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BMW M4 Cabriolet takes the line of convertible BMW 4 (line cut hooded incredibly dynamic configuration) and belongs to the family of models M3/M4. The exterior mirrors have a double base look, wheel arches front and rear flared, and the wheels are lightweight alloy from 18 to 19 inches.

BMW M4 Cabriolet has a rigorous and intelligent lightweight construction CFRP (plastic reinforced by carbon fibers), lightweight and rigid material. The retractable hardtop is three elements, enjoying a sound insulation for winter outings. It takes 20 seconds to open the roof and the hood can be opened while driving at speeds up to 18 km / h.

The engine is six cylinder in-line at high speed with the technology M TwinPower Turbo. Power is 431 hp. 0 to 100 km / h 4.4 seconds is reached. Consumption is between 8.7 to 9.1 l/100 km, with emissions between 203 to 213 g / km.

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For 30 of the M5, BMW has an exclusive model designed from the fifth generation (F10) . BMW M5 “30 Jahre M5” (30 years of M5) will be produced in a limited edition of 300 copies the world. Power pass 560ch 6 00 hp and maximum torque is 700 Nm This special model is simply the most powerful ever output channels BMW. The 0-100 km / h run in 3.9 seconds.

Finally the equipment inside rebuke several program options BMW Individual to improve comfort and overall performance. Carbon-ceramic brakes are also fitted as standard. This BMW M5 30th birthday made ​​a very desirable collector’s item for fans of BMW.

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His data read like an impossible dream electric car: 1088 hp, in 2.8 seconds to 100, 305 km / h. But now a small series of Rimac Concept One a piece seems to have become realistic again.

Eine small series production of the most expensive e-cars in the world is approaching. The Croatian company Rimac has several investors for their electric supercar Concept One found (1088 hp, Price 750,000 euros planned, production from 2015). In addition to the Colombian energy mogul and sports car fan Frank Kanayet Yepes, three other donors from Asia are nearing conclusion. The investment amounts to around thirteen million euros. Mate Rimac owner reserves in the future even more than 70 percent of the company shares.

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Hyundai shows at the AMI Leipzig 2014 ix20 as Cross Line in the off-road look. The Koreans is only 500 times as a special model.

Hyundai puts the ix20 for AMI 2014 in Leipzig later: A cross line of subcompact comes in off-road look in a special edition of 500 vehicles. There is the cross-line only in the color “Creamy White” with extended wings and side skirts in black and a rear underrun protection in polished aluminum look. These rolls the little Koreans on 17-inch wheels in five-spoke design.

Interior includes leather steering wheel, electronic parking assistance, air conditioning , a Cooled glove compartment and a center console with piano black finish provided. A rear view camera (bundled with the Navi ) is for 1300 euros available, the panoramic sunroof costs 1120 euros. Two petrol engines (90 and 125 euros) and a diesel (116 hp) are available for the disposal, the price list starts at 18,900 euros.

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Audi RS 5 TDI Concept the most powerful six-cylinder diesel implanted from the VW group – and the engine missed the first time, an extra-e-loader. Driving Report!

Audi is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the TDI engine and does the same even the most beautiful gift: To remove any remaining doubts on the sporting qualities of diesel engine: the lords of the rings have built 5 TDI Concept for the anniversary a RS and thus sometimes just the anticipated next revolution in engine design: For the 3.0-liter coupe from the poison kitchen of Quattro GmbH shows off not only with 385 hp and a maximum of 750 Nm, making it a lot stronger and faster than any other six-cylinder diesel from the VW Group. But for the first time engineers have the two conventional turbos preceded by an electric charger. Thus, from the above all at kilometer-eaters and company car drivers so popular long-distance runner for the left lane a genuine racing car , which is also on the track feels comfortable and at the traffic light sprint even a RS 6 steals the show.

Not for nothing creates prototype accelerates from 0 to 100 in about four seconds and take the 450 hp petrol engine in the conventional RS 5 half a second. “And so we are not with our wit’s end,” promises Ulrich Weiss, who heads the TDI development in Ingolstadt. A three he would have been happy to forward. This is also true for the speed which is not for nothing right now and highly officially given as “over 280 km / h”.

“This means that the turbo lag is final story,” says Weiss and weighs about five pounds a grateful heavy component in the hands, which is barely larger than a pineapple. In it are mainly a turbine wheel. And what is more important: a powerful electric motor. Powered from the 48 volt upgraded electrical system, enough for him 200 milliseconds to bring the charger to 72,000 trips. While the conventional turbos still waiting there on the necessary exhaust stream, it makes the engine so from the first blast of the necessary pressure. “Two to three seconds when starting or accelerating out of corners are perfectly adequate to bridge the startup inertia of conventional loaders,” says Weiss.

Speed ​​joy under the hood

And the first test drive proves him right: The six-cylinder engine responds quickly and spontaneously that the red pointer of the tachometer in the eyes of almost blurred. Because the engineers have otherwise still a bit fine-tuned to the three-liter block, it then rotates merrily on until about 5500 tours. And the lead driver in the RS 6 Avant has to work very nicely if he wants to keep the pole position. When racing start in any case that has coupe nose a few feet long in front, each intermediate sprint is for pleasure, and corner exit the step on the gas pedal goes directly to the cross. Where one used to carefully count to three, to one of the large steam hammer of diesel hit more violent, one gets the power of the TDI now so fast and abruptly, so as explosive as the fist of Wladimir Klitschko’s chin of his opponent. Oomph, already you have a stick.

The only warning for this is as fine as nasty hum, reminiscent of a mosquito in the night bedroom. Because more is not heard from e-loader. And even the developers want the sprint accelerator unfortunately cast out, because even in the prototype does not match the high quality standards. It is firstly a wonderfully characteristic whirring and secondly goes anyway almost under in the artificial Geboller, which flooded from the huge tailpipes. For since the diesel now swallow the many catalysts the last remnant of a cool sounds, have white and his squad for their show car equal composes a new soundscape and thereby served in equal parts with a V8 Hotrod and a harbor tug. So cool sounds otherwise no other diesel.

And can react spontaneously and no. On paper, the Audi diesel though is just four horsepower and ten from Nm also three-liter tri-turbo, for example, the one with the M GmbH BMW M550d fired. But in practice, in between more than one might suspect that around 0.6 seconds difference in the sprint value. On the route to both provide probably not much. But when spurts Munich have thus no chance.

Although Audi diesel so the league of super sports cars catapults, changes the way none of his virtuous drinking habits. The 4.2-liter of 163 hp entry-level diesel in A5 are indeed reach for the power Meier. However, “less than five liters,” Weiss are ever made ​​as a slogan for further development work. And the diesel engine with the electric pacemaker will be further developed in any case. Because the TDI with the electric charger will not remain a single piece, promises the engine head. A 5 RS TDI is conceivable unlikely because the series for now is simply too old and white certainly needs a good year for development. However, with the new Q7 of the year, the next A4 beginning of 2015 or at the latest the successor to the A6 in about two years there would be plenty of car for which such an engine soon the question if “Wherever the previous V6 TDI reinpasst get we also under the new “promises White.

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Skoda shows on the 33 GTI Meet at Wörthersee the tuned Skoda Yeti Xtreme. A show car between SUV and rally car.

Skoda has for the 33 GTI Meet at Wörthersee announced a souped Yeti study (28 to 31 May 2014). As Yeti Xtreme is the SUV for rally racing car with flared fenders and massive sills. A height-adjustable suspension and a robust bumper with large air intake provide off-road capability. To this end, the brakes come from the Skoda Sport model Octavia RS and a 1.8-liter turbo petrol engine, which is to make almost 152 hp. Maximum torque: 250 Newton meters. It is shifted by six-speed DSG.

The interior is dominated by four racing bucket seats. Modern the Czech is also in the center console there is a holder for the iPad. As a contrast, are rally utensils such as sand shovel, sand sheets and chilled bottled water in the trunk. About dirty shoes you have to worry: the “mats” are made ​​of aluminum checker plate. Whether at least parts of the study to go into production or the car is to be used with larger rallies, Skoda was not known.

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With a lot of work Toyota refreshes the Yaris and missed him the x-shaped mark face. The Polo-hunter with a revised chassis and higher-quality interior comes in the summer.

Even after the facelift , the Toyota Yaris is a small car with low fuel consumption and low cost, but can he flatter himself more than ever in the hearts of customers. To this end, the automaker has invested much fine work to make the small Japanese appealing. Most the new x-shaped face of the Yaris is striking that at the last revised Aygo oriented. The Yaris is due to the revised chassis wider, so bold on the road. The headlights are accompanied by as standard LED daytime running lights, the rear shows the revised version of the solid model produced by the third generation since 2011 its new LED tail lights. An integrated in the rear bumper diffuser supports the broad-shouldered

Also in the engine compartment is paying off the fine-tuning of the drive units. Along with two petrol engines (the 1.0-liter three-cylinder and 1.3-liter four-cylinder ) offers Toyota to a 1.4-liter diesel engine. Especially the small gasoline engine was pressed at the same power in consumption and is now reaching less than 100 grams of CO2. In addition, the advances hybrid drive more and more into focus: According to Toyota Yaris with any third double heart is in Western Europe already ordered. Thanks to this in the small car class rather rare, especially economic Drive reaped the Yaris last year the price of the most environmentally friendly car a. However, the conventionally powered runabouts Japan benefit from the revised chassis, which makes the Yaris are better thanks to improved suspension on the street, promises Toyota. At the same time, the engineers reduced the engine noise in the interior. She reached through new insulation, better windows and seals a newly hung exhaust system, so that the gefaceliftete Yaris can move more quietly than before, also optional on 15 or 16-inch alloy wheels.

As of the summer on the market

Even with a newly designed interior is the Yaris in the Polo class to catch customers. The cockpit is upgraded with higher quality materials, and presented on the center console, a new 7-inch touch-screen monitor. For higher trim levels Toyota also offers leather steering wheel and air conditioning to. In all models, the driver reaches for a shortened by three inches lever. In the summer of 2014, the upgraded with new equipment options Yaris model year 2015 comes to the dealers. Prices are not yet known.

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Abt pimped on the Golf R and the athlete missed another 70 extra horsepower. The result is the true About Golf in the Allgäu: Driving report!

Tun are the beauty surgeon of car fans. And here, as there are various stages of development. In an extreme version which is called then: Abt Golf R . Already the normal R-Golf with 300 PS not just weak in the chest. But more is always, and if you also put it still in great scene, the better. Where the cosmetic surgeon implanted silicon, mounted Abbot only one additional control electronics under the (sheet metal) skin. Result is 370 hp. With 2614 euro compared to a cosmetic surgery almost a bargain.

If the series-R also well trained, the abbot is like for EPO. From 0 to 100 in 4.5 seconds (series: 4.9) and where the Wolfsburg-R at 250 km / h raises its electronic anchor, the abbot shall, after yet. However, less easy than I thought. For the peak of 265 km / h and the Allgäu takes a lot of start-up. Plastic surgery are a matter for the externality. So abbot pimped the Golf R also visually. So far, however, more subtle: some cuts on the grille (€ 520) and wide 20-inch wheels with size 235 tires (4739 Euro). And if you want more, the more you get: Soon comes the full package with spoilers, rocker panels and gimmicks. Matter of taste.


Muscles and beauty cost, but worth it. Who lying around 40,000 Euros for the Golf R should therefore also browse Abt. At least 70 more hp are comparatively cheap. And above all, the much higher torque makes the R only the About Golf.

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A flat-extended electric car with two seats, but without a roof: This is the roadster study Vision Mini Superleggera, which is presented at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. We were already inside.

Since the 2001 reboot like mini – and its customers – as taboo breaker. “The spiders, the British” belongs almost de rigueur in the brand that loves to surprise with unusual ideas. Time of the two-door car was shortened from Rocketman show purposes, then they rolled into the cold Detroit a summery Buggy – as a test of whether mini-SUV also like friends. From the “Beachcomber” was the Countryman .

Crazy enough, they are miniature, but that was just unveiled at the beauty salon at the Villa d’Este, breaks all viewing habits. Mini Superleggera vision is, this open two-seater, which is no less than a comeback of the British roadster. Spitfire and Austin-Healey send their regards. A Roadster Mini? Sounds confusing, so we quickly arrange the British model world. The car series of the same name has been around since 2012, but the two-seater coupe is more of an open – or in other words the umpteenth version of the original Mini and thus a marketing gimmick, which has after all sold more than 20,000 times. Certainly a Mini, but no Roadster.

Narrow windscreen and without roof

What just on the Como lake gleamed, is a roadster purest water. He has two seats, no side windows, and certainly no roof. These are freedoms that can not afford to just a showpiece for Italy’s sun. Or if it comes from Touring Superleggera. The Carrozzeria, a medium-sized stainless workshop, designed Louis de Fabrebeckers which two years ago with the new edition of the Alfa Disco Volante has made ​​a gorgeous card. “Specifications and dimensions for the car came from Mini, the execution, we took over And both agree that mini defined not by the size but the style:.. Return to simplicity”

The result is ready in the early morning light for the first few meters in the air. This should be a Mini? Were it not for the headlights (incidentally, the only part series) and the mini logo on the hood, the Superleggera vision would pass for a worn-in Aston Martin. The front with the eyes close-set stands up to impressive 1.82 meters wide and reminds the full, arched nose rather on the island coupes. The entire body dengelten the artists at Touring aluminum, what makes the latest on the dead straight side fold that runs across the entire flank open mouths. How to get the expert hand out only this sharp edge with their changing shades?

Tail lights than half the Union Jack

While still amazed, astounded the rear end with a fireworks display of Britishness. As de Fabrebeckers came to this fin? “I do not know, suddenly she was there,” he says with an innocent grin. Knowing that the high-speed stabilizer depending on the perspective is either crazy (the car has hardly Power) or stolen terrific – from the Jaguar D-Type from the 50s. The vertical tail could also originate from a Spitfire or Alfa Spider of the second series, but is crowned with a highlight that even English comes as the hats at the races at Ascot: tail lights in the shape of the Union Jack And we thought Mini would long ago every whim of a mess that Britain will bear flag from the mirror to the car roof. Wrong! The lights! Once the fashion crazy mini-crowd perceives the things that is guaranteed to rid the hype on the crossed rearlights. Hopefully Mini has been patented this idea anywhere else running in Asia already copying presses on.

Pizza Large round display

The design of the Union Jack also appears in the interior on, there in the form of crossed pipes as door handles. The idea of a simple, reduced Roadster can be inside grip with your hands – or better: do not attack. Except for a mini-rocker for the gears, there is no single switch. For reaching the pizza large round display with touch screen new record format and is paradoxically accompanied by an analog clock. Cockpit shines again with craftsmanship of Touring: The dashboard consists of a single, hand-crafted and rough ground-down Alupaneel which carries the interior mirror on thin holder. Who has his need for show elements not yet satisfied, Selfies shoots with the camera that is built up between the seats. Or simply marvel at the frameless windshield , barely enough for me to tip of nose and more than halved the wind, but not prevent. This roadster is a speedster.

Front or rear wheel drive? Who knows it

Where we are just at the truths: Under the wonderfully long hood with the two recessed air beads inserted no three-cylinder engine , no turbo, but an electric motor. About the power and the possible drive (? Front rear) loses Mini so little words that we may suspect: He’s probably just a dream. During beauty contest at the Villa d’Este, the Mini Superleggera launched vision out of competition – when car device Post by patron BMW. Mass production is not planned – except mini wanted to test whether a roadster from the format of the Countryman arrives. One is likely to remain safe from the first real Mini Roadster: the tail lights. Cool Britannia!

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Technology from Lamborghini Gallardo, Design of Zagato: result is an automotive masterpiece, flourish its racing genes in extravagant form.

If both parents are from Italy and come to the surname Zagato and Lamborghini hear, then the offspring has all chances to become a stunningly beautiful and yet powerful defying dream car. Such a car is the Zagato Lamborgini 5-95, which was presented at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2014. The single piece was composed on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the luxury carmaker Zagato, which based on a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 presented an attractive, but also the idiosyncratic Zagato design following sports racer to the wheels.

The features of many typical Zagato style elements, such as the formed after a double bubble roof and ripped open like a basking shark air intake in the front, flanked by two other respiratory openings front of the wheels. The powerfully balancing-facing body with the special bend behind the front wheels is evidence of Zagato design language.

“Double Bubble” with scoop behind

As specific design elements of the Lamborghini Zagato 5-95 also comes up with a scoop, the same stretches up a periscope behind the roof and the mid-engine ventilation. Even the uprightable front of the windscreen spoiler proves the more unusual style of design company. Only technology and safety elements of the Zagato originallen Gallardo was untouched, which is why the car is essentially a Lamborghini. Not without reason is rolling, the piece after the car show at Lake Como directly into the garage of the Swiss Lamborghini collector Albert Spiess.

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The end of 2014 comes the new VW Passat – with its previously most powerful four-cylinder diesel. New Erlkönig images and first official info!

With economical, ultra-powerful engines, a hybrid version and a wealth of newassistance systems , the eighth generation to VW Passat to win back lost ground. Officially, that is new Passat generation to the Paris Motor Show 2014 unveiled, but now there’s the first technical details from Wolfsburg: In matters of power and assistance systems Volkswagen is traveling with the eighth Passat generation new territory and subjects the middle class a strong diet, in which each fall on the version up to 85 pounds. Paid particular attention to VW engineers on the new engine, stands out as the highlight of the two-liter turbo diesel. It is equipped with 240 hp and 500 Nm of torque beefy the strongest ever on VW offered four-cylinder diesel and is in the sedan yet only consume about five liters.

The strong diesel Passat comes standard with seven-speed DSG and all-wheel drive . In addition to power diesel VW offers the new Passat B8 to as a hybrid car, the third model of this type in the group. The Plug-in Hybrid couples a 156-hp direct injection gasoline engine with a 109 horsepower electric motor and promises 50 km all-electric locomotion. With fuel consumption figures VW put off until homologation, which is scheduled for 2015.

Flashing with the daytime running lights

Visually, the new Passat stands next to a flatter silhouette from especially by new lights. In front, the car will flash when changing direction with the daytime running lights – the white LEDs may also turn yellow. To the rear the headlight switch to the top version of a horizontal line when braking into a vertical. A variety of Assistenzystemen are driving the Passat B8 safer and make more comfortable. A traffic jam assistant holds up to 60 tempo track and recognize in an emergency, if the driver leaves the roadway uncontrollably. The Emergency Wizard can even bring the vehicle to a stop and turn on the hazard lights. In the city, a similar wizard by independent brakes, the tailgating prevent an obstacle or another car.

Optional digital instruments

For the first time he is with a head-up display fitted, the relevant information onto a separate disk in front of the windshield. The instruments can be displayed digitally on an optional 12.3 inch display, only safety-related information get extra spaces. However, can order as conventional analog instruments buyer, depending on the version. The Passat is the new Modular Infotainment System use can be connected to the car with the smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi. Should especially interesting for company car drivers be the opportunity at the same time involve two phones – for example, a private and good professional. About the center console is available an eight-inch display for navigation and entertainment systems. The new VW Passat B8 promises lots of new electronics at higher power and less weight. He shall come the end of 2014 to the market. Straight to the all-important markets for VW U.S. and China as well as Europe to score the new Passat.

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12,450 euros will cost a brand new VW Polo. At least. There is also a well-equipped, used CLS from Pre demeanor well.

Nagelneuer Polo or used Mercedes ? Such arithmetical go always to the disadvantage of the new car. Because these charged to the loss in value , the hand, however, has in this respect been the worst. Used CLS are already available for 10,000 Euros. The model in these pictures costs about 23,000 euros. Who the Polo does not choose the ECR model and makes the little ones something nice with good facilities and automatic, also lands almost there. AAAAB: The new VW loses in three years, around 11,500 euros, the Benz cars, however, loses only 5,000 to 6,000 euros.

The only problem: You have to find a good CLS for now. The first five gravel yard dealer from which we want to rent a car out of the price range 9900-15000 Euro, immediately on again. In any case, these were vehicles – advertised as “private car of the chief” or “Customer order” – popular mesh in order to avoid the warranty. Without this, no private customer should buy such a complex vehicle, although the 2004-2010 approximately 170,000 times selling model series C 219 actually is considered quite solid. The biggest annoyance, the SBC electronic brake, Mercedes threw the facelift of the CLS technique donor E-Class in April 2006 on board, new engines, or at least amended designations were on top of that.

Specifications: Mercedes CLS 350
Motor V6/vorn along
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 4
Capacity 3498 cm3
Performance 200 kW (272 hp) at 6000 rpm
Torque 350 Nm at 2400 rpm
Maximum speed 250 km / h
0-100 km / h 6.6 s
Gear / drive Seven-speed automatic / rear
Tank capacity / type of fuel 80 l / Super
Length / width / height 4910/1870/1375 mm
Trunk content 505 l
Kerb weight / payload 1770/425 kg

The range extends from the CLS 320 (later 350) CDI with 224 hp to the CLS 63 AMG with 514 hp V8 . A seven-speed automatic all, only the 700 Newton meters of the top model leaving the old AMG five-speed automatic transmission. Of the engines is heard little negative, only the turbo, it may in-cylinder V of the CDI ever be too warm; an outdated loader purchased in the accessories but only around 1100 euros. In addition, retailers have to give one-year guarantee -. A new Polo has also only two years What I noticed on our test car, and how defects in the used Mercedes CLS buyer should also pay attention, you will learn in the gallery. The complete article with all data and tables are available in the online article archive as a PDF download .


I like the shape of the CLS. But practical, spacious, solid and even cheaper is his technical twin, the E-Class.

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Audi has revised A7 and S7 Sportback. LED headlamps’s future standard. Premiere is at the AMI Leipzig 2014. First Pictures!

Audi shows at the AMI Leipzig 2014 the revised A7 Sportback. The facelift is marked on the front by changes to the single-frame grille and bumpers, LED headlights are future series. Optionally matrix LED headlights in the price list – they come together with the “made dynamic flashing” whose LED strip builds sequentially in blocks (à la Knight Rider ). At the rear turn signals are the dynamic series, also are modified exhaust tailpipes for the revamped A7-rump.

petrol and three diesel with a power range 218-333 hp. The 3.0 TDI delivers 272 horsepower and is “re-developed in many areas,” according to Audi. In the “Ultra” version with 218 hp front-drive the three-liter V6 is supposed to consume 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers. The 450-hp 4.0 TFSI comes as a top engine in the Audi S7 Sportback is used.

The 3.0 TDI brings it to 320 hp and works with an eight-speed Tiptronic together – all other engine variants come with a seven-speed S-tronic. For the versions with front-wheel drive, Audi has designed an all new dual clutch transmission, it replaces the future Multitronic. The permanent all-wheel drive quattro can be supplemented with the engines above 272 hp to the sport differential, which actively distributes the power between the rear wheels.

The revamped Audi A7 Sportback rides on wheels 17 to 21 inches, some engines are equipped with new lightweight brakes. The power steering electro-mechanical works, the dynamics system “Audi drive select”‘s series. Optionally, there is the dynamic steering, two sports suspension and air suspension “adaptive air suspension” which is stiffer at S7 Sportback. The starting price for the Audi A7 Sportback is 51,300 euros, the S7 Sportback will start from 82,300 euros.

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BMW makes the 3 Series with a reasonable effort of 4 Gran Coupe. The design is successful, the prices are higher than the 3 Series. Driving Report!

Schon good, the car is called 4-Gran Coupe is technically but of course a 3 Series. With the 4-Gran Coupe BMW tries to repeat , what a class worked more perfectly. There probably the most beautiful BMW is currently with the 6 Series Gran Coupe, with technology from the 5er, ever created. And, clear case, the 4- Gran Coupé is similarly successful as the big brother. Great proportions, nose far pulled down, long bonnet, flat, elongated structure, crisp tail – the whole works powerfully and modern. Pretty as a picture.

Rear headroom is limited

Front sitting deep, noticeably lower than in the 3 Series saloon, close to the road. Also in the rear it’s actually quite comfortable – except for the noticeably limited headroom. The rear seat has BMW designed as a two-seater with two deep alcoves, in the middle between there is an additional place. And under the always electrically opening tailgate is a decent trunk with 480 liters volume, the same size as in the 3 Series sedan and thus 35 liters larger than the two-door coupe. Taking the split folding rear backrest (series) fit 1300 liters pure.

As the two-door is the Gran Coupe to a wider track than the sedan, is fed and attention on the road. He Darts t corresponding to energetically around the corner, very agile and precise steering. A pleasure. For the first exit of the 428i was available with the 2.0-liter under the hood, we know from various other BMW. The strong, lively 245-horsepower engine we can not really blame a lot, in terms of performance, anyway. Sound default, but already – despite all the effort that BMW has given obvious. The four-cylinder sounds rough to hoarse-pithy, makes at high revs some noise. Not bad at all. But the six-cylinder we can not just forget anyway.

It starts at 35,750 Euros

In addition to the 428i (41,100 euros) are two other petrol engines: 420i with 2.0-liter four-cylinder and 184 hp for 35,750 euros and the 435i with 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder and 306 hp for 47,800 euros. In addition, there are four diesel available: 418d with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and 143 hp for 37,000 euros, 420d with 184 hp, 39,200 EUR, 430d with 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine and 258 hp for 49,000 euros and 435d with 313 hp for 54,300 euros. The great ZF eight-speed automatic (from 430d series) costs 2150 euros extra charge and is generally highly recommended. Oh, the 6 we are with our opinion of the way, not alone: ​​60 percent are now delivered as Gran Coupe. Could the 3 Series, ähhmm, 4 happen.

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End of 2012, Vladimir Putin announced a change in his official car. A ZIL it should be. But the domestic vehicle fell through the President.

Russlands President Vladimir Putin wanted to show the flag in the choice of his new company car: Instead of the previous in an armored Mercedes S-Class to pretzels in a column of armored vehicles through Moscow, he was able to call on a local product. A state limousine of the Russian manufacturer ZIL should continue to serve as chief transporter. But the big boat from domestic production did not meet the expectations Putin: As the “Moscow Times” reported that the president was not happy with the new state coach, criticized the design and called for an improvement.

Finally, the 5.75 meter long ZIL had a 7.7-liter V8 engine on board, who made ​​400 hp and the forces over a six-speed automatic on the roadbrought. Because of the armor, the battleship was previously anything but a lightweight and therefore burned up to 65 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. Now the automaker GAZ and Marussia make hopes, Putin to deliver his new company car: GAZ working on a vehicle that based on the Audi A8 and VW Phaeton to be built and its development costs allegedly umgerechnte 130 million euros. Marussia wants to own a model to develop, which will also have foreign influences. But it is by no means finished before 2015.

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Mercedes C-Class T-model, Audi A7 and S7 facelift and Citroën DS3 facelift – these are the premieres at AMI Leipzig 2014!

Mercedes shows at the AMI Leipzig (31 May to 8 June 2014), the Model T of the C-Class. The trunk of the combi-Benz has a maximum load capacity of 1510 liters, ten liters more than its predecessor. The cargo space behind the rear seats grew by five liters to 490 liters. In addition, the middle-class estate is variable. To the rear seat is now shared instead of 60:40 predecessor 40:20:40. We have been in the new Model T sat sample . Market launch is September 2014. Prices are likely to start at 36,000 euros. BMW presents the X4 . On the AMI, the coupe-like is SUV first issued on European soil. Under the hood is gasoline with 184 hp to 306 hp and diesel engines with outputs ranging from 190 hp and 313 hp. As it sits in the X4, we already have in the seat sample found. A world premiere controls Volvo at. The Swedes show in Leipzig for the first time the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid R-Design . Technically, everything remains the acquaintance: The 2.4-liter five-cylinder turbo diesel with 215 hp brings the load in conjunction with the high-torque 68-hp electric motor in 6.1 seconds to 100 km / h At 57,800 Euro price list for the diesel hybrids in the R-design starts.

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Nissan presents the revised 370Z Nismo. The sportiest of work tuner Nismo Z gets new front and rear aprons in the GT-R style and extra hp.

Nissans factory tuner Nismo has the 370Z refined. At the front, the sportiest model of the Z-series has a new apron, the cooling air intakes and LED daytime running lights on the GT-R remember. Red accents on the bumpers, sills and mirrors emphasize the sporty look. According to Nissan to increase the output, the new front and rear apron. At the rear, the developers have revised the spoiler. This is now much smaller than its predecessor. By default, the 370Z Nismo on dark gray 19-inch wheels. Inside the factory tuned 370Z is ausgestatttet with a navigation system including 7-inch touch screen.

In addition to the optics Nismo has also modified the technique of the sport coupe. The 3.7-liter V6 engine delivers thanks to a redesigned exhaust system and fine-tuning 355hp – a power increase of eleven hp compared to the 344-hp predecessor. The torque increased by three Newton meters to 374 as transmission options include a manual six-speed gearbox and a seven-speed automatic transmission available. The chassis also revised the Nismo engineers. So Nissan 370Z delivers the Nismo with special springs and stabilizer bars. The only available in red, black, silver and white athletes is starting in July 2014 in U.S. showrooms. Presumably, the Nismo version of the 370Z 2015 comes to Europe. When he comes to Germany and how much it will cost, Nissan could not say yet. The current model is to have in Germany from 45,000 euros.

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In the fall of 2014, Daimler will unveil the new Mercedes-AMG GT at the Paris Salon. Now there’s a first picture with the silhouette!

In the fall of 2014, the originally designed for the computer game Gran Turismo 6 Mercedes-AMG celebrates GT made ​​its debut. Before he at the Auto Salon Paris is revealed, it can get a first taste in the form of a dark-held profile photos. Something has already detailed the cockpit presented – the interior is characterized by two-tone leather with contrasting stitching, carbon and chromium. The Navi is a standard edition of the Mercedes-catalog and acts as if someone had forgotten his tablet PC on the center console. The centrally placed air-Spot nozzles are reminiscent of aircraft engines. Tag: “Aviation Art”. The controls of the ” AMG Drive Unit “on the sides of the center console are like the eight pots a V8 arranged. No coincidence, since in the final GT also an eight-cylinder will provide the driving force.

The prototype is not only optically a real super sports

The grille of AMG is that of the 300 SL from 1952 modeled, but instead of slats, he wears LEDs in and may represent different grill designs. In the cockpit, a sheet of glass over the steering wheel with shift paddles as the central display is used. On the disc as necessary, all relevant information is displayed. The steering column can be tracked with the eyes up into the engine compartment. Under the hood lies the AMG four-liter, twin-turbo V8, which spits out 585 hp and 800 Newton meters. With a weight of 1385 kg comes prototype on a sporting power to weight ratio of less than 2.4 kilograms per hp.

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Nissan sends back a golf opponents in the race. The Almera’s successor is called Pulsar 2014 and is expected to hit the market.

After years of abstinence Nissan brings back a car in the C segment. The Golf enemy is Nissan Pulsar is as five-door hatchback in Barcelona built and is specially tailored to the needs of European drivers. With 2.70 meters of Pulsar Nissan has, according to the longest wheelbase in its class, so will the rear passengers have more legroom. The Japanese is 4.39 meters long, making it 16 inches longer than the VW Golf .

The design is inspired by the brethren Qashqai and X-Trail : Even the Pulsar carries the V-shaped grill brand and continues to vigorously issued Kotfflügel, beading accentuate the side view, the belt line rises towards the rear of. Who hinguckt too long, suddenly could be a Mercedes A-Class recognize and adapt to the Infiniti Q30 remember. The engine range includes only units with turbocharging. As an entry is a 1.2-liter DIG-T turbocharged gasoline engine with 115 hp, alternatively there is a 1.5-liter dCi diesel engine with 110 hp to choose from. 2015, the engine range is a 1.6-liter DIG-T turbo gasoline engine with 190 hp extended, which also the Juke fired. In addition to a manual transmission is also an optional Xtronic automatic transmission.

The quite lush for this class number of assistance systems assumes the pulsar from the Nissan toolkit: the Safety Shield combines various assistance systems with each other and so weaves a rich safety net. It includes, among other things, an autonomous emergency braking assistant, motion detection as well as a lane and a Blind Spot Assist. The latest generation of Nissan Connect is also on board. The navigation and infotainment system integrates the smartphone and also has many functions such as Send-to-Car of Google and various apps. The Pulsar also moves forward with LED headlamps, which are already available for Qashqai and X-Trail. The European market launch is planned for autumn 2014 prices not yet called Nissan. The name Pulsar is not new to Nissan: Since 1978, the brand uses this name primarily for vehicles on the Asian and Australian markets. In the early 1990s joined the Pulsar also in some European markets in appearance.

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They are as different as unique, each unique in its own way and yet somehow comparable: Three philosophies of British automotive culture in dynamic driving contest.

Normalerweise results in the field for a comparison of purely logical considerations. Newcomers meet their direct competitors, house heavy favorites to underdogs, the lone distant competitors, and those who have to fear is not a real environment, to those that are similar to them, at least in fighting weight or price. At the end of each comparison is in any case a common denominator based on which we build the struggle for measured values ​​and driving impressions – normally. But sometimes arise constellations whose subjects apparently so do not want to go together, but somehow have to be attractive, to make them non-aligned. Situations such as this one: Caterham Seven 485R, Bentley Continental GT Speed, Jaguar XFR-S. Three characters from British territory, each in its own way unique and together but a perfect trilogy of automotive eccentricities.

Jaguar Take, for example the Jaguar: appears to perhaps the “most normal” in this round, and yet somehow a rolling in style. In fact, he sees himself as sharpened performance model, visually and rocker in the precious thread, emotionally and cultured overdose. Here is his recipe differs in principle from the hardly make of the XKR-S. The supercharged V8 throws thanks to revised fuel supply, exhaust straightened pathways and new software 550 hp and 680 Nm. A firmer suspension passes the transverse force in extra-wide 20-inch wheels, while in its translation to the F-Type ajar steering converts the radii. So far all very tasty, you would have not a bit exaggerated with the body design.

Seven established, consolidated basic attitude is the second subject ahead of this round. Introducing: Caterham Seven 485R. 40-year-old Evergreen with formal immunity, representative of pure emptiness and ambassadors of a conviction, at times, since even a KTM X-Bow Clubsport together balanced 875 kg, seems believed dead by many. Why did you get the idea precisely in the Mecca of continuous drizzle, to worship a motorized sheet pan without doors, plate or heating? Drive times one, and you will perhaps understand …

Everything serves the sublimity

Bentley But also in Continental to get there at times somewhat undersized before, but this is more to the fact that he is a universe of its own is enough. And even if it anmutet superficial anew to praise laid by hand full leather package, the shag-area in the footwell or the baroque presentation of the instruments again and again, he would simply not adequately described without its establishment. Especially since the atmosphere also contributes decisively to the driving experience by allowing only through sound, what the loftiness serves. In other words, wind and rain stay outside the acoustic performance is due solely to the pounding W12, the padded depending on the gear stage or wafting in the best Riva boot style through the cockpit.

Specifications Bentley Caterham Jaguar
Motor W12 Biturbo R4 V8 compressor
Mounting position forward along forward along forward along
Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 4 4 per cylinder / 2 4 per cylinder / 4
Capacity 5998 cm3 1999 cm3 5000 cm3
Bore and Stroke 84.0 x 90.2 mm 87.5 x 83.1 mm 92.5 x 93.0 mm
Compression 9.0: 1 13.0: 1 9.5: 1
kW (hp) at 1/min 460 (625) / 6000 176.5 (240) / 8500 405 (550) / 6000-6500
Specific Output 104 hp / l 120 hp / l 110 hp / l
Nm at 1/min 800/2000-4000 206/6300 680/2500-5500
Engine Wheel Rear wheel Rear wheel
Transmission 8-speed automatic 6-speed manual 8-speed automatic
Front brakes 405 mm / inner-vented 254 mm / inner-vented 380 mm / inner-vented
Rear brakes 335 mm / inner-vented 230 mm 376 mm / inner-vented
Wheel Size Front – Rear 9.5 x 21 6.0 x 13 to 8.0 x 13 9.0 x 20 to 10.5 x 20
Tire Size Front – Rear 275/35 ZR 21 175/55 R 13-205 / 55 R 13 265/35 ZR 20-295 / 30 ZR 20
Tyre Type Pirelli P Zero (BL) Avon CR500 Pirelli P Zero
Length / width / height 4806/1944/1394 mm 3380/1575/1090 mm 4966/1877/1460 mm
Wheelbase 2746 mm 2225 mm 2909 mm
Tank volume 90 l 36 l 70 l


Bentley Caterham and the framework for a comparison which can actually strictly speaking elect no real winner, but only real characters. The most extreme of which marked the Seven 485R, which does not even more can be pressed into common automotive grid due to its minimalist design. Half a star in everyday life, he reaps only because he is in this country fully approvable. No matter, after all he stands for driving pleasure without filter: up close, honest, direct, and from the feeling something like this, as if you herwedeln on the bare ground behind the pants completely wacky four-cylinder. The Bentley cultivated the other extreme, forges atmosphere where others only decorate mobilized sublime rather than simply allowed to hang out at the request of a sudden an athlete, the suspect would actually nobody in it. Expensive it is, its price but well worth it when you consider that a relatively one-dimensional CL 65 AMG times just a golf would be more costly. Similarly, it is also important to differentiate the Jaguar in its competitive environment. Lens, it is the poorer M5, but subjectively the better a jaguar. Consistently style brittle, yet consistent and despite all the violence in approach yet gentle.