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Men toy in comparison, the Alfa 4C drifts against Lotus Elise and Toyota GT 86 Which driving machine makes at the end of the most fun?

Manner it have also not always easy. Since you have just the driver’s license made ​​- to realize that your auto dreams are about as big as the hole in your wallet. And later, when the career is finally agrees and the coal, you have more to think about than case-Displacement with regard to little ones. Sound familiar? Then let us just even dream for a little while. Not by expecting a Touran or Zafira, but “what if” game.

Fanfare, drumroll – as it stands, the new 4C. A Alfa Romeo , as we wished it to us long.Light as a feather, to die for beautiful. And not virtually guaranteed. From the Treasure Chest of its 104-year history, the Italians have created the perfect Playmobil. This happiness hormone on wheels , we present the Lotus Elise and the Toyota GT86 to the side. Also, they do not give a damn about utility or the next family shopping. You just want fun making. At least with Alfa and Lotus is either way not to think about everyday. The space of two mid-engined sports car is enough grade for two times not too tall passengers plus a bit of luggage. The Toyota gives himself there a little more pragmatic, even has a rear seat, which is good at least as a luggage rack. And in addition a trunk that carries with a volume of nearly 250 liters at least up to its name. Remarkable, though, how easily the three crackers behave in daily journeys.

In everyday use, the Elise fails not necessarily

Although the Alfa does with his four-cylinder acoustically on race cars – to then yet so uncomplainingly classified as an x-any golf in the daily traffic jam to work. Even Lotus has domesticated the Elise. Clutch and gearbox can be metered so well that you can even reverse to park on the mountain, without stalling the load each time. The Toyota goes for a Japanese delightfully uncouth and bony, in comparison it is nevertheless something like the VW Golf amongst the sports car : balanced, quiet, solid. Gift. Finally, we are here to dream. And where are true men’s dreams? So disabled driving aids and let fly a try. Time not thinking about CO2 and pulverize with magnificent drifts the rubber of the rear tire. Where this is the Alfa easier written than done. For the 4C is a typical Italian, relies more on the beautiful appearance as real values. The amazingly deaf (although servo free) Steering is imprecise, the driving behavior despite weight distribution of 39:61 frightening understeer.

Only by force you force the beautiful Romeo into a controlled drift. Not really funny – but fast. With a lap time of 1: 36.88 minutes in any case he is on the 3800 Mete dry handling course of the fastest gun in comparison. However, he takes the Elise only about seven tenths off, despite 20 hp more power. No wonder, the Lotus boss is in the ring when it comes to driving pleasure goes.

The GT86 is more coupe than sports car

Steering response is sharp as a knife to the slightest movement, the suspension is so hard that you notice when driving a dump, what brand it was just. For the flat track that’s perfect. Without side angle and the neutral Lotus goes around the corner, on loan from Toyota four-cylinder behind the driver schnippst the light load to the next curve. In short: On the race track, the Elise does not wrap the curls. Despite or because of their age. Since 1996 on the market and over the years matured into thoroughbred racing bride. Playmate GT86 can not quite so carefree let out the sow. For he is more than coupe sports car. And indeed he leans noticeably in turns and struggles, despite the weak torque of 205 Newton meters at 6400 rpm adventurous to grip. All the time the tail is in motion, without ESP is the load across all the time. Highly entertaining, but unfortunately slow. At the end of the stopwatch stops at 1:44:10 minutes – an eternity behind Alfa and Lotus. Who counted in seconds, the GT86 has probably deleted from his wish list. All others should be assured: The guy has character.

What to buy? The best all. Toyota, for each day the lotus for the sunny hours on the highway and the Alfa to the show running. Men Come on girls!

Vehicle data Alfa Romeo Lotus Toyota
Motor Four-cylinder, turbo Four cylinder, air compressor Four-cylinder boxer
Mounting position Across the center Across the center forward along
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 2 4 per cylinder / 2 4 per cylinder / 4
Camshaft drive Timing Chain Chain
Capacity 1742 cc 1798 cc 1998 cc
kW (hp) at 1/min 177 (240) / 6000 162 (220) / 6800 147 (200) / 7000
Nm at 1/min 350/2200 250/4600 205/6400
Vmax 258 km / h 234 km / h 226 km / h
Transmission Six-speed dual-clutch transmission Six-speed manual Six-speed manual
Drive Rear-wheel drive Rear-wheel drive Rear-wheel drive
Brakes, front / rear Discs / discs Discs / discs Discs / discs
Test car tires v. 205/40 R 18 – h 235/35 R 19 Y v. 175/55 R 16 – h 225/45 R 17 W 215/45 R 17 W
Tyre Type Pirelli P Zero Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 LTS Michelin Primacy HP
Wheel Size v. 7 x 18” / h 8.5 x 19” v. 6 x 16” / h 8 x 17” 7 x 17”
Exhaust CO2 157 g / km 175 g / km 181 g / km
Consumption * 9,8 / 5,0 / 6,8 l 10,3 / 5,9 / 7,5 l 10.4 / 6.4 / 7.8 l
Tank 40 l / Super 40 l / Super Plus 50 l / Super Plus
Refrigerant R1234yf R134a R134a
Pass-by noise 71 dB (A) 75 dB (A) 73 dB (A)
Trailer load sh. / Ungebr. no no no
Boot volume 110 l 110 l 243 l
Length / width / height 3990/1868-2090 ** / 1184 mm 3824/1719-1850 ** / 1117 mm 4240/1775-1975 ** / 1285 mm
Test car price 54,500 € 45 580 EUR 30.450 EUR
* City / highway / total to 100 km; ** Width with exterior mirrors

Readings Alfa Romeo Lotus Toyota
0-50 km / h 1.8 s 1.7 s 2.8 s
0-100 km / h 4.7 s 5.0 s 7.5 s
0-160 km / h 10.9 s 12.1 s 17.3 s
60-100 km / h 3.7 / 6.1 s (4th / 5th gear) 5.9 / 7.8 s (4th / 5th gear) 6.9 / 8.1 s (4th / 5th gear)
80-120 km / h 5.0 / 7.5 s (5/6 gear) 7.7 / 10.3 s (5/6 gear) 9.0 / 12.4 s (5/6 gear)
Kerb weight / payload 1016/159 kg 920/235 kg 1235/435 kg
Weight distribution v. / h 39/61% 38/62% 56/44%
Turning circle left / right 11.0 / 11.6 m 11.5 / 11.3 m 11.3 / 11.4 m
Braking distance
from 100 km / h cold 35.0 m 35.4 m 37.9 m
from 100 km / h hot 33.9 m 34.7 m 38.1 m
Interior noise
at 50 km / h 75 dB (A) 69 dB (A) 63 dB (A)
at 100 km / h 77 dB (A) 76 dB (A) 70 dB (A)
at 130 km / h 83 dB (A) 84 dB (A) 73 dB (A)
Test consumption – CO2 8.6 l/100 km – 203 g / km 7.6 l/100 km – 180 g / km 8.4 l/100 km – 199 g / km
Range 460 km 520 km 590 km


Although the uncompromising Lotus at the end wins the Sport Rating: Each character actor is worth a sin – it depends on the use to. The Alfa is to fall in love with beautiful and gorgeous loud, the Toyota uncrowned king drift – and comparatively cheap.

0 1583

The Giulietta “Quadrifoglio Verde” is the Italo-GTI with 240 hp. And the Alfa MiTo with factory tuning for Shamrock Renner.

P they Acken it now might yet? With a multi-billion dollar plan and a handful of new models Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne wants Alfa Romeo kiss from its slumber and make next Jeep to the world brand in its Italo-American Group.

The wake-up call with the 4C is the Italians ever succeeded very well. Because of the lightweight sports car for your pocket is not only a slap in the face of Porsche or Audi because you would have as an uncompromising car expected more from these brands. But he is on top of a crowd and bestsellers. Still, that’s his problem. Because Alfa shooters with help of Maserati not more than 3500 per year flounder gets the best of intentions from the factory and includes only a small part is intended for Germany, Alfisti have been waiting on this side of the Alps on two years. And much earlier it would not work with the first innovations from Signore Marchionne’s Master Plan. That’s why it’s good news, if there is any news with the Italians until then. And if it is still sporty top models in the sign of Quadrifolglio Verde, the green shamrock, then proposes the Cuore Sportivo but equal to a bit higher. After all, are Giulietta and MiTo thus preserves a bit from oblivion.

The GTI for Italy fans

Particularly charming i st doing the Giulietta QV. Not so much because they, at least on paper, the Italian response to the Gulf with 240 hp GTI is. But because they 1:1 the drive train of the 4C assumes and so becomes a powerful stopgap for those who can not afford the 4C, are too impatient or sometimes but have to take a passenger.

For where the sports car will cost at least 50,500 euros, itself already provides the passenger to the test and is already sold out to over the next year and beyond, there is the Giulietta QV already for 32,500 euros, at a pinch can it even back sit someone, and who today go to the dealer so that tomorrow can drive from the farm. While the five-door with the green shamrock on the fender is miles away from the uncompromising focus and explosive acceleration Carbon coupe. Finally, one must 8 -liter biturbo here accelerate in 1320 instead of 895 pounds and on top of that get its power through the front wheels on the road.

The Giulietta is a thirsty curve eater

But when to pack up to 340 Nm and the rubber build up the necessary grip, the Giulietta is Alfa arrabiata for: Buoyed by an electronic launch control and a lightning quick dual-clutch pops the GTI for the Armani Group in 6.0 seconds from 0 100 and scratches with a maximum of 244 km / h hair’s breadth the 250cc limit. Overtaking on a narrow country road is also the shortest straight line to the breeze. Straight and tight curves is from the Italian beauty as QV suddenly a really wild girl who can go all manners: Loud roars the engine, wild wags the tail – and great thirst in the morning after. With the 7.0-liter from the standard cycle in any case you can not even make half of the promised 100 km. Only if it is really serious, the interior and exterior of subtly refined Giulietta is the virtuous and strong signal sets its limits sooner you type in just a bit harder on the brake pedal, so they already activated the hazard lights. This is the caution might be a bit too much. While the Giulietta QV is measured at 4C almost a bargain. But it cost Sport model still a third more than the basic version and will remain for many Alfisti therefore an expensive dream.

Also, the MiTo gets the power of the shamrock

But the Italians have a heart for her sultry clientele on a tight budget and paperboard her clover again to the MiTo. There then roars for prices from 23,500 euros, a 1.4-liter turbo with at least 170 hp and 250 Nm, which has recently also coupled with a dual clutch. That’s enough for a sprint value of 7.3 seconds and a top speed of 219 km / h Who keeps his foot on the accelerator a bit in check, comes with the pop-gun at the standard round even with 5.4 liters of. Even the illusion of technology transfer hold the Italians in the upright position. Common drive parts while there are up to the double clutch not, but at an additional cost of MiTo QV comes with bucket seats, at least hit the material at the bridge to 4C – and therefore are baked carbon.

1 1255

Love Alfa Romeo also means suffering – as our first test of the new carbon-athlete 4C shows. The crisp athlete does not only fun.

There are not many brands whose fans are so capable of suffering such as those of Alfa Romeo . Once praised the Alfisti with shining eyes of roaring double ochres and hauntingly beautiful bodies. BMW? Non macchina bella! Gone. The current model range consists with MiTo and Giulietta from two nice is dressed Fiat models. Technically inferior to the competition so that it can almost feel sorry for one already, what the Italians have made ​​this proud brand. And the Alfisti? Is this not matter. They love their brand, just drive her the 156 on, the last Alfa convincing. But slowly the Romeos seem to have arrived at the end of their endurance. Worldwide found in the last year, only slightly more than 70,000 buyers – this is the descent into the automotive Kreisklasse close.

With about one metric ton of 4C is a real lightweight

A hero was needed therefore, one who feels the “Forza Alfa” is stamped into the sheet metal. One who again beat faster and they believe in the brand makes the heart of the fans – and the waiting time spans to 2016. Then to finally revive the old spirit new Alfa with rear wheel drive. Two long years Alfa Romeo has taken his time to send these heroes on our roads. But now he is finally here, stands with seductive proportions flat and wide on our test site. A Kopfverdreher, a men’s understanders. Clear that he is not simply vile painted red, the 4C wears Rosso Competizione. “Competizione” on German competition. And that must be understood as an announcement, Alfa wants to drag the flounder on their own bootstraps. Technically, they have taken with a newly designed carbon chassis deep into his bag of tricks. A mere 895 kilograms to weigh the Alfa. The fact that our balance at the end at about 1000 kilos stops? Gift. Either way, the 4C is a lightweight, a Porsche Cayman weighs 400 kg more.

For processing and materials Alfa likely reloading quiet

Nevertheless, the Alfa is much more than a toy, its compact length of less than four meters in defiance. Only the entry-level wants a normal means Europeans do not really succeed: Right leg into the foot, drop slowly, just do not hit your head on the roof, tighten left leg over the wide sill – and plop in the small sports seat. Once seated, surprised the sparse cockpit with almost lush space. Whether legs or head, the 4C tweaks nowhere really, the seat position to fit on the small Sitzchen. Only one should not look exactly as you look. Maybe Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has the well-known as a quality fanatic VW boss Martin Winterkorn a favor, as he did not want to sell him Alfa. The probably would have taken in the accurate inspection of a 4C of the shock. The one-piece instrument panel has the appearance of a Dacia, the wrong fitted cover of the passenger airbag switch jiggling and creaking plastics show that accurate assembling was not at the top in the specifications of the 4C. But let’s be honest: It’s not exactly what constitutes an Alfa? That he is not perfected as an Audi so that one’s feet fall asleep while driving? And so we see about the lousy quality of time and start the engine – for the 4C is finally built. With a hoarse cry of the small awakes four-cylinder directly behind the driver’s ear canals. Four-cylinder? The Alfa as its larger eight-cylinder Ferrari growls like brothers dangerous – and so loud. As the Italians have got it street legal? Perhaps the admission officials alfista.

Despite its quirks makes the Alfa just fun

Even if you can not be really introverted as a driver, the engine fits wonderfully to the rough-and character of the 4C. Heiser he barks his way through rev range, pushes the lightweight Alfa in just 4.7 seconds over the 100-km/h-Marke. Should only overdo it with the speed not, motorways are not the ground of the 4C. For one thing, chassis, wind and engine noise annoy seriously after a few minutes. Secondly, because the Alfa virtually no straight knows. Like an old penalty the front is at high speeds sooo easy in ruts in fast corners, it takes a lot of feeling and two lanes to capture the 4C. Dear to the road, here the athlete is at home. Without much body roll he circled curves, more fun, despite the relatively low power probably only a motorcycle . Only the somewhat callous steering bother. But that’s suits at a high level. Long has made ​​so much fun a new car, with his pithy character beguiles the driver’s heart. The Alfa do you want after a hot ride Do not park in the garage, you’d rather take him into the living room. Finally we can give the Alfa with a test result of just 377 by 700 points, although not issue a good testimony. But die-hard fans will say, thank God, he will not appeal to everyone. However, those who succumb to its honest charm that he is leaving them feeling good – and capable of suffering Alfisti.

Vehicle data Alfa Romeo 4C
Engine / Type / cylinder Four-cylinder, turbo
Mounting position Mid-engine, rear transverse
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 2
Camshaft drive Timing
Capacity 1742 cc
kW (hp) at U / min 177 (240) / 6000
Nm at r / min 350/2200
Vmax 258 km / h
Transmission Six-speed dual clutch
Drive Rear-wheel drive
Brakes, front / rear Discs / discs
Test car tires 205/40 R 18 R 19 Y Y-235/35
Tyre Type Pirelli P Zero
Wheel size, front / rear 7×18” / 8,5 x19”
Exhaust CO2 157 g / km
Consumption * 9,8 / 5,0 / 6,8 l
Tank 40 l / Super
Refrigerant R1234yf
Pass-by noise 71 dB (A)
Trailer load sh. / Ungebr. no details
Boot volume 110 l
Length / width / height 3990/1868-2090 ** / 1184 mm
Test car price 54,500 €
* City / highway / total to 100 km; ** Width with exterior mirrors

Readings Alfa Romeo 4C
0-50 km / h 1.8 s
0-100 km / h 4.7 s
0-130 km / h 7.2 s
60-100 km / h 3.7 / 6.1 s (4th / 5th gear)
80-120 km / h 5.0 / 7.5 s (5/6 gear)
Kerb weight / payload 1016/159 kg
Weight distribution v. / h 39/61%
Turning circle left / right 11.0 / 11.6 m
Braking distance
from 100 km / h cold 35.0 m
from 100 km / h hot 33.9 m
Interior noise
at 50 km / h 75 dB (A)
at 100 km / h 77 dB (A)
at 130 km / h 83 dB (A)
Test consumption – CO2 8.6 to 203 g / km
Range 460 km


No, in the classic sense of the 4C is certainly not a good car – and that’s why he is after all one. He intoxicated in his imperfection the senses, conquered hearts – and memories are made. An Alfa, as we wished it to us for a long time.