logo and a sport exhaust system.

It will be available in late November from € 168,300.

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How goes the 525 hp favorite Audi A3 clubsport quattro? AUTO BILD has made the strongest A3 of all time to the test.

Downsizing, hybrid or even electric drive : Challenged by increasingly stringent CO2 limits are the entire automotive industry is greener than ever. The whole automotive industry? Not at all. The authorities responsible for everything Sporty, Sharp and Fast Audi quattro GmbH, developer of reason have indulged in a little time out and put in a few hours, a blue car on the wheels, as well in the time fits like a cream cake to the diet – and therefore as desirable is: A3 clubsport quattro is called the magnetic-blue, which is now to prove his true qualities at a first exit on the racetrack.

So pure, the strap beautifully drawn into the surprisingly soft and wide leather chair tightly and pressed the red button next to the steering wheel spokes, which attracts the right thumb as magical. Then a sound wave rocked the Bavarian province that the ground shakes under your feet and a few kilometers further wiggle the hops. It announces itself here but only a modest five-cylinder to the service, which we know from all sorts of Audi models for years. Modesty? Well, probably not. For in its latest extension of the 2.5-liter engine also has the last manners and stored it up even more Muckis. Where, for example, in the TT RS with 360 hp conclusion blows him a larger turbo with a maximum of 1.5 bar now insane 525 hp and lupft the peak of the torque curve times just to 600 Nm. As seen with other companies, models such as the BMW M 235i with its 326 hp or 360 hp Mercedes CLA 45 AMG suddenly out pretty good and honest.

No wonder, then, that the sedan which shoots, as if she had suddenly the Lambo in the body: its hot song from lust sings During the five-cylinder with its own unique rhythm to the performance and the two gun barrels in LEO2 format called together with the exhaust an angry snort penetrates, the A3 is on a collision course with the horizon and pulverized also the ultimate prejudice of the stuffy saloon. If the 275er rolls pack so right on the 21-inch wheels and the show car catapulted in 3.6 seconds from zero to 100, no later then you should have taken the crocheted toilet paper roll from the rear shelf – otherwise they could possibly a kickdown the rear window by beat, so explosive feels in this car driving at.

Only at Tempo 310 is the end

But unlike an explosion will come to an end of the tour de force here hardly. Faster and faster and faster, the blue flounder and leaves almost everything behind what Audi otherwise provides to the wheels. 250 km / h are for the clubsport a breeze, at 280 km / h depends on the RS 6 and when at 310 km / h then it out is over, you have to let only pull the RS 7 and the R8. Compact? No. Class!

Airbrake helps when braking

The braking protruding from the rear airbrake to reduce speed from 250 the distance to a stop at twelve meters.

The braking protruding from the rear airbrake to reduce speed from 250 the distance to a stop at twelve meters.

So uplifting the frenzy on a long straight is so terrifying experience the first corner. Not because the car would make any funny business there. On the contrary, he directs even a comparatively sensitive. The coilover suspension keeps clean consultation with the asphalt and the variable torque distribution four-wheel drive does the rest for a quick, clean line. But you scared because darkens the first step in the ferrous behind the car to me nothing you nothing of the sky. But this effect is not evidence of the apocalypse, are now fulfilling prophecy climate critics with so much foolishness again. Especially as the Quattro troupe has pushed the CO2 emissions of a fierce battle after all below 200 g / km. But what a view because the obstructed by the rear view mirror, is the so-called Airbrake perpendicular arises when braking from the rear lid in the wind and to reduce speed from 250 the distance to a stop at twelve meters.

Standstill is a foreign word

But stop, which is a foreign concept in this car. Hardly makes the curve, also the foot lowers back on the accelerator, the sedan is just opened, the dual-clutch snaps the next course of seven courses in and accompanied by the angry screws under the hood and the small explosions in the tail pipe pulls the clubsport unperturbed its orbit.

It takes only a few rounds, then drive the show car in a frenzy.

It takes only a few rounds, then drive the show car in a frenzy.

Kick Down and dashing start, with screeching tires through the chicanes, intermediate sprints up to the rev limiter and over again on the brakes until a the Airbrake blocks the view. It takes only a few rounds, then drive the show car in a frenzy and expects every second so that one of the range radio calls to order back in the box and a developer there. Because usually the million dollar individual pieces are flat but made ​​just for show and not for the track. That one, however, with this A3 round can turn round and eventually moved only to look at the rapidly falling fuel gauge to return, for a simple reason: The within three months of a normal S3 derived blue man is already on the way to the series and stands next spring – but in the dress of the Sportback, without Airbrake and probably with about 100 hp less – than a new RS 3 in Geneva.

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Abbot makes the smallest sedan from Audi is beautiful: With 370 hp and a top speed of 265 km / h from S3 so right.

As the pulse rate increases. With a specially developed control unit drives tuner Abt the 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine from the Audi S3 sedan to peak performance. The pacemaker of the Kempten pumps the TFSI engine from 300 to 370 hp. The torque increases from 380 to 460 Newton meters. Thus, the S mutated at least on the data sheet almost to RS , which will be, however, equipped with a five-cylinder. Until then, the smallest sedan from Ingolstadt coming in its strongest version of Dept. Unless other tuners pull and still grab it one.

What’s new?

A new rear spoiler would indeed give the stage a martial appearance, but would be quite prollig. Therefore, it leaves abbot in the coherent-sporty design of Ingolstadt. With lowered suspension, side skirts and rear diffuser S3 sedan acts already strong and aggressive from the factory. To enhance there by Abbot for 3490 Euro 19-inch wheels in Gun-metal finish and tires with the dimensions 225/35 R 19 In addition, Abt-door entry lights, floor mats and valve caps as well as discreet sticker betrayed in the exterior mirrors with standard aluminum housing that the Kempten-based hand have created.

So she goes to

Getting in, take a seat on the custom-fit sports seats, press the start button and immediately the driving modesset “Dynamic”: Only then blasts the 2.0-liter TFSI with a resonance tube for bulkhead wonderfully into the cockpit. To enjoy the unfiltered sound of the motor bass, one should simply mute the radio. Once the engine has reached operating temperature, it comes to the crunch. Press the flattened leather sports steering wheel firmly in the grip and the accelerator pedal quickly to the stop, the engine rumbles like thunder of a violent thunderstorm. And within 4.5 seconds of the Abt S3 is on pace 100 – after 0.4 seconds faster than the standard version. Thanks to all-wheel drive, the Audi has no traction problems in the first meters.

From 5500 revolutions, the full 370 horsepower are available and have an easy time with the 1.5-tonne limo. Once speed needle touches the red border area at 6500 rpm, the automatic transmission (S-Tronic) switches to the next of the six double clutch switched gears. With a small leap forward and a rich bubbling from the valve exhaust system of S3 acknowledges every gear change. Since not only the limo, but also the driver’s heart skips – joy! Where else the engine at 250 km / h captured electronically, the abbot still turns up to 265.

tailwind even 267 in it, as we show in the video. Thus, the small sedan on the road is just as confident on the road as their big brothers. Away from the highway comes up with the 25 mm lowered suspension go-kart feeling. With the low center of gravity of the S3 flits through corners as if on rails. You have to exaggerate evil, so that the fat tires start already on the asphalt to lubricate and eventually engaged by the ESP. With a weight distribution of 59:41 percent between the front and rear axles, the good-natured soda tends to understeer, which is why the rear stays safely in the lane. The adaptive chassis Audi swallows bumps – even in dynamic mode, it is not too hard to remain balanced pleasant. Because Abt 380 instead of brute 460 Newton meters of torque tickles from S3, the limo pushes vehemently curves, each intermediate sprint is to kick for the driver.

Specifications Abt S3 sedan 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine • Permanent all-wheel drive • 6-speed automatic • 272 kW/370 hp at 5,500 rev / min • Max. Torque 460 Nm at 1800 rev / min • 0-100 km / h 4.5 s • Vmax 265 km / h • Consumption> 7.0 l SP/100 km • 159 g CO2/km • Price Audi S3 sedan 55,481 € • Abt power increase in 2349 Euro.

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The Audi R8 LMX is a limited edition (99 copies). This is the first production car with headlights with laser technology. It increases the scope of the lighting according Beam. A laser module generates a light cone doubling the scope with respect to a fully LED light. Each module includes four high-power laser diodes. The lamps generate a blue wavelength of 450 nm laser beam. A converter converts the phosphorus beam white light adapted to the road with a color temperature of 5500 Kelvin. The laser lights are activated from 60 km / h.

The wheels are 19-inch disc brakes with ceramic and carbon fiber. The wheels are of 235/35 R 19 at the front and 305/30 R 19 at the rear. The body is in the Blue Macaw crystal effect. A large fixed rear spoiler increases the handling of the rear axle. This spoiler, aerodynamic fins specific to the front, the front spoiler, the sideblades, mirrors and rear diffuser are made of plastic reinforced carbon fiber.

The audi R8 LMX has a 5.2 liter V10 engine of 570 hp. 0 to 100 km / h is reached in 3.4 seconds. The maximum speed is 320 km / h. Consumption is 12.9 l/100 km and emissions of 299 g CO2/km. The gearbox is a 7-speed S tronic.

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Audi RS 5 TDI Concept the most powerful six-cylinder diesel implanted from the VW group – and the engine missed the first time, an extra-e-loader. Driving Report!

Audi is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the TDI engine and does the same even the most beautiful gift: To remove any remaining doubts on the sporting qualities of diesel engine: the lords of the rings have built 5 TDI Concept for the anniversary a RS and thus sometimes just the anticipated next revolution in engine design: For the 3.0-liter coupe from the poison kitchen of Quattro GmbH shows off not only with 385 hp and a maximum of 750 Nm, making it a lot stronger and faster than any other six-cylinder diesel from the VW Group. But for the first time engineers have the two conventional turbos preceded by an electric charger. Thus, from the above all at kilometer-eaters and company car drivers so popular long-distance runner for the left lane a genuine racing car , which is also on the track feels comfortable and at the traffic light sprint even a RS 6 steals the show.

Not for nothing creates prototype accelerates from 0 to 100 in about four seconds and take the 450 hp petrol engine in the conventional RS 5 half a second. “And so we are not with our wit’s end,” promises Ulrich Weiss, who heads the TDI development in Ingolstadt. A three he would have been happy to forward. This is also true for the speed which is not for nothing right now and highly officially given as “over 280 km / h”.

“This means that the turbo lag is final story,” says Weiss and weighs about five pounds a grateful heavy component in the hands, which is barely larger than a pineapple. In it are mainly a turbine wheel. And what is more important: a powerful electric motor. Powered from the 48 volt upgraded electrical system, enough for him 200 milliseconds to bring the charger to 72,000 trips. While the conventional turbos still waiting there on the necessary exhaust stream, it makes the engine so from the first blast of the necessary pressure. “Two to three seconds when starting or accelerating out of corners are perfectly adequate to bridge the startup inertia of conventional loaders,” says Weiss.

Speed ​​joy under the hood

And the first test drive proves him right: The six-cylinder engine responds quickly and spontaneously that the red pointer of the tachometer in the eyes of almost blurred. Because the engineers have otherwise still a bit fine-tuned to the three-liter block, it then rotates merrily on until about 5500 tours. And the lead driver in the RS 6 Avant has to work very nicely if he wants to keep the pole position. When racing start in any case that has coupe nose a few feet long in front, each intermediate sprint is for pleasure, and corner exit the step on the gas pedal goes directly to the cross. Where one used to carefully count to three, to one of the large steam hammer of diesel hit more violent, one gets the power of the TDI now so fast and abruptly, so as explosive as the fist of Wladimir Klitschko’s chin of his opponent. Oomph, already you have a stick.

The only warning for this is as fine as nasty hum, reminiscent of a mosquito in the night bedroom. Because more is not heard from e-loader. And even the developers want the sprint accelerator unfortunately cast out, because even in the prototype does not match the high quality standards. It is firstly a wonderfully characteristic whirring and secondly goes anyway almost under in the artificial Geboller, which flooded from the huge tailpipes. For since the diesel now swallow the many catalysts the last remnant of a cool sounds, have white and his squad for their show car equal composes a new soundscape and thereby served in equal parts with a V8 Hotrod and a harbor tug. So cool sounds otherwise no other diesel.

And can react spontaneously and no. On paper, the Audi diesel though is just four horsepower and ten from Nm also three-liter tri-turbo, for example, the one with the M GmbH BMW M550d fired. But in practice, in between more than one might suspect that around 0.6 seconds difference in the sprint value. On the route to both provide probably not much. But when spurts Munich have thus no chance.

Although Audi diesel so the league of super sports cars catapults, changes the way none of his virtuous drinking habits. The 4.2-liter of 163 hp entry-level diesel in A5 are indeed reach for the power Meier. However, “less than five liters,” Weiss are ever made ​​as a slogan for further development work. And the diesel engine with the electric pacemaker will be further developed in any case. Because the TDI with the electric charger will not remain a single piece, promises the engine head. A 5 RS TDI is conceivable unlikely because the series for now is simply too old and white certainly needs a good year for development. However, with the new Q7 of the year, the next A4 beginning of 2015 or at the latest the successor to the A6 in about two years there would be plenty of car for which such an engine soon the question if “Wherever the previous V6 TDI reinpasst get we also under the new “promises White.

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Audi has revised A7 and S7 Sportback. LED headlamps’s future standard. Premiere is at the AMI Leipzig 2014. First Pictures!

Audi shows at the AMI Leipzig 2014 the revised A7 Sportback. The facelift is marked on the front by changes to the single-frame grille and bumpers, LED headlights are future series. Optionally matrix LED headlights in the price list – they come together with the “made dynamic flashing” whose LED strip builds sequentially in blocks (à la Knight Rider ). At the rear turn signals are the dynamic series, also are modified exhaust tailpipes for the revamped A7-rump.

petrol and three diesel with a power range 218-333 hp. The 3.0 TDI delivers 272 horsepower and is “re-developed in many areas,” according to Audi. In the “Ultra” version with 218 hp front-drive the three-liter V6 is supposed to consume 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers. The 450-hp 4.0 TFSI comes as a top engine in the Audi S7 Sportback is used.

The 3.0 TDI brings it to 320 hp and works with an eight-speed Tiptronic together – all other engine variants come with a seven-speed S-tronic. For the versions with front-wheel drive, Audi has designed an all new dual clutch transmission, it replaces the future Multitronic. The permanent all-wheel drive quattro can be supplemented with the engines above 272 hp to the sport differential, which actively distributes the power between the rear wheels.

The revamped Audi A7 Sportback rides on wheels 17 to 21 inches, some engines are equipped with new lightweight brakes. The power steering electro-mechanical works, the dynamics system “Audi drive select”‘s series. Optionally, there is the dynamic steering, two sports suspension and air suspension “adaptive air suspension” which is stiffer at S7 Sportback. The starting price for the Audi A7 Sportback is 51,300 euros, the S7 Sportback will start from 82,300 euros.

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In the R8 combines Audi LMX LED headlamp with a laser spot as Highbeam supplement. The special headlights are designed to provide more security.

On 14 and 15 June 2014, the new laser spots come from Audi first used. At the legendary 24-hour race at Le Mans , the Audi R18 e-tron is equipped with it. In the A8 then the super lights come on the road. The Ingolstadt wish to maintain their tradition to pass in racing proven technologies to the customers and have therefore a special series of the super sports car R8 launched. This carries the additional designation “LMX”. The combination used in LED lights and laser spot is active at speeds of 60 km / hr. The beam of light produced reaches the double beam range of a full-LED headlamp. Useful: A smart camera sensor detects according to the manufacturer other road users and displayed selectively from, so other drivers are not impaired.

Motorised R8 is the LMX with a 5.2-liter V10 that makes 570 hp and produces 540 Nm of torque. The top speed is 320 km / h in 3.4 seconds to go from 0 to 100 to 100 km are supposedly 12.9 liters of Super Plus due (299 g CO2 / km). The Power is transferred by a seven-speed automatic. The R8 has permanent four-wheel drive and 19-inch wheels with 380 mm diameter brake discs of carbon fiber and ceramics.

The interior is dominated sepangblaues, rautengestepptes nappa leather. The contrast stitching on the handbrake grip, center console and instrument cluster are kept in the paint Arablau. Headliner and door panels are black and made of Alcantara or Nappa. Standard features include rear spoiler, diffuser and many other aerodynamic components made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Interested buyers can order the approximately 210,000-euro R8 LMX from now, in the summer he will be extradited. The edition is, however, limited to 99 copies.

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Audi exhibits at the New York Auto Show 2014 the RS7 Dynamic Edition. The 560 PS strong athlete comes with plenty of house tuning from the factory.

Audi shows at the New York Auto Show 2014 the RS7 Dynamic Edition. The Ingolstadt rams on the quattro all-wheel drive not only 560 hp in the asphalt, he also comes from the factory with plenty of sporty extras. Tuning from the factory, so to speak, wherein the motor is not touched. For this makes the Ingolstadt optically correct on thick pants: A special lacquer parts made ​​of carbon fiber and fat 21-incher are part of the package. For sonorous sound, a sport exhaust makes.

Interior dominated black leather, the seams of the sports seats are sold red. The seat belts are red. These form Audi, abundant carbon deposits. Audi’s Dynamic Ride Control suspension (DRC) with three adjustable Dämpfermodi is also on board. Prices start at $ 146,000, just under 106,000 euros (as of April 2014).