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If you ever wanted to buy a Mini, you can get it in 1077 … Lego pieces from 1 August 2014 on the shop.lego.com site. Assembly, the Mini is 25 cm long, 14 cm wide and 11 cm high.

Lego Mini Cooper

Lego Mini Cooper


Lego designers based their model on the latest generation of the classic Mini Cooper made in 2000, recreating his inimitable charisma with its colors. The characteristic elements of the original have been preserved: the roof, mirrors and bonnet stripes in white, beige seats and additional headlights on the grille. Rims, bumpers and headlights reflect the classical model. The doors, bonnet and tailgate can be opened, providing a view of the other details. Your turn …

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For its new XC90, Volvo has a set of innovative solutions that facilitate parking difficult and delicate maneuvering in tight spaces. Assistive technologies Intellisafe include the extended version is supported by semi-automatic parking which now allows you to automatically back, to enter or exit a parking space.

The XC90 is also capable of displaying the large central screen a digital aerial 360 ° around the car. The advanced version is supported by semi-automatic parking makes parallel parking slots as taking control of the wheel while the driver handles the gearbox and pedals.

The parking maneuver is calculated from information collected by twelve ultrasonic sensors placed around the car. When the driver activates the parking assist for parking in battle, the sensors start to scan the side of the car to identify free locations. When a site of approximately 1.2 times the length of the car is spotted, the driver is alerted to a plan with a message on the instrument cluster beep. In the case of a slot, the location must be wider than the car meter. The display then guides the driver step via texts and animations on the instrument cluster until the vehicle is parked.

The new XC90 also offers Surround View 360 which provides the driver with a bird’s-eye view, real overview of the surrounding area from the top of the car. The aerial view is provided by four fisheye cameras hidden – one in front, one in each mirror and above the rear license plate. Surround View 360 also view other nearby areas of the vehicle: in front, behind and on the sides.

The new XC90 Intellisafe innovative solutions also include Traffic Alert system in Reverse Gear (Cross Traffic Alert), which provides the rear of the driver at the time of retreat to exit a parking space. He warns of traffic at 30 meters on each side, alerting the driver with an audible signal and a warning on the central screen.

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Carlos Ghosn, president and CEO of the Renault-Nissan alliance, announced on July 17 the launch schedule for the next automation technologies for obtaining an autonomous car. He explained that new technologies, such as traffic systems, introduced in the past four years, consumers demonstrate the viability and value systems of autonomous driving. Autonomous driving technologies are designed to increase the safety of the road and driving conditions.

“At the end of 2016, Nissan will enable next two technologies under this strategy of autonomous driving, said Mr Ghosn. We bring to market a pilot project, a technology capable of driving cars-and automatically Security- while in traffic. We will also develop a system for fully automatic parking available across the range of the vehicle. ”

He added: “This will be followed in 2018 by the introduction of line control, allowing the cars to automatically negotiate the line changes. And before the end of the decade, we will introduce the automatic intersection technologies, allowing vehicles to negotiate the crossing under the driver’s intervention. “

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Ford has launched a range of offers Motorcraft Ford for cars 5 years and to ensure maintenance at an affordable price.

Four operations are considered essential services: maintenance, tire change, replacement of wear parts and technical control. This offer is as follows:

  • The Interview Motorcraft Ford to € 129 includes 20 key control points, electronic diagnosis (fault reading codes), oil to Ford standards (913C 5W30) and replacing the oil filter while offering the customer the choice of replacing the cabin air filter or air filter.


  • Pneumatic offers Motorcraft Ford, 39.90 € to 99.90 € (excluding installation, assembly and valve). Example: 175/65 R14 tire for € 39.90 Fiesta and Ka 195/65 R15 at € 52.90 for Focus, 205/55 R16 at € 67.90 for C-MAX and Mondeo.


  • Passport Control Technique to 79 € includes pre-control with additional quote cases of defects, technical control and against-visit for failure unrecognized during pre-control. With this passport, the customer receives a complete and no surprises.

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The Ferrari F12 TRS is a single piece for 3.6 million euros. At Goodwood on the unique F12-base flexes its 740 hp.

At the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood Ferrari F12 showed the TRS at the traditional mountain track.

At the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood Ferrari F12 showed the TRS at the traditional mountain track.

With 3.6 million Euro purchase price he is currently the most expensive Ferrari new car: the F12 TRS . At the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood (26 to 29 June 2014), the Italians showed the exclusive one-piece at the traditional mountain track. Technically the F12 TRS on the F12 Berlinetta (about 268,400 euros), the strongest Ferrari , which there is currently money can buy – but only with a fixed roof. Because an unknown client wanted to have an open F12, built a special department in the Ferrari F12 TRS. Inspired by the legendary Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa of 1957, was unique custom made.

The cost of building amounted to 3.6 million euros. The front was drawn in the style of a sharks nose, the windshield seems frameless. To underline the rassigeren character of the TRS on, the air outlets behind the front wheels were and the air conduits enlarged on the doors. In contrast, the technique remained untouched: the 6.3-liter V12 delivers 740 hp further, to 100 accelerates the F12 TRS so in 3.1 seconds, at 200 km / h it is already after 8 , 5 seconds.



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The VW Amarok Passion is equipped with a V8 engine and leather seats for luxury performance athletes.

This scene is the driver in the Audi A8 will not soon forget probably. As he beats his luxury liner with more than 200 items on the left lane – and then makes himself in the rearview mirror suddenly a face wide as he has never seen: black, tall, wide and threatening like a storm front is a suppressed VW Amarok in his field of vision. And he does not want to move from the Pelle partout – at over 200 km / h. I think I’m in the wrong movie! Not at all. Forest, meadow and construction have always been the area of the Amarok, now conquered the pick-up even the fast lane. Made possible by a donation from the Group brother Touareg Where previously was the 2.0-liter TDI with 180 PS and 400 Nm conclusion roars beneath the high dome now a mighty V8 diesel, and the already in the series to 340 PS 800 Nm comes. But with a few new lines of code in the engine electronics, the men have muscle behind the pickup teased out from the jewelery-clad powerhouse even 410 hp and 930 Nm. Thus, a steel mountain of two tons feels himself suddenly very slightly and you would rather not ask more, so the developers have to pick-up the first time uprated to 3.5 tons.

A big thing at cost

If it has not already betrayed the chrome bumpers: That this is not a normal Amarok also illustrated by the yellow text at the bottom right at the stern.

If it has not already betrayed the chrome bumpers: That this is not a normal Amarok also illustrated by the yellow text at the bottom right at the stern.

Of course this is not an official VW project. With all love for lust and power and probably a beer after the commercial vehicle troop is much too sober for such a crazy idea. But the force behind Grumpy with the rather aptly nicknamed ” V8 Passion “is the vehicle manufacturer Dirks from Emden, otherwise ascending or remodels with no fewer than 1,500 men for VW to almost all Group sites authorities and emergency vehicles. That is, first, a rather fluctuating business, secondly, haggled over every penny and thirdly, it remains rather fun on the track. Of such inspiration, project manager Volker Kahle from Hanover came the idea of compensating private commercial vehicles . To get started, the troops of Dirks has thus pushed a very thick number. “We wanted to show what we have everything on it,” says Kahle proud. “And we wanted to make something that available nowhere else.” All alone we went but not: Because the northern lights experience with the drive is missing, they have sought help in Bavaria and are at MTM at the gates of Ingolstadt found it. So those black giant was created in teamwork, which makes it so wonderful fat cheeks outside the customer center in Hanover and just waiting to finally storm the fast lane.

So up on the box and in with the ignition key. I do not care if in Hannover suddenly the earth quakes. At some point I have to turn on the engine so times. While now probably somewhere shatter the first windows, awakens the power plant with a deep rumble to life.

The rims feel more comfortable on the road than on the track, at least they stay on longer Asphalt scratch-free.

The rims feel more comfortable on the road than on the track, at least they stay on longer Asphalt scratch-free.

From the blue tarnished side pipes under the rear doors rolled zoom a thunderstorm and the Amarok breaks track. Very briefly, still remains the colossus as frozen, then he explodes with power and knows no stopping. Faster and faster he rolls them like an avalanche and let nothing and stop anyone anymore: If the four 295 rolls of up to 930 Nm tear on the asphalt and the eight-speed automatic hardly comes after the kick down with the switch, then falls Tempo 100 mark after just 6.0 seconds and the model series in the rearview mirror is very, very small. Finally, the then barely 50 kph on the speedometer. And where is standard on nearly 180 circuit and you have to pay quite doggedly stomp on the pedal, you have the V8 Passion still at 200 things a smile on his face and only the big toe on the gas. It is only at 220 Elan can so slowly, says project Kahle and told impressively from the wall of wind, anrennt the Amarok at 240 km / h without any chance against. Never mind: Because the man behind it not even now looks with a magnifying glass. Only at the gas station meet up again perhaps. Because even in leisurely ride rushing loose twelve liters by the eight cylinders. And if one extends the Amarok, it’s fast twice.

The truck for the long haul

With the strong heart of the Touareg, it was not done for Dirks and MTM course. As well as rustic sturdy utility vehicle designed, the suspension of the Amarok would probably have capitulated under this power. Therefore, the developer brakes pizza plate format have screwed under the 22-inch model and replaced the leaf springs on the rear axle by a commode air suspension. Now the Amarok will not start even beyond 200 km / h over the highway like a kangaroo on speed rush, but rolled straight ahead like an ICE on the new line. And who can take it a little slower, discovered in the truck suddenly real long-distance qualities.

Everything on Amarok is huge – the price

Alcantara, as far as the eye can see: The interior is luxurious and opulent.

Alcantara, as far as the eye can see: The interior is luxurious and opulent.

Even otherwise, the Amarok has its austere charm largely stored and is located in properly classy. The comfortable seats are upholstered in soft Alcantara leather and wearing coarse quilted topstitching in yellow, the air blows out the pretty nozzles of the Audi A3 , on the dashboard, perched additional instruments from the Beetle , many consoles carry a carbon dress and even the handles are now Silicone damped. Just around the steering wheel you can still see pretty much hard plastic – but that should disappear by the start of production under a neat leather Pelle. The development of the V8 Passion took a good year. If after the summer holidays, the production begins, Dirks and want MTM tighten the pace and be ready in five months. After all, they work off a list of 30 serious candidates, which could not be deter even the high price. For 180,000 to 200,000 euros will be for the power pick-up already have to create estimates project Kahle: So fascinating is this effort that it takes as much pleasure in pretty damn truck.

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The BMW Group has extended its partnership with Samsung on their relationship for the provision of batteries. This partnership was signed in Seoul July 15, 2014. Samsung will provide the BMW Group batteries for BMW i3, BMW i8 and future hybrid models. The important parts of this new partnership are to increase the quantities delivered in the medium term, in response to the growing demand of electric mobility vehicles.


Dr. Klaus Drager, Purchasing and supplies, “Our partnership with Samsung SDI is a good example of the success of our German-Korean cooperation in innovative technologies. The battery is a key component in all electric vehicles. We chose Samsung SDI because it offers the best available technology. ”

Sang-Jin Park, CEO of Samsung SDI: “I am very proud that Samsung SDI supports the success of the BMW i3 and i8. The decision in 2009 to choose the lithium-ion battery for Samsung SDI i BMW models was good for both companies. In addition, the BMW vehicles will be equipped with technology Samsung SDI. This partnership with BMW demonstrates confidence in the technology and the capacity of mass Samsung. “

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In order to promote the Nissan Leaf, the automaker launched the “Not for charging” in the United States. The aim is that the new Nissan Leaf buyers will receive two years of free charge to eligible public terminals in 10 markets. And more than 2 600 public terminals are eligible, including over 200 fast chargers (charging the LEAF in 30 minutes at 80%).

“Refresh is a free method to Nissan and partners to make the Leaf unbeatable value for average American drivers, said Brendan Jones, director of sales and Nissan electric vehicle infrastructure. The popularity of “not for charging” since the announcement in April has affected sales. “

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The search for perfection is like driving dynamics, the hunt for the Holy Grail. Ferrari and McLaren promise with their latest creations now salvation. A ride full of thrills and happiness.

The roof of the McLaren disappears in 17 seconds and can at speeds up to 30 km / h can be served.

The roof of the McLaren disappears in 17 seconds and can at speeds up to 30 km / h can be served.

McLaren 650 S Spider Ferrari While the lightweight version of its 458 occupied with the promising words “Speciale”, the English call their revised McLaren 12C pragmatically 650 S. What spills out of its tailpipes at start up, on the other hand sounds not at all cold. Fat bubbling and gurgling deep jumps the sharpened 3, 8 liter biturbo V8 in action. He mimes willingly everyday life mate, but without neglecting his favorite terrain: hairpin, straight. Hairpin, straight. The likes of the English. And his driver as well!

Mclaren: baffles to the bumper corners .

Mclaren: baffles to the bumper corners .

Ferrari 458 Speciale opposite the thick jaws of the Biturbos brace themselves displacement of 4.5 liters, packed with Italian passion. Was already the normal 458 Italia with 127 hp output per liter not a child of sorrow, it drives the ratio of 14:1 compressed lightweight variant on the top. Flow-optimized combustion chambers, new pistons along with modified geometry, this changed Pleuellagerbuchsen as well as a redesign of the crankshaft and intake system – the way the engine to eight kilos of relief – tickle up the overall performance of the mid-engine to 605 hp.

Specifications Ferrari McLaren
Motor V8
Charge / charge pressure Biturbo / 1.2 bar
Mounting position center back along
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 4
Capacity 4497 cc 3799 cc
Bore and Stroke 94.0 x 81.0 mm 93.0 x 69.9 mm
Compression 14.0: 1 8.7: 1
kW (hp) at 1/min 445 (605) / 9000 478 (650) / 7250
Specific Output 135 hp / l 171 hp / l
Nm at 1/min 540/6000 678/6000
Engine Rear wheel
Transmission 7-speed dual clutch
Front brakes 398 mm / innenbel / punched. 394 mm / innenbel / punched.
Rear brakes 360 mm / innenbel / punched. 380 mm / innenbel / punched.
Brake Ceramics
Wheel Size Front – Rear 9 x 20-11 x 20 8.5 x 19-11 x 20
Tire Size Front – Rear 245/35 R 20-305 / 30 R 20 235/35 R 19-305 / 30 R 20
Tyre Type Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 (K1) Pirelli P Zero Corsa (MC1)
Length / width / height 4571/1951/1203 mm 4512/1908/1203 mm
Wheelbase 2650 mm 2670 mm
Kerb weight / payload 1395 kg / no answer 1468/279 kg
Power to weight ratio 2.3 kg / hp 2.3 kg / hp
Tank volume 86 l 72 l
Boot volume 230 l 144-196 l
Price 233,000 € 261 030 EUR


Both super sports are perfectly positioned and unique – they offer but for periods of what the other does not. The 650 S is a very logical development of the McLaren 12 C. The performance figures are still impressive, the handling is even sharper, the driving comfort is exemplary for sports car proportions – and a particularly sexy Spider-variant, it is him also. The radicalized Ferrari 458 Speciale, however, is to have only as a coupe, but it is aimed clearly at the racetrack from – although his manners amaze in everyday life. If his naturally aspirated engine screams at 9000 rpm, while chassis, tires and aerodynamics pave the way to best, gushing happiness hormones. Who are spoiled for choice between the two, so it is not to be envied – who has not, even less.



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Jaguar presents the model XE in Paris. She gets a aluminum body and all-new 2.0-liter engines. Images update!

Jaguar unveiled at the Paris Motor Show (October 4 to 19 2014) the XE. In terms of size and price, it is in accordance with the Jaguar naming below the series XF and XJ settled. The new series takes so potential buyers of the BMW 3 Series or Mercedes C-class targeted. According to the Jaguar XE is the only car in its class with a monocoque aluminum body – a construction method that is borrowed from the aircraft and tidy saves weight. Result: the curb weight should be less than 1.4 tonnes.


With the help of the light chassis and newly developed 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines of the Ingenium series the Middle Class Jaguar is to succeed, a special balancing act: The motor model is incorporated in both cars that emit less than 100 grams of CO2, but also in those to the faster than 300 km / h. Efficiency combined with quickness – an announcement aimed at the customers of other premium manufacturer. The engine series follows the trend to derive petrol and diesel engines of the same basic design. The XE is based on the 2013 featured concept car C-X17 , a SUV with aluminum body.


Jaguar refers to the combination of lightweight and torsion-resistant body that would fit well with the easy and efficient engines. The variable combination of drive and chassis allows for a variety of models: The Ingenium-units can be installed transversely and longitudinally as moving both rear as Frontriebler. Details of the equipment and technology will announce in the second half of 2014 Jaguar. Mid-2015, the Jaguar XE come on the market.

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With the Renault Duster got cheap brand Dacia in 2010 for the first time an air of prestige. 2017 is the successor sharpened with a few embellishments.

FUR was the beginning of the Duster not bad. Fasting as his brothers brand, no frills, just a little more rustic. Apparently the clientele expects from Image-leader of the cheap brand but a little more bling-bling.

The successor in any case is sharpened to launch in 2017. While the car retains its typical line with wide wheel arches. The rear, however, moved for optics up to the doors. The large headlights soft slit eyes with which no longer looks like the Duster nice, but seriously. He will come on the market in the summer of 2017 at prices starting at 12,000 euros. Planned are engines 90 to 120 hp. wheel costs a back charge.

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Robust is in. Inspired by the booming segment of the SUVs are competing more and more compact and small cars with a distinctive off-road look for the favor of the buyer. These blenders do not want to include the new Octavia Scout and comes with all-wheel drive under the sheet Darling. For the Czechs, after all attract up to ten percent of the Combi-customers. Incentive is also the 184-horsepower diesel from the Octavia RS offer, which must distribute its power to all four wheels in the Scout first time and with a base price of 32,650 euros exactly 100 euros cheaper than the sporty brother with front wheel drive. We were with the vital Combi-climbers on and off-piste on the go .

This is new in the Octavia Scout

Black plastic paneling front and rear, as well as at the wheel arches and side sills let the Octavia act brawny. And they protect against rockfall – whether in the field or on the highway . In the urban jungle robust sidebars keep the doors from dings on tight parking lots. With 17 inches of ground clearance, three more than the normal Octavia, high curbs lose their terror. The indicated silver underride protection level is set was a standard rough road package to the side, the engine compartment as well as brake and fuel lines shields by plastic covers.

The interior differs only in small details of the high-order Octavia equipment. A Scout logo evaluates the comfortable seats (in the Scout sitting three inches higher) with optional Alcantara (1530 euros) on. The logo is emblazoned on the DSG gear lever, on the clasp of the grip the steering wheel and on the chromed door sill panels.

So it drives

Skoda combined for the special model for the first time the 2.0 TDI with 184 hp from the Octavia RS with a four-wheel drive. A combination that has it all: After 7, 8 seconds, the 1.5-ton Scout pace reached 100 quicker than the RS, the 6-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG) 8.3 seconds needed. However, both variants should consume only 5.1 liters on average. After spirited ride our on-board computer showed 8.4 liters – but we moved to Scout for several hours under extreme conditions in the field. Despite the immensely powerful diesel Scout needed at intermediate sprints some commemorative seconds before the automatic re-sorted and turbo-lag is overcome. As soon as the speed needle passes through the 2,000 mark, the Scout draws with 380 Newton meters of torque passionate towards top speed (219 km / h). The diesel hums pleasantly in the background. That changes when the driving modes is set to Sport: So equipped, he turns about 1000 Tours higher and annoying by his hasty Genagel.

For the suspension lift the chassis Skoda had to resort to larger springs and adjust the dampers. To minimize strong side slopes by the increased travel, the suspension of the Scout is a bit harder than normal Octavia. Transverse joints and obstacles such as manhole covers takes the drivers perceive more distinctly, but not unpleasant. At least, if the trunk is empty and no passengers on board. The suspension provides even in rough terrain sufficient residual comfort. The steering does not suffer from the recent polls, controls the Octavia continue unerringly.

Road and on wet roads the all-wheel drive prevents spinning of the wheels with standard 17 inch alloy wheels. The 4×4 system consists of a so-called Haldex clutch. During normal driving, the Scout is a front-wheel drive. Once registered electronically by differences in speed slip on the rear axle, the clutch sends infinitely more driving force (torque) to the rear. If the front wheels, in extreme cases have no grip, up to 100 percent of the drive torque can even be directed to the rear axle. So the Scout burrows effortlessly through the dirt and mud. Hills and knolls takes the Skoda with an increased approach angle of 16.7 degrees 13.8 degrees front and left rear. Forest and field paths constitute no obstacle for the Scout.

It costs

The engine range matches the strong exterior of the Scout: In addition to the 184-horsepower diesel Skoda has another diesel with 150 hp and a gasoline engine with 180 hp on offer. Other standard comfort features of the Skoda Octavia Combi Scout include driving lights, heated front seats, automatic climate control and a handy remote backrest of the rear seats in the trunk (610-1740 liters). Prices for the small diesel with six-speed manual gearbox start at 30,250 euros. The top diesel with 6-speed DSG is to have from 32,650 euros. In August 2014, the Scout is the merchants. Specification Skoda Octavia Scout 2.0-liter diesel engine • 6-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG) • 184 hp • 380 Nm at 1,750 rev / min • 0-100 km / h in 7 , 8 s • Vmax 219 km / h • 134 g CO2 • consumption 5.1 l D/100 km • Price from 32.650 € • As of August commercially.

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The new Mini has evolved a language of forms, proportions and a body structure brand-specific exterior design. Indeed, elements of design characteristics are the radiator grille, honeycomb, headlights and rear lights with a large chrome ring, flashing side and a body frame. The headlights are a new form with daylight. The headlights are LED daytime running lights comprising a ring with integrated direction indicator. Inside, the seats have a new building with a greater range of adjustment on the front and a seating surface longer at the back. The central instrument with new displays and staging colorful lighting is via a ring powered by LEDs.


Standard equipment, the new Mini is equipped with Dynamic Stability Control with Dynamic Traction Control and electronic differential lock control. The body structure has been optimized in terms of weight and against collisions. The new Mini is equipped with seat belts three-point automatic winding on all seats, with pretensioners and force limiters webbing straps to the front, ISOFIX for engants seats on the rear seat of an indicator of deflating tires, bonnet active part to optimize pedestrian protection, to optimize the aerodynamic characteristics via air shutter active cooling …


Sensations typed karking intensified via a technique of suspension design with reduced weight and increased rigidity. Axle mono articulated legged suspension pivot bearing aluminum supports and wishbone high-strength steel are present. An advanced electro mechanical power steering is standard with Servotronic. The depreciation of the car using the variable rotator Law is located in the base of the gear lever or selector lever via the optional Mini Driving modes. Sport and green mode can be activated. Influencing the laws of the accelerator, the direction and the time shifting of the automatic transmission.

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VW Audi specialist MTM from the Bavarian Wettstetten doctored the Audi RS Q3. M-Cantronic called the system that you want / h top speed help the compact SUV to 270 km.

Cantronic called Motoren-Technik-Mayer (MTM) a whole family that also for the Audi RS Q3 will be available. Kick off with the so-called M-Cantronic that is specifically responsible for more power and more torque. If the little red box with the onboard electronics of the Audi coupled, the 2.5-liter TFSI runs on to real excellence: 410 instead of 310 hp from the factory are then released. The maximum torque increases to a whopping 570 Newton meters. According to the MTM souped wheel drive vehicle sprints in 4.7 seconds to 100 km tighten up and running, with upwards corrected speed limiter, just 270 things. The 100 extra hp will be supported by an exhaust system that will single out even more clearly the robust character of the five-cylinder engine.

The up to 270 km / h RS Q3 is delayed on the front axle of a larger sized MTM brake system. The rear wheels come according Tuner easily cope with the standard-set-up. In addition, the entire chassis of the compact SUVs can be converted to a balanced system of MTM. For optical fine-tuning 20-inch MTM Bimoto rims ensuring complete with 275er tires. The MTM RS Q3 costs 76,650 euros. Makes a difference of slack 22,050 euros to the serial RS Q3 .

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The first souped-up BMW X4 has now been discovered in the showroom of BMW Abu Dhabi Motors. Almost simultaneously with the announced for July 2014 launch. Equipment features: M Sports package, big wheels, sports exhaust.

The official launch of the brand new BMW X4 will start in a few days. Demonstration vehicles and the vehicles that are immediately before delivery, are already at the dealers . So it probably comes into being also, that the first slightly souped-up BMW X4 is already at the start. The photos were taken in the showroom of BMW Abu Dhabi Motors and show a white X4 xDrive35i with the M Sport package, supercharged three-liter six-cylinder engine and 306 hp.

The assembled 21-inch wheels are not part of the BMW X4 provided equipment . Also a significant difference to the BMW program: the vierflutige exhaust system. In the photos is the logo of the tuner Kelleners Sport easy to recognize. The hitherto most powerful versions X4 xDrive35i cost with M Sports package with us over 60,000 euros. The significantly lower entry-level models start at 46,100 euros.



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Jean Pierre Kraemer checked as “PS-professional” on television used cars. Full-time pimp and he doctored customer cars. Flagship racer: his Nissan GT-R.

Wis as turn on the sympathetic type from the Ruhr? First television experience he gained in the TV show “Turbo – The car magazine”, then by properly started with Sidney “Sid” Hoffmann and the “PS-professionals”. There are no blunders and slip of the tongue “cut off”, that’s all real! By now most people know used car dealers, when Jean Pierre “JP” Kraemer and Sidney Hoffmann advance with the camera team, all participants must bring time, because at the end of the vehicle price must be the ideas of the PS-professionals meet. His own automobile idea has already been implemented in Dortmund, for the moment at least. A Nissan GT-R , model 2013, with 550 hp from the factory.

Up to 700 hp by ethanol

Many a racing driver gives himself content with what he gets offered. But not the boss of JP Performance: With larger injectors, a stronger fuel pump and an improved intake system, the team tickled by Jean Pierre Kraemer extra horsepower from the Nissan unit. With Super Plus in the tank are 620 hp available, with ethanol even 700 hp. A visual highlight is the exhaust pipes at the majestic rear of the Nissan is that you can buy, according to the PS-professionals “for anything in the world … because it’s just been a pig-work. For each tailpipe we needed a day! ” The crude material was cut with laser technology, then cylindrically shaped and welded back together. The result: futuristic and brutal, the jet engine of a fighter jet modeled.

Currently dock on the front 21 inch rims ADV-1-285er rubber, the rear axle is equipped with a proud 355er tires. An individually tailored to JP Bilstein suspension masters every curve and provides security. Despite a nearly perfect maxed sports car a few small aerodynamic highlights on board are: The front skirt is decorated with a resilient plastic lip on the one hand gives bumps in the road and on the other hand deformed downward, thus generating an effectively higher contact pressure at a speed above around 80 km / h . The same meaning and purpose fulfilled at the rear of the mounted under the apron aluminum diffuser. The lasered items bolted JP together so that they are removed at any time again.

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Team Peugeot Total, finally unveils his new race, 2008 DKR. It is on two wheels that bomb defy 4 × 4 on the next Dakar.

2008 Peugeot DKR

2008 Peugeot DKR

To meet this challenge, the Peugeot Total team has relied on a technical choice very daring, “like what we did in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in choosing a closed car, we decided to go on an innovative concept summarizes Bruno Famin, Peugeot Sport Director. In the case of rally-raids, the big question is whether to use four-wheel drive or just two. After analysis, we chose to optimize the concept of two-wheel drive which has very interesting advantages. ”

2008 Peugeot DKR

2008 Peugeot DKR

To balance the chances of each settlement compensates the effect of natural predispositions 4 × 4 by providing some valuable benefits to both drive wheels. Jean-Christophe Landing, technical manager of the Dakar project, summarizes these advantages: “motorsport, weight is the enemy of performance. Gold, rally, a car with two wheels is permitted to carry a significantly lower weight to a 4 × 4. She is also entitled to larger wheels, which gives it an advantage to play many obstacles on the ground. This feature allows premium limit the front overhang. And that’s not all: adopting more generous clearances suspensions – 460 mm instead of 250 mm – it has a much better ability to climb and absorption barriers. This is a crucial advantage in the Dakar! “. Another advantage: the TV-inflation that lets you change the tire pressure from the passenger when approaching a dune … What gain precious minutes compared to crews from 4 × 4!

2008 Peugeot DKR

2008 Peugeot DKR

This new bomb is powered by a twin-turbo V6 Diesel Rear mid-position. “Stay all the essential organs in such a small space was a real headache! Admits Jean-Christophe Landing. A small car tend to be more comfortable in the special winding typed WRC, this format allows to restore the potential for a “two-wheel drive” where the 4 × 4 usually have the advantage. “

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The automaker Toyota introduced the sedan fuel cell hydrogen which goes on sale, initially in Japan. The launch will take place by April 2015 at the rate of 7,000,000 yen (excluding VAT) or € 50,000. The sales will be made ​​to areas where hydrogen fueling infrastructure is under development. Developments are underway in Europe and the United States for a launch in the summer of 2015.

Toyota FCV

Toyota FCV

“We look forward to get the fuel cell,” said Karl Schlicht, vice president of Toyota Motor Europe. “While there are still many difficulties to overcome, such as the availability of service stations and awareness of motorists. But our experience in hybrid gives us all the necessary to launch a new technology experience. In Europe, we will proceed in stages by gradually selling the car in some markets. But we believe that going forward, the hydrogen engine will continue to gain popularity. ”

Toyota FCV

Toyota FCV

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Under the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood, which took place last weekend (27, 28 and 29 June), McLaren unveiled its new GT3 650S. This is an evolution of the MP4-12C GT3 has had many successes.

Mclaren GT3 650S

Mclaren GT3 650S

Aerodynamics is rebuke the front of the 650S with the spliter and the rest of the body is reworked to improve aerodynamic performance and support. For the chassis, the rollbar is redesigned to be lighter and more comfortable for the driver. The suspension is 52mm wider and spaced design allows for the maintenance of parts. For the engine, a new electronic appeared and the gearbox is new. Cooling has been improved taking place in the side scoops.

Mclaren GT3 650S

Mclaren GT3 650S

For teams who have the MP4-12C GT3 in operation, an upgrade kit is available. This package update extends the life of existing cars, allowing them to remain competitive through a second cycle of life. For the price of the last missile Woking, it is of £ 330 000 and will be produced in about 15 copies to be delivered to the beginning of the 2015 season.

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Peugeot has introduced its new 508, replacing the 508 presented at the Motor Show in 2010 the level design, the grille is new. it is more vertical and integrates the Peugeot logo in its center. All lights (AV projectors, daytime running lights, direction indicators, fog) are 100% LED. There is also the light signature of the 508 RXH . The cover is more horizontal.

The new 508 is equipped with a 7 inch touch screen, access and hands-free starting, automatic electric parking brake, assistance beam, offers badged JBL Stereo, Quad automatic climate zones surveillance dead angle, the camera, and of course …

Peugeot 508 2014

Peugeot 508 2014

The power plant, a new petrol engine is available: Euro 6 engine, the 1.6-liter THP 165 S & S. This replaces the 1.6 THP 156 Euro5. The emissions from 129 g / km. As diesel engines are equipped with BlueHDi technology. HYbrid4 technology is kept on the sedan and the RXH.