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Jaguar presents the model XE in Paris. She gets a aluminum body and all-new 2.0-liter engines. Images update!

Jaguar unveiled at the Paris Motor Show (October 4 to 19 2014) the XE. In terms of size and price, it is in accordance with the Jaguar naming below the series XF and XJ settled. The new series takes so potential buyers of the BMW 3 Series or Mercedes C-class targeted. According to the Jaguar XE is the only car in its class with a monocoque aluminum body – a construction method that is borrowed from the aircraft and tidy saves weight. Result: the curb weight should be less than 1.4 tonnes.


With the help of the light chassis and newly developed 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines of the Ingenium series the Middle Class Jaguar is to succeed, a special balancing act: The motor model is incorporated in both cars that emit less than 100 grams of CO2, but also in those to the faster than 300 km / h. Efficiency combined with quickness – an announcement aimed at the customers of other premium manufacturer. The engine series follows the trend to derive petrol and diesel engines of the same basic design. The XE is based on the 2013 featured concept car C-X17 , a SUV with aluminum body.


Jaguar refers to the combination of lightweight and torsion-resistant body that would fit well with the easy and efficient engines. The variable combination of drive and chassis allows for a variety of models: The Ingenium-units can be installed transversely and longitudinally as moving both rear as Frontriebler. Details of the equipment and technology will announce in the second half of 2014 Jaguar. Mid-2015, the Jaguar XE come on the market.