Home Renault Bling-bling for cheap SUV: Dacia Duster

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With the Renault Duster got cheap brand Dacia in 2010 for the first time an air of prestige. 2017 is the successor sharpened with a few embellishments.

FUR was the beginning of the Duster not bad. Fasting as his brothers brand, no frills, just a little more rustic. Apparently the clientele expects from Image-leader of the cheap brand but a little more bling-bling.

The successor in any case is sharpened to launch in 2017. While the car retains its typical line with wide wheel arches. The rear, however, moved for optics up to the doors. The large headlights soft slit eyes with which no longer looks like the Duster nice, but seriously. He will come on the market in the summer of 2017 at prices starting at 12,000 euros. Planned are engines 90 to 120 hp. wheel costs a back charge.