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Volkswagen is launching two special series on its Scirocco model: CLUB ‘270 copies in France) and GTS (50 copies for France).

The special series CLUB incorporates the features of the Sportline version with specific equipment:

  • Exterior badges ‘CLUB’
  • Ravenna wheels 18 ”
  • Black electrically folding exterior mirrors
  • Specific thresholds doors ‘CLUB’
  • Steering wheel and gear lever with yellow stitching
  • Upholstery fabric and carpets specific ‘CLUB’
  • Discover Digital radio navigation system with Car-Net ‘Guide & Inform’
  • Car-Net ‘App-Connect’ carplay including Apple, Google Android and Auto MirrorLink

From € 29,740 with the 2.0 TSI engine 180 manual transmission.

Volkswagen Scirocco Club

Volkswagen Scirocco Club

As for the GTS version, the equipment is:

  • Stickers striped transparent matt ‘GTS’
  • Bi-Xenon directional headlights with LED daytime running lights
  • Bumper front / rear and side sill
  • Wheels 18 ” Norwich with red brake calipers at the front and rear
  • Dual chrome exhaust outlet
  • Parking assistance front and rear beeps and display the distance of the object on the screen
  • Black outside mirrors
  • Multifunction leather steering wheel (with paddle shifters for DSG) and specific gear lever ‘GTS’ with red stitching
  • Upholstery and floor mats specific ‘GTS’
  • Inlays ‘Piano Black’
  • Crank Type Aluminum
  • Specific thresholds doors ‘GTS’

The power is 220 hp, with a top speed of 246 km / h and 0 to 100 km / h is achieved in 6.5 seconds.

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Volvo has just acquired 100% of Polestar, Swedish high performance engine tuning, including the Polestar brand. Polestar Volvo models now designate high performance.

Volvo S60 et V60 Polestar 2016

Volvo S60 et V60 Polestar 2016

In the future, Polestar will also use technology electrification Twin Volvo Engine to design its next generation high performance vehicles. Volvo and Polestar share a long history and work together in the world of motorsport since 1996. In recent years, they signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop vehicles Volvo Polestar version, combines the driving comfort of a Volvo a remarkable level of power and maneuverability.

In 2015, Volvo hopes to sell 750 versions of its breaks Polestar V60 and S60 sedans worldwide. Under the direction of Volvo Polestar sales are expected to increase in the medium term from 1 000 to 15 000 vehicles per year.

The Polestar brand already has a strong reputation internationally through the sale of Volvo Polestar referenced vehicles. Volvo will also benefit from the sale of products aftermarket Polestar, such as performance optimization kits for Volvo models.

No details of the financial transaction were not disclosed. Current Polestar Volvo employees will become employees. The Polestar Racing Team will remain under the control of Christian Dahl, former owner of Polestar, and will be renamed. The Polestar brand will continue to work together with Christian Dahl.

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“We still have sharpened our great sports sedan,” said Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, member of the Management Board of Audi AG responsible for Technical Development. “The new Audi S8 more significantly gained power and is in the firmament of sport performance in its segment. That is why it bears the name S8 more.”

The design is lightweight with a body almost entirely of aluminum. The chassis includes adaptive air sport suspension and dynamic steering. The wheels are 21 “. Its sporty look is also manifested through its design: Rear spoiler, ends on the side air intakes and the blade on the front grille of carbon, sports exhaust system with two twin oval exhaust exits on the left and on the right.

It is equipped with Audi Matrix LED lights, the mood lighting, a keyless entry, automatic trunk opening by sensor, a full leather interior pack, a pack Alcantara, a assisted door locks and a DVD / CD player.

Plus 2015 Audi S8

Plus 2015 Audi S8

The engine is the 4.0 TFSI V8 biturbo engine with a power of 605 hp and maximum torque of 700 Nm. The 100 km / h is reached in 3.8 sec and has a top speed of 250 km / h, may be raised to 305 km / h Optional (dynamic pack). Changes to this engine are: special control of motor speed and boost pressure to the modification of the exhaust valves, turbo geometry was optimized. Dynamic package includes carbon ceramic brakes and calipers with charcoal gray, Audi ceramic logo and a sport exhaust system.

It will be available in late November from € 168,300.

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In the preamble to the International exhibition Gamescom 2015 in Cologne (August 5 to 9), Ford presented the new Ford Focus RS with an exterior design follows the winning design of a competition open to players of Forza Horizon 2. displays this Focus Forza RS will be present in Cologne.


This version has been driven by the Stig, the famous mystery Top Gear driver, who will be present as guest star years the new Forza Motorsport 6.

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Nissan 370Z Nismo and offers customers the Juke Nismo RS a special treat: an exclusive driving course with Drift Training! We have participated.

Es is a tempting goodie. Who a Nissan 370Z Nismo (from 46,350 euros) or a Juke Nismo RS buys (from 28,500 euros), the donated Nissan driver training, including training drift of Drive & Fun . What exactly the participants expected, we looked forward to the event at the Boxberg Proving Ground.

Exclusive event: Driver training is only for owners of 370Z Nismo Juke Nismo and RS.

Exclusive event: Driver training is only for owners of 370Z Nismo Juke Nismo and RS.


Before we press the start button of our 370Z Nismo, give us the Renner extended instructors Dennis Eckl and Francesco Lopez Tips to Finding the Right seat position. For optimum control of the car, the seat should be adjusted so that when your arms slightly bent wrists are on the steering wheel rim above. The shoulders should thereby touching the seat back that it is almost vertical. This ensures that you do not push yourself during sharp brake to the rear of the seat, but the full pressure brings the brake pedal. Also important is the steering equipment: The steering wheel is held with both hands on the Quarter-to-three position. Advantage: the only way to change the steering angle quickly in both directions. When the steering wheel movements, such as the counter-steering in the drift, the unsuccessful attacks to hand so that as quickly as possible, both hands on the wheel again. This gripping can be the parking , turn or stand in practice.

The correct seat position and steering technique is clarified and after a brief warm-up in slalom course it goes to the first exercise: brake and dodge. At 120 km / h concern about a transversely to the direction of travel series hat. A traffic light gives the signal for emergency braking and a split second later, an arrow indicates whether you want to dodge the cone obstacle left or right. Everything goes quickly and requires overcoming, because the brake signal is felt damn late. Then suddenly coordination asked is: The left foot presses the clutch, the right is in full force on the brake while the steering wheel will be moved smoothly. Finally, the limited must grip the tire for both the brakes and for the Dodge be used. After a few runs, we increase the pace up to 150 km / h – up braking sitting.

Erupting rear and the right view guide

In addition to drifting even further security exercises are on the program.

In addition to drifting even further security exercises are on the program.


Next example – the structure is similar: We take highway speed (80 to 100 km / h) on a hat-series to. Instead of braking, an instinct advises first, we lupfen front of the obstacle, the gas and steer sharply. The desired result is that the 370Z Nismo breaks out with the tail. So a jerking the steering would be in real life made ​​a mistake, are as instructor Dennis Eckl to remember. Instead, you should try to control before suddenly appearing obstacle as in the first exercise to slow down and evade then prefer. But here the wedging out of the rear axle is intentional. We force the car on our will, we want it to come across. By going back down and the gas, we relieve the rear axle and the Nismo is turning one. And soon it becomes clear that the correct steering technique is crucial. Who embraces too late against directs and not fast enough, the pendulum back of the can 370Z not catch. And even with deceptive safe 80 km / h it is (and off without the proper technique ESP ) only passenger. Decisive here is also the right view technology, because we unconsciously soft out there, wherever we look. Therefore: Always look over the obstacle – even if it needs to directing movies through the side window.

The correct seat position and hand position are important for safe drifting.

The correct seat position and hand position are important for safe drifting.


And that’s what we want to do now controlled: look through the side window in the drift. For this, the team has built up two irrigated 180-degree turns. With around 70 km / h it goes into the curve. Shortly before the transition from dry to wet, we take away the gas and steer a jagged. Result: As in the previous exercise is pressing the rear of the Nissan (with switched off ESP) outwards. In order to transform this momentum into a controllable drift, now everything has to happen very fast: all fix to correct the steering and produce cautiously accelerating slip at the rear wheels in order to determine the drift angle. Theoretically easily. In reality, hard work. About a radio are the instructor Dennis instructions: “Gaaas”, “Gegenlenkeeen!”. Here the highest level of coordination is required. After a few passes, and moving items to provide an initial success and the Nissan is doing what he is: drive across the curve. What an achievement! Finding of the day: What looks smooth and even from the outside, behind the wheel requires enormous concentration, nimble steering and an extra sensitive right foot. A little bit too much gas or a tick against steered too late already, the Nismo is bowling out. But you learn from it – and that’s why the Nismo-driving training is so useful: Here you learn what makes driving safer in everyday life and can fathom on a closed track sometimes the limit.